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I like it! Are there various color skins or themes?


Hi ericaeide, Thanks!. There are many style settings which allow you to change background, colors, fonts, sizes etc. :)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)


Thanks tagDiv! :)

Can Post Shortcode in your theme pull from post categories and post order either ascending or descending?

BTW themes looks really great


Hi embroiderysecret, Currently you can specify which post you want to display (with ID) or you can simply select recent_post shortocode which displays last post. On our next update we plan to add ‘orderby’ and categories/tags parameters.


Purchased.. Hopefully you will keep your promise about the update. Give 5 star for your template ;)

Hey, very nice theme !

What do you mean by “Ready for internationalization” ? Is it possible to translate a PO file ?



Hi etourismevert, Yup, theme contains POT file from which you can generate PO file with your translation.

Can the home page slider take a Vimeo/Youtube video?


Hi danielm!

Sorry, at this moment we don’t support this option. We’ll do our best to deliver that in next update!

Thanks Themewoodmen

Awesome work as always! Love your style!

Will their be more options for the “work” page in the future?


Hey paulyb!

Glad you like it! More to come, stay tuned! :)

What exact options would like to see on “work” page? Maybe we could craft something especially for you! :)

Cheers Themewoodmen


Maybe an option for the image to open in just a lightbox so you dont leave the page. Also maybe a few different column amounts like 2 or 3.

Just a few ideas! :) Goodluck with sales hopefully will pick it up soon!


Can the portfolio template be customized into a 3 thumb row ? Ratio is okay but i would like to have bigger thumbs. What would happen if the sidebar would be removed from the single portfolio template ? I’ve got portrait and landscape images but would the portrait images be stretch out on the entire page ?

Very beautiful theme you’ve made here !


Hi ByJo!

No, sorry – right now we don’t support dynamic column count out of the box. With little customization it would be quite easy though.

Regarding sidebar – if it’s gone, then the layout would just get wider :) Nothing should get broken then.

Glad you like it! It’s our first WP theme here! Themewoodmen

Awesome theme! I’m loving it! Is there any where that I can grab the code for the “our statistics” and “meet the team” sections located on the “About” page of the demo?



Glad you like it!

Please see the docs for [stat_box] shortcode. Meet the team is a bit more complicated, it’s few shortcodes used. To be exact it’s:

[row header=”Meet the team”] src=”http://wp342.themeforest.test.createit.pl/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/about-team-1.jpg” link=”#” frame=”1” width=”210” height=”150”]/quarter_column

William Lewis

Creative Director


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Cheers themewoodmen

looks great! :) deserves some more attention deffinitely,



Thanks EvGreen! It’s so nice to know someone as experienced as you appreciates our work!

Nice job! I want to know, if there is a way to build some special page which can use widgets? Such as “page with right sidebar” etc.



Hi Arbcay!

Thanks! Glad you like our layout!

Sure you can build such a page. You can make a page with right sidebar, with left sidebar, with no sidebars at all. Custom widgets, shortcodes etc are also supported.

Cheers Themewoodmen

Love this theme guys. Just wondering two things: 1. if it would be possible to incorporate a pinterest widget to stream recent pins? 2. Could you post a few screengrabs of different colours & fonts being used? Thanks in advance, Fiona


Hi Fiona!

Thanks! We’re really glad you like it! Regarding your questions:

1: sorry, it’s not possible at this time :( If there are more requests for this feature, we’ll include that in next release

2: we’re prepare some nice set of colours and send it to you. Would you mind contacting us thru contact form, so we have your email?

Thanks! Themewoodmen

paulyb Purchased

Just purchased and have a few questions :)

1) when I click my portfolio the images dont seem to be resizing correctly.

2)In the example how do I create the widget in footer 3

3) Is it possible to disable the title of the portfolio item on the portfolio page.

4) In a portfolio item where is the meta to end the year

5) Is their an option to disable “Other Projects” below a single portfolio item?


Sorry for a lot of questions, will hopefully save you some time with others in the future!


Hi paulyb, sorry to get you waiting!

Ad 1: could you please send us some screenshots or URL to your webpage? What exactly you mean by “resizing correctly”?

Ad 2: please go to appearance -> widgets and add widget to footrem column X

Ad 3: Sorry, title is the only thing you CANNOT hide. All the rest is configurable by appearance -> theme options (tab: portfolio)

Ad 4: You just need to create and assign a tag (ie. 2012)

Ad 5: Yeah, just go to appearance -> theme options, “portfolio” tab and there is an “other projects” option

Thanks! Themewoodmen

I have found where you can change the color in the basic and distinctive styles, but I cannot locate where I can change the color of the header and the footer. Help

Hi Woodmen,

Nice work, sweet design.

1) Blog entry images do not seem to be reducing in size in responsive modes. 2) Do I understand from previous comments that a sidebar is available on every page, including the home page?

Thanks, Lynn


Hi Lynn!

Thanks, we’re glad you like us! :)

Regarding your questions:

ad 1: Could you please send us URL to your website or at least screenshots what’s exactly wrong?

ad 2: yes :)

Thanks! Themewoodmen


I have not yet purchased. The blog images noted that did not reduce in size in responsive modes are at your demo page (http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/blog-2/).


Excuse my typing error. The correct URL for your demo page that does not show blog post image reduction with narrower viewing fields is http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/blog-2/

The same lack of responsiveness of blog post images (i.e., not reducing in size to fit the narrower widths) also applies to other blog page types. To wit: http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/post-number-five/ http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/portfolio/work-1/ http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/portfolio/work-2/ etc.

I also note that the price list and several other element do not elegantly reduce in responsive mode.

Looking forward to purchasing and working with your product. Do you have a timetable of your next update and compatibility with WP 3.5?

This looks great! I like your style :)

CodeTaxi Purchased

How do you replace the bottom left logo icon? Is that in the css?

I appreciate it. Love the theme so far. Nice Work!



Yup, this is in CSS. File you’re looking for is app.css, and then inside this file this is this rule:

ootText a.toTop { background-color:transparent; background-image:url(http://quartum.wp.themewoodmen.createit.pl/wp-content/themes/quartum/assets/img/logo-red.png); background-position:0 -3px; background-repeat:no-repeat no-repeat; color:transparent; display:block; font-size:16px; font-weight:900; height:33px; line-height:33px; padding-left:44px; width:133px; }

(you want to change background-image attribute).

Cheers! themewoodmen

CodeTaxi Purchased

One more question, in my portfolio Recent Work when clicked it keeps referring to the Theme Forest version and not the internal work page. I have looked everywhere but unable to find where to change that at?



Hi again,

Well, sorry, it’s hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing it. Would you mind sending us an email with URL to your site and admin login/pass to backend, so we could check what’s exactly happening there?

Sorry for inconvience! Themewoodmen

gooel Purchased
hello. i have a little problem. Install template is pass, but without footer block. Link to my site: http://133744.manools.web.hosting-test.net/

Look to down page.

gooel Purchased

Thank issue resolved

Hi, just downloaded your theme, great so far but I am noticing that it cuts off after 10 portfolio items. And there is no pagination. What do I need to do?


As mentioned in the e-mail, this setting can be tuned under Appereance=>Theme options=>portfolio tab, “maximum items” option.

Cheers, Themewoodmen