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Hi,with Wordpress 3.9 i can try but the tinymce of the theme do not work.


Hello, graficcom88! Our specialists already preparing to release update. You can ask about any subject on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum. http://gogetthemes.com/forums

BR, Serzh


I have set up the home page as “intro page”. So I can see the arrows of the slider but it doesn’t appear the top menu with all the pages. The menu appear only if I set up the home page as default page. How can I have the menu navigator on top on intro page? thank you!

hello okay?

I bought this thinking it had template link to vimeo, but do not own. My client wanted it to vimeo link to the portfolio. Would not upgrade it?

And another thing: the social networks footer I can insert the link to vimeo, but I can not embed the vimeo link as social network of company employees, how do this?

Hey i really like your theme and i am interested in using it as video portfolio. Does it support Vimeo embeded videos?

Hi, I am looking at purchasing this theme and wanted to know if it works correctly with the SEO plugin Yoast?

Regards, Richard.

hello, you go there to have version 3.9?



dwesch Purchased


It seems the Support Forum is not letting me register. I did not receive the confirmation email and have not received a lost password email after requesting it twice. Please advise.

Serzh Author

Hello, dwesch!

Try after some time to retry registration. Sorry for the inconvenience.