Quick Admin Template

Quick Admin Template

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Current Version 2.1.0 – 17.01.2014

  • Improved:
    • Bootstrap default grid / equal consistent spacings thoughout the layout;
    • Improved form validator example;
    • Improved tables styling and DataTables examples;
    • Improved modals style & examples;
    • Improved error pages;
    • Improved charts style;
    • Improved on/off toggle buttons;
    • Improved responsive navigation;
    • Improved code quality:
      • Cleaned core.init.js and other scripts;
      • Separated menus styling in own files e.g. menus.top.main.less handles the common top menu structure & style, while there are separate styling files that handle menu types - menus.top.full.less, menus.top.quick.less, menus.sidebar.full.less, menus.sidebar.quick.less, etc. The separation also makes the removal of unused menus easier.
    • Improved top profile dropdown menu;
    • Fixed info button color;
    • Fixed notify alert colors;
    • Fixed mirror timeline on tablet;
    • Other small layout fixes; footer height; unstyled lists;
    • Fixes for IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11; works on any browser;
    • Improved the overall theme style;
    • Improved front module;
  • Added:
    • Survey Page;
    • Support Tickets Page;
    • Social Activity Page;
    • Course Page;
    • Course Overview Page;
    • Course Listings Page;
    • Video Gallery Page;
    • Events Page;
    • Picto Elite Font Icons (852+ icons);
    • Dashboard Analytics Page;
    • Users Dashboard Page;
    • Content / News Page;
    • Medical Overview Page;
    • Medical Appointments Page;
    • Google maps fullscreen example;
    • Vector maps fullscreen example;
    • New custom checkbox & radio form controls;
    • New charts examples;
    • New pricing tables;
    • Added 40 layout starter examples (blank pages);
    • Profile / Resume Page;
  • Updated:
    • Bootstrap v3.0.3;
  • Removed:
    • flat skin/style;
    • replaced old JavaScript based Themer with a cleaner method for making skins based 100% on the default LESS files and color variables;

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Quick Admin Template

Quick Admin is a fully responsive HTML template, perfect for anyone looking to start a backend system with a modern interface. Built on top of the popular, sleek & intuitive Bootstrap Framework, Quick Admin will adapt seamlessly to any device screen, offering a solid & uniform browsing experience for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Having over 83 pages, 20 component categories and hundreds of elements, with easy configurable layout and menu options, predefined skins, unlimited colors, Quick Admin can save you hundreds of hours of work and can really speed up your project.


  • 100% Built with LESS
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 83+ Unique HTML Pages & 20 Component categories
  • Two variations of Home page
  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Blog page
  • Pricing page
  • Invoice page (Optimized for Print)
  • Frequently Asked Questions & Contact page
  • Responsive Landing Page
  • Pricing Tables (x2 Styles)
  • TableTools examples for (Dynamic) DataTables (export table to PDF / CSV / etc)
  • Two My Account Variations – Simple & Advanced profile
  • Login & Signup Pages
  • 5 Form Wizard Styles (with JavaScript validation examples)
  • Thumbnails Examples (Grids of images, videos, text and more)
  • Advanced Timelines
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • 2 Notification Systems (Notyfy & Gritter) with multiple styles & examples
  • Modals (with JavaScript API examples: Alert / Confirm / Prompt / Custom Dialogs)
  • 4 Level Top Menu
  • Infinite scroll component (AJAX auto-loading)
  • List widgets
  • Alerts / Labels / Badges / Pagination
  • Charts (Flot charts & easy-pie)
  • FullCalendar & Mini Calendars
  • Medical components
  • Social components
  • Customer support
  • Events
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Sticky Top Menu
  • 12 Column Fluid Grid with examples
  • 2 Accordion Styles
  • Timeline Widgets
  • Twitter Feed
  • Collapsible Widgets
  • Nice Scrollable Widgets
  • Two Carousels Styles (Component for cycling through elements)
  • Media Widgets (multi-level thumbnails + text)
  • Chat widget
  • Activity widget
  • Messages widget
  • Stats widgets
  • Bookings & Finances example pages
  • Blank Page – easy to start your project from
  • 8 Tabs styles
  • holder.js for Image Placeholders
  • 420+ Glyphicons PRO ($59 value)
  • JQueryUI Custom Sliders & Range Sliders
  • Error Page
  • Vector Maps & Google Maps
  • Page Tour Component
  • Bootstrap Framework 3


Version 2.0.0 (Bootstrap 3.x) – 25/10/2013

  • Complete rewrite: Bootstrap 3
  • Complete rewrite: Modular architecture (component based)
  • Complete rewrite: Documentation
  • Added: Bootstrap Switch (Replacing the Bootstrap-Toggle-Buttons)
  • Added: Blueimp Gallery (Replacing the Bootstrap-Image-Gallery)
  • Added: New Messages Widget
  • Added: New Social Widgets
  • Added: New Timeline Style (Mirror)
  • Fixed: Enforce disabled sticky menus in boxed layout
  • Fixed: Smooth scrolling on touch devices
  • Updated: LESS.js to v1.4.1
  • Updated: jQuery to v1.10.2
  • Updated: jQuery UI to v1.10.3
  • Updated: JQRangeSlider to v5.3.0
  • Updated: FooTable to v2.0.1
  • Updated: FullCalendar to v1.6.4
  • Updated: Easy Pie Chart to v1.2.5
  • Updated: Flot Charts to v0.8.1
  • Updated: Flot Charts Tooltip plugin to v0.6.1
  • Updated: jQuery Sparkline to v2.1.2
  • Updated: Farbtastic to v1.3u
  • Updated: Plupload to v1.5.7
  • Updated: Dropzone to v3.7.1
  • Updated: Glyphicons Regular to v1.8 (470 Premium Font Icons)
  • Added: Glyphicons Social Icons (50 Premium Font Icons)
  • Added: Glyphicons Filetypes Icons (130 Premium Font Icons)
  • PHP version is no longer included in the download, only HTML.

Version 1.4.0 – 05/07/2013

  • Added: IE8 support
  • Added: Easy-Pie chart widgets on dashboard
  • Added: Sparklines chart widgets on dashboard
  • Added: Custom Designed On/Off Toggle Buttons (UI elements)
  • Added: New Employee Directory Section
  • Added: build.php – PHP tool for generating the HTML package (user request)
  • Fixed: Image Gallery modals issues
  • Fixed: Gritter Notification component zIndex issue when having a Sticky Top Menu
  • Fixed: IE10 logout button icon in sticky fully featured top menu
  • Fixed: IE8/IE9 widget headers
  • Fixed: IE8/IE9 dropdown items in fully featured top menu
  • Fixed: IE8/IE9 dropdown items in fully featured sidebar menu
  • Fixed: IE8 Flot Charts background
  • Fixed: Advanced Select component zIndex fix inside modals
  • Fixed: Page Tour component with sticky sidebars scroll and zIndex issues
  • Fixed: Themer Front module

Version 1.3.3 – 27/06/2013

Version 1.3.2 – 21/06/2013

  • Added: Fixed Home page with Premium Slider Revolution View page
  • Added: Full Width Home page with Premium Slider Revolution View page
  • Added: Blog Posts page with Timeline View page
  • Added: 14 NEW SKINS (Themer Live Preview and CSS & LESS files)
  • Fixed: Blue lines appearing between top 1st level menu items when in responsive mode and using a skin

Version 1.3.1 – 20/06/2013

  • Added: Typography page (Collection of elements for content & utilities) View page
  • Added: Saving any HTML to PDF functionality – PHP (Invoice page demo)
  • Added: Example of datetimepicker component used only as date picker (Form elements)
  • Added: Time Picker component (Form elements)
  • Added: Example of Multi-select in Columns plugin with custom header & footer (Form elements)
  • Added: DataTables with first & last pagination buttons example
  • Added: DataTables with Show/Hide columns example
  • Added: Responsive Tables – JavaScript & CSS-only versions (Tables for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile with Unlimited Columns, Expandable Rows & Horizontal scrolling)
  • Fixed: Tabs from Icons responsive CSS bug
  • Fixed: RTL writing mode CSS bugs (top submenus, tabs & some other elements)

Version 1.3 – 17/06/2013

  • Added: Google Analytics API implementation (retrieve website data from Google Analytics account via PHP and create functional charts & reports)
  • Added: Twitter OAuth 1.1 API implementation (retrieve user timeline via PHP, output timeline to HTML Widgets via AJAX & create a Pinterest style Twitter timeline grid via Grid-A-Licious)
  • Added: Font Awesome Icon Set (361 High Quality Font Icons)
  • Added: Search Results (Article search, Advanced filters search, Media search, Users search)
  • Added: Ratings Page (Rankings Widgets & Tables)
  • Added: Pinterest Photo Gallery Layout
  • Added: Video Support (link to Vimeo & YouTube with Lightbox playback)
  • Added: Modal Event example & code sample (loading modal content with AJAX on open)
  • Added: RTL Support
  • Added: Easy configurable options for removing the sibebar menu & toggle RTL writing mode
  • Added: Masked Inputs component (Dates, Numbers & Decimals, Phone numbers, SSN, VAT, etc)
  • Added: Multiselect (Two-Column) component
  • Added: Image Cropping component
  • Fixed: Print Bug in Safari
  • Updated: Bootstrap Framework to v2.3.2
  • Updated: JQuery to v1.10.1 (CDN)

Version 1.2 – 14/06/2013

  • Added: New Home page (two versions) Home #1 Home #2
  • Added: New About us page View page
  • Added: New Blog page View page
  • Added: New Pricing page View page
  • Added: New Contact us page View page
  • Added: New Login page View page
  • Added: New Sign up page View page
  • Added: New Error page
  • Update: PHP version now supports modules and contains separate ADMIN & FRONT modules
  • Update: The HTML download package was also organized in modules (admin: the main product, front: bonuses & the documentation)
  • Fixed: Infinite scrolling component (small JavaScript fix)

Version 1.1 – 13/06/2013

  • Added: Sidebar takes browser window full-height on large displays (only in fluid layout)
  • Added: Sticky Sidebar (remains fixed & visible all times when scrolling up/down – only in fluid layout)
  • Added: Footer sticks at bottom on short content pages (or large displays)
  • Added: Sticky Top Menu (remains fixed & visible all times at top of the window when scrolling content up/down - only in fluid layout)
  • Added: Configurable options for top menu & sidebar stickiness – both sticky and NON-sticky options (PHP only)
  • Added: Typeahead (Auto-suggest) Search in top menu with custom dropdown
  • Added: 4 Level Top Menu Example (see components)
  • Added: Infinite scroll component with AJAX auto-loaded content on scroll (working DEMO in PHP version only)
  • Updated: Cleaned-up some markup in the header and small CSS improvements & fixes

Version 1.0 – 12/06/2013

  • Initial release


Flickr Photos

With most respect to the authors, the following photos were used for Quick’s photo gallery as demo content. All images are licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic

PhotoDune Items

With most respect to the authors, the following item covers were used for the live preview, as demo content. NOT included in the download package.

  • Programming – Young programmer typing on a computer keyboard while holding a cup of coffee in his other hand and a pencil in his mouth – by ollyi