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Greats site and great coding! I have had a really easy time customizing the site. The one problem I have run into is, I am only using three tiles, and have centred them in a row on the home page, but I need one floated to the left, with two stacked rectangles floated to the right (at the height of the tile floated to the left). I have also taken out the images in the tiles (heart, etc…), so I hope that makes it a bit easier ….

How would I do this?

Any help would be great!


in css/stye.css add float:right; to tiles you want floated to right.
Line 120 :
.tile-about {
    float: right;
    background: #f39c12;
.tile-service {
    float: right;
    background: #FD2561;

Use contact form for more help, Thanks ;)

I sent you mail using the form … Thanks :)

Hi, great work. Please let me know how i can use filter functionality in Team section similar to portfolio section. I want to arrange employee as per their role.On clicking the role I want corresponding employees to be displayed. My mail id is -onkarp.iitk@gmail.com

Hi, I sent you an email ;)


I am trying to the find the place in the code to add my own E-mail, so that e-mails from the contact from will be sent to me ….

Where is it?


It’s in /php/contactform.php Line 4
Please read documentaton.

To everyone out there, these guys support is FANTASTIC. I always shop for themes based on support feedback so I thought I’d drop a note here and let prospects know that you will be very happy here. And I’m extremely please with the theme… Thank you!

Hello again,

I was looking at the WP version of this theme and noticed that the nav bar in the internal pages has transparency. Is that available for the HTML version?


No, but you can add transparency to navbar easily.
.navbar {
    background: #41abd8;
    background: rgba(65,171,216,0.8);

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I made a tonne of adjustments and it looks great. Renders perfect on a mobile device and IE.

Great support. Thanks so much!

Highly recommended.

I can’t figure out how to rate this!!


I would like to know if it is possible to add more boxes (and linked pages) on the homepage? Like 5×2 instead of the current 4×2?

How complicated would it be?


It’s easy and i can help you. Thanks :)

i purchased by mistake this theme, but i need it for wordpress. how can i use it for wordpress?

I can’t help you about your wrong purchase.
I just support my themes.

how do i contact the support?

I’m starting to get a lot of spam bots through the contact form, do you have a CAPTCHA solution/code + instructions handy? Thanks!

Use contact form, Thanks

I cant seem to find where to change the images on Lets Socialize how will i go on about changing them ?

They are fontawesome icons
<i class="fa fa-twitter fa-4x">

oh damn ok thanks :) . bless.

This template is too slow and always crashes for mobile browsers! For my Samsung Galaxy Note is impossible display it , after few second it crash and close my browser…why? Do you have a solution? Thanks! (from Italy)

Use chrome or firefox on android devices … android default browser is not supported

My site is an e-commerce and this is a problem for all people, because android browser is default for many clients..do you know if exists a solution for modify the code or minimize css or js for compatibility? Thanks

No, android browser doesn’t support advanced web feature.

Is it Quick Metro or Qucik Metro? Don’t you think you misspell somewhere?


I would like to add a phone field to the contact form. I am doing it by adding the following to the form in the index file:

<input type=”text” name=”tphone” id=”tphone” class=”form-control” placeholder=”????? (????)” required>

and add the following to the contactform.php file:

$tphone = $_POST[‘tphone’];

I get $_POST[‘tphone’] empty.

Any reason way? How can I add another field to the form? Thanks!

Please use contact form for support.

Thank you so much you your TOP RATE customer support! I needed help and BAM!! You wrote me back soon! Also, this product is awesome. I looked everywhere else on the net.. could not find one as good as this!!!!

Hi QuickMetro does not work on Android. Is there a way to make it work? Thanks

Hi, Use Chrome or FireFox on your android device.

Is there a solution for other browsers?

No, Android default browser doesn’t support advanced web features.

Really lovely!;

Love this theme. Easy to work with.

What setting would slow the slide show in the About section?

/js/main.js line 42 :
$("#about-carousel").carousel({interval: 2000});

Thanks you. Works great. :-)


i have questions. I would like to arrange to six tiles…

[] [] []

[] [] []

? How do above?

style.css line 135 change :
width: 24%;
width: 32.333%;

this is really great work. i just want to know if it’s possible & easy to put company name & logo … thanks a lot

Yes It’s easy and i will help you.
Thanks ;)

Thanx alot, now i bought it & want to put my company name & logo … thanks ;)

Okay, Thanks

If you can share how did you added logo it would be great!

I Sent you an email. Thanks