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Any suggestions ?

Hi there, I cannot access comments made on posts. How can I resolve this? It shows comments have been made but when the link is clicked to #comments nothing appears.

Hello, all support requests are handled via the contact form in my profile page.


Request Sent

Is this theme going to be updated anytime soon?

Any chance you might add support Jetpack’s ‘Infinite Scroll’ (from WordPress) in a future theme update?

Expands on the minimalist clean style you’ve already designed. (Though would only display for users who had it enabled)

The + button on the top opening the Menu is not working as of the last update. When can we expect a fix?

Hey PabloFierro , I wanna buy the theme, but i need one question answered frist. Do the pictures in your standard post show on the rss feed? I need to make sure it is in a format that support visibility in an rss feed. I need to buy this like yesterday. Can i get a feedback as soon as possible?

It doesnt seem to be supported on Safari for mac? please respond asap – as I am in love with this theme


Hello, This theme looks great however I have a question before I purchase. Would I be able to customize the theme to have: A featured story post where the image would span 100% as would the text under it. Then 2 of the 3 columns below it would bring in anything else as it is posted. And lastly the 3rd column would post only a specific category? Please let me know If I can achieve this, with this theme or any other themes you have done for Tumblr. Thank you for your time! - M

Awesome theme, just what I needed :) Thanks so much!

You are welcome.


Just thought I’d mention that after using this theme for a day I still love it, it’s very simple and elegant. My one annoyance is with the gallery format. When adding the images I don’t think that also putting them in the post content is needed. This is ok, you can easily delete them. The bigger problem was that there is no navigation, only the little round dots. I think that it would be better if you would use the directionNav, or at least have the slideshow advance on click. In case anyone needs it, I just added this to the loader.js file:

   $('.gallery_container a').on( 'click', function(){
       var slider = $(this).parents( '.gallery_container' );
       return false;

Thanks again for the theme!

Hello, please use the contact form for support. Comment section is meant for general item discussion.


I’m not looking for support, I can make the changes I need, I just thought I’d share for everyone else.

Where is the contact form? Looking at the item main page, but cannot find it on the right :x

Hello, you can find it in my profile page.


Hi, nice theme! Q: Is it possible to make the menu sticky to the top area? Then it would be clearly awesome. Are you still developing this?


I would like to add a second row of widget in the hidden header, would that be easy to do? It would be great if you could give me some clues to do it. Thanks

Pre-Purchase Question: Does the template still work with 3.6 +? Thanks in advance for the info.

Hi, I have just bought this theme and I have made some small changes to it (removing the drawer like header menu and adding a huge background image). It all works fine but I want to add a sticky header and a normal footer bar to the site but am not sure the best way to achieve this. Are you able to help?

Many thanks

Hello, this would require customization work. I’m available for customization works if you are interested.


Hi Pablo,

I’ve just installed the theme, for some reason, it won’t let me upload photos to the library or let me choose from the library when creating a post.

It works fine in the standard WP themes but not on the Quicknote theme.

Any Ideas?