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excellent! good luck..

Hi How simple would it be to make this theme a portal – registered users can post properties for a fee? is it simply a matter of using a membership plugin that can access posting? Thanks Nick Garnett


To be honest, no idea. I know there are plugins out there that allow this, but we don’t have a lot of experience with them. Let us know at themes@designspike.ca what you find out.


can we edit the search terms to suit Job search website?

Nice theme, good luck!


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FOUND MY PROBLEM I just had to upgrade wordpress. Figures they have to have an upgrade a week before I update my theme lol.

I’m getting a called to undefined function error when installing this theme: Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in C:\wamp\www\balistreri\wordpress\wp-content\themes\dowdle-quickstart\functions.php on line 132

I looked through that .php file and the function isn’t defined anywhere.

How can I make this list MLS listings?



If you find out, let us know. We’ve been searching for a simple and free solution to this, but it doesn’t seem there are any available.

Important Announcement

Effective immediately, support for all our themes will be handled through the forum on our website:


Please post your support queries there.

Any news on the footer contact form issue??? Been 2 months now and still I got no reply or see any new comments on the issue…. With a sitewide issue like that I just can’t use it… Truth is it don’t work and 2 months is a prettly long time to leave customers hanging! I do feel like a refund or solution is in order guys!


The search functionality doesn’t work. Going by the comments, you seem to have disappeared?

Please advise


Your inability to provide the basic answers has compelled me to ask for a refund for the purchase of this theme.

It’s quite ridiculous to note how such kind of themes are accepted where the author just disappears. Such a shame.


“Jcarrosel: No width/height set for items. This will cause infinite loop. Aborting”

How to fix?

To those who are looking to purchase this theme, take my advice.. DO NOT BUY

The WP theme has lots of errors and the author is Missing in Action.

Hi, how to add images to a listing ?


Developer seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

No current updates for WP 3 .3.x, support or even a demo at this time.

Mate is it possible to have the categories instead of Search Listings ,Regards

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i have just bought this theme, how i can download the example data ?

i would like to have my online site like your demo

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I bought this theme but I have a synch problem with the homepage slider. How can I solve this? As far as I can judge everything is configured correctly in the Admin panel. I have read that more users face the similar problem. Thanks already for your reply.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question, is the WP Theme work in RTL languages ? Thanks