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Hi, I need to be able to add a contact form with drop down options. Is it possible to add the feature to the contact form? Then is it possible to have the contact form pop up when someone visits the site over the banner, so the visitor sees it straight away? Thanks

Yes it is possible to add drop down options. But I’m not sure what you mean by visiting the site over the banner.

Love the theme and have a request. Is there any way you can make the theme retina ready or high resolution ready? At least for the logo.

We actually included a plugin with the theme for this. It is retina ready (aside from the images you upload). I believe this is the plugin we recommend –

Hey I just received an email about the new update. Were can I see a list of changes?


It’s just a couple minor bug fixes, but the new changes are in the changelog.txt file in the zip you download from ThemeForest. We’ll post these on the item page soon.


Chomp Purchased

Hello! Is this theme OK for Wordpress 4.1.1? (In the Software Version spec it is only indicated to be OK until WP 3.4)

Yes, we just updated it last week but it looks like the item page to post the updated versions. I’ve just updated them.

Is it possible to center the logo above the nav? Are there any email capture options?

Centering the logo might be tricky if you’re using a sticky nav. We might be able to help you out in the support forum.

As for email, you can use any number of plugins for this.

Hello, I wanted to ask if I needed to change the permalinks or anything else because the numbered paging under the blogs, when clicked, takes you to a 404 page instead of taking you to the other blog post. I want it to open in a separate page because when clicked and opened at the bottom of the one-pager, it never loads either… Which is the same with images, etc. can you let me know what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance

You probably need to update your permalinks. This isn’t a theme issue, but most likely one with your htaccess file. Try updating your permalinks to use the post name in Settings->permalinks. If you need more help, you can open a ticket on our support forum

Hi There,

I am helping a friend fix her site which uses your Quickstep theme. The previous person who worked on this site has disappeared and I can't even try to ask a support questions or look at theme documentation as I was not the original one to purchase it. Without access to Customer support I feel stuck and I just have a few questions.

After updating the site, the menu no longer appears in the nav but it is in the dashboard.

There are problems with the Portfolio as well. When you click on the portfolio type or sub port, the images do not separate and are not clickable.

These are my only two questions. I am using Safari, firefox etc and there are still issues. Who can I talk to? Who can I pay for support?

Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue since I do not possess the codes necessary for answers and do not know how to get in contact with the previous web designer.

Best regards,


Hi Ashley,

Sorry you’re having trouble. These aren’t known issues with QuickStep so I would venture a guess that the MIA developer may have incorrectly modified the theme.

We offer free support to those who have purchased our themes. Unfortunately, if you’re not able to get the purchase code from the person who purchased, then you would need a new one in order to post on the support forum.

Just as a heads up, if they turn out to be theme issues then we will help you get them resolved. However if the previous developer overwrote theme files with his or her own code, then the best we can do in the support forum is to tell you to restore the original theme files. This may result in modifications and edits to your site being overwritten back to the original state. If you need help beyond the support forum, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss premium support.


ethene Purchased

an this be used on WP 4.2.2 ???


ethene Purchased

Can* this be used on WP 4.2.2 ? Please assist asap thanks!

Yes, it works on WP 4.2.2. If you have any issues, feel free to post on the support forum –


15Twelve Purchased

Hi, Thanks for the nice theme. After a couple of days of not working on it I got this error message in the theme options. Very strange cause nothing happened in the meantime.

Grtz, Joeri

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/42/d142622059/htdocs/app576013068/wp-content/themes/quickstep/functions.php on line 598

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/42/d142622059/htdocs/app576013068/wp-content/themes/quickstep/functions.php:598) in /homepages/42/d142622059/htdocs/app576013068/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1196

Hi Joeri,

It sounds like your server may not be setup properly and may be missing CURL. Please ask your host to make sure that CURL is setup on your server and verify that it is working.

If you need further help, please post in our support forum –


15Twelve Purchased

I updated the theme to your latest version and now the error disappeared. What do you think; Should I still contact my host or will it be fine? Strange isn’t it?

If your theme is working and all your fonts are appearing in theme options then you probably don’t need to contact your host. It may have been an intermittent error that popped up. If you can’t access the Google Fonts drop-down in theme options, then you may still want to contact your host.

Hi, I have a problem with Google maps shortcode:

When I replace the original URL with mine the map doesn’t appear. The original begins like this:

and mine begins with:

All my browsers by default change the url to this format, even if I force the link to begin like the original.

How can i fix this problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Please post on our support forum and we’ll help you out –