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Molto Purchased

Hey! Great theme overall!

But it seems that the theme does not work with the Ether Content Builder. The content I’ve put inside of the Ether builder when posting a page does now show at all when publishing.

Is there any conflict with some of your code? Could you please look in to that?


Hi Molto,

Thanks! Glad you like the theme.

Our code is error free. If you’re having trouble with that plugin you should contact the author of that plugin. It looks like they do offer support for this kind of issue through email.

Hey! Great theme! Before I buy it I want to know if the PSD files are included.


Of course :)


ok, thats cool =D I’ve now bought the theme.


Awesome! PM me your email address and I’ll send over the PSDs

I love this theme! I am looking to build a 1-page responsive theme for our health platform and am relatively new to wordpress.

Before I buy, I just would like to know how easy it would be to implement mailchimp or Mybetalist (for email marketing and our newsletter) in the section under the big image. Where you currently have the 3 boxes. We need it to gather an email list for BETA testers.

It would have some text and then a sign up button with email address. I am used to widgets but not coding that into a whole section…If you can give me the best option on how to pull this off, I am purchasing this theme 100%.

Thanks and great design!!


Thanks tpechacek!

I would try using the this plugin for Mail Chimp – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mailchimp-widget/

To actually put that widget into the content area, you might want to try a plugin like this – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widgets-on-pages/

While we can’t guarantee the functionality of any third party widgets, all those tested so far have worked. And if you do run into any minor issues, you can submit a ticket in our support forum. :)


I saw your discussion above and wanted to know if you could as well send me the psd files for this theme. I have already purchased but would like to have the files to edit as well.

Please advise. Thank you much!


Sure! Can you please PM your email?

Sorry, but what’s PM?


PM means private message- so please send me a private message with your email :)

Where do I send a PMs?


If you click on my icon, you’ll be on my profile page. At the bottom right, you should see an option to send me a message or email.

Hi, I’m loving setting up my site using your theme, thanks. Is there a way of making a link, say from an image on a page, slide to a page section. I’ve tried just linking to the page and the site just creates a new page at the bottom and slides all the way down.



Thanks waynepashley!

Please open up a ticket in our support forum and we’ll help you out with this.

ccorey11 Purchased


my posts when using blog template show in their entirety vs. a summation and “read more” link…there is a setting to show full-text or summary in settings—>reading but that does not do the trick…there are no conflicting plugins….

also, the icon short codes don’t work within widgets…

awesome design, BTW …but can you help?

thanks c#


Hi ccorey11,

Please start a ticket in our forum if you have any questions and we’ll help you out.

Trinci Purchased

Could you also send me the PSD files. Thank you.


Hi Trinci,

Please PM me so I can send them to you. We can’t attach files to comments.

Great theme and excellent support response time !

Great Job !


Thank you! :)

janingo Purchased


Quickstep is not the first theme i bought but now it has become my favorite one. So this is a good reason to send my compliments for this great work. I have send you a mail with a few questions.

Best wishes for you next releases. Hope that will become as succesfull and professional like this theme.

See You Jan


Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I’ve just sent you an email back.

srr Purchased

I don’t usually feedback much on themes, but I had to come and say this is such a great theme. Exactly what I needed in terms of base design for a project., and a joy to work with in terms of customizing.

Great functionality, well written, and well thought out in terms of features and options.

Wish all themes on Themeforest were this well done, and well supported.

Congrats on an excellent theme.



Thanks David!

I have a problem!!!!



one_half /one_half feature id=”scarica-coupon-formato-pdf”


But isn’t align correctly




Hi giovannizuccarello,

Please open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you as quickly as possible.


cassen Purchased

Hi, I recently purchased Quickstep theme and I’m having some problems with it. When I go to the ThemeLuxe forum to post my questions.. when I go to sign up, it keeps rejecting my purchase code number. I can’t login to ask my questions.

Can I post them here? I’m specifically having problems with the portfolio section. Thanks!!


Hi cassen,

Please PM me with your purchase code and email so I can help you sign up.


cassen Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply. I think I PMed you correctly. Please let me know if you did not receive.


Received and replied :)

O5 Purchased

Im having trouble setting background image. The image is repeating. Should background image original file be a particular size.


Hi O5,

Please use our support forum for any theme questions.


O5 Purchased

Is it possible to center slider

O5 Purchased

where is the link to your support forum?


It’s on the item page at the top – http://themeluxe.com/support

fixfish Purchased

Awesome work! Love the slick design of this theme.

Tho I’ve been experiencing some problems in the latest version. The background image in the ”.container” div doesn’t display correctly in Safari iOS for iPad in landscape rotation. I had to remove the code in customcss.php where sets the background-position attribute for the background image and use JS to detect iOS and reset the background-position into scroll. @media just doesn’t get the whole thing covered. //hacking…

In the feature version, hope there can be some ‘touch’ event listener to trigger the javascript function as it’d be much more user-friendly in iOS than “click”, the portfolio bricks for instance.

Also, it’ll be great if the theme can support permalink to open individual blog posts using AJAX in the feature, as some users may like to share their blog posts to the others using just a url instead of a link to their website and an instruction about how to find the post in the site. :P

Overall, this is probably my favoriate theme in Themeforest. Keep the good work going, guys.

PS. my site built with Quick Step theme: fishzhao.com


Hi fixfish,

Thanks for your feedback!

We’ve heard of a couple people having background image issues with fix/scroll settings in landscape mode. Will definitely have another update for this.

Also, there have been a couple requests for AJAX calls on page load for individual blog links. This is also going on the to-do list.

Thanks for all the props!

Hello, I bought this theme. I realized that on the iPad 3 the background image of the first panel is completely blurred. I think it’s linked to the retina-resolution (on the iPad 1 it’s ok). How can I do?


Hi YoghSothoth,

Please open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you out.