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with the product gallery, can I display the images side by side? and can they be made smaller to fit better? thank you.


Can we check your live site? we will check it directly.

the site is hidden until finished. I will PM you via an earlier email ticket. Thanks.


Please open new ticket here :

look at this page of your demo.

how to fix the products in category too sit next to each other tidy.

please give us a screenshot for this issue.

Hi! After upgrading to 1.4.1 there is something wrong with the products lay out when 4 products in a row (from the second line)

Other people already have reported this bug…

And you can see this problem also in your demo

It’s possible to fix it? Before the upgrading all was ok.. :(

Thank you!

Please, let me know that is the css line to edit, than you.


Thank you for the information, we will update it as soon as possible.

Other problem after upgrading 1.4.2.

System status says: Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files.

the outdated file is:

version 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 hasn’t this file. Please advice. Thank you!


we have checked the system status in our live demo and this the screenshot : .


How to show the author description in html. Link, green font etc.

I installed the “Visual Term Description Editor or Rich Text Tags, Categories, and Taxonomies” plugin, but the description is not use the stlye.


If you have ability in CSS, you can inspect the author description element and then you can write your own style to override default style. .

Hi where is the function for featured product in homepage ? I want duplicate this for obtain featured product for category A and featured product for category B. Tnk u

Rephrase my question. I would like to home, divided into two boxes side by side, the two categories of products. I installed a plugin that generates me the shortcode to insert the page.


1 – why can not I see homepage: text, images and shortcode I inserted? 2 – How can I create the graphics, style and effects hover used in the “Exclusive This Month”


Hi ritondale,

If you’d like to modify the homepage, you can do it by editing the page-templates/home.php file.

Inserting the shortcode or any text/content in the WP Editor won’t do it since this is a page template.

Hope it helps.


My client purchased this theme for their website. I uploaded the zip file for the theme & activated all of the plug ins. However, the WooCommerce gives me the following error message after every attempt of trying to install.

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_extensions() on a non-object in /home4/reputav5/public_html/reputationbooksllc/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-catalog-mode-by-xtensionpress/core/class-wcxp-settings-extensions.php on line 40

Please advise on what I should do to fix this problem. We really want to use this template.

Thank you!

Hi StarAngel_415,

The problem is probably on the WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin.

For a quick fix, you can remove (or deleting it via FTP) from your site.

If you need further assistance with this problem, please submit your issue here to

Hope it helps.

I did that only for the same error to occur. I also tried to submit a ticket only to get a server error there also? Should I send my issue to the email provided Please advise???

Hi StarAngel_415

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

We’ve fixed the server error issue.

Please try again.



Because I’m working with a language other than English, I’d like to change the name of some tags. Hope this also helps other people who want to change the tags to something else (even in English):

1. On the homepage, I’d like to change the name of the buttons “Read More”, “Select Option” and “Add to Cart” to something else. Where do I go and how do I do it?

2. Also, when I apply the shop template, the top bar reads: Home / Shop / Products /. How can I remove or change the tag “Products”? I’d not mind if it said something like “Books”, but “Products” doesn’t sound good to me when dealing with books (even if they’re actually products).

3. For the shop template, I’d like to change the name of the buttons “Preview”, “Download”, “Add to wishlist”, “Description” and “Additional Information”. Where do I go? Also, when you click on “Description” and “Additional Information” the same title is repeated below before the text. Where should I go to also change that?

4. And last, a different kind of question: how do I make a book available physically as well as on e-book?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi veritotienza,

It seems most of your questions need to have WooCommerce installed/used in other than English language.

In order to do so, please read this guide first:

As for your last question, you might want to create another product which different than your e-book product which probably use Downloadable Product type.

For more variation of WooCommerce products, you might want to read this first:

If you have any further questions about these, we recommend you to submit your questions on WooCommerce support/forum, since most of your questions should be redirected to the plugin, not the theme itself.

Hope it helps.

You’re right, I didn’t realize these questions are more related to the plugin than the theme itself. Sorry about that :-(

Anyways, your links are really helpful. Thanks a lot!

No problem.

Glad we can help :D

Hope you can resolve your issues.

I’m trying to have a multilingual site, is your theme compatible with WPML?



Raakbookoo theme not fully compatible with WPML.

Is there a way I can remove the animation from the footer so it shows without animation? It problematic for small screens.



Since no setting option available to disable the animation from the footer, you should disable these from the file directly. Please follow the following instructions : 1. open the file js/methods.js. 2. Remove the line 171 – 173

Hope it helps.


Reviews are not working. Not show the review send button. My template version: 1.4.2

But, I upload the another plugin: advanced review Create the new product and also not show the review send button.

where it can be wrong?

Hi gr3nt,

We have encountered this issue and will try to fix it asap.

If you want a quick fix, please submit your request to

Our Support Team will try to help you.

Thanks and sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi! Thanks the answer. The ticket yesterday send, i waiting for response.

please keep your ticket there


I have one problem. There is a book that has two authors A and B.

People search is one of the author (A), but by entering both (A AND B). How to enable that only show one (A) the author in action???

Oke thank you. how about adding this code? <input type="hidden" value="product_cat" name="magazines,books" />

Hmm, it is possible that you did not understand my question? link the bug photo:

Hi, I think it will need more customization. You can use our partner services :


When displaying a product, rather than clicking on the title, can the image be clicked to open it?

Thank you.


For the product with overlay style i think it can’t. but, for list style product it can.

Hi Can I display more products on a page? At present the user has to click on the page number to see more, can I just display all products on one page for each category?

Thank you

Hi arrantawhara,

To change how many products shown in one page, just go to WP-Admin > Settings > Reading then change the value for Blog pages show at most to your preferences.

Here’s a screenshot to make it clear:

To show all products on one page for each category however, will need a custom script.

For a quick tips, you can try to set the number to a higher one, which proceeding your total products. e.g. if you have total 50 products on your site, try to set the number in the above settings to 60 or 100.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much, again :)

You are welcome.

Ok, I have tried to do this change but it has me at a lost. In your demo on a product you have the price then instead of add to cart you have “Select Options” How do I do this please?

I can change the price display and Cart display in woo commerce settings but when I change To select options, it doesn’t link anywhere.

How do I make it like your demo please.


Hi arrantawhara,

In order to have the ‘Select Options’, you’ll have to create a Variable Product.

For more information about Variable Product, you can start by reading this doc:

Hope it helps.

Hi, i’m having a huge problem with the dummy data. I can not upload it, it tells me 504 Gateway Time-out! how can I fix it??!

Hi nachofish,

If it’s Gateway Time out, probably you need to increase the Memory Limit in your server.

Please try to contact your hosting provider first in order to solve this matter.

Hope it helps.

hi. How I can to make an autor page? In the section autor I can´t add a link? How I can fix it?


The link is available in author picture. you can see this screenshot :

Thanks for your reply.

I need link to autor page. The current link go to autor titles but not autor info or biografy.

How I fix it?


We are sorry can’t provide support for customization. We suggest you to use our partner services :

This theme displays strangely while scrolling downward. Also, the slider at the top never loads. Is it just my browser and/or cache or is the code messed up?

Hi vintheme,

Do you have live URL and/or screencast to check?

Also, when you try to visit our demo did you experience the same thing?

Restarted computer and browser and seems to work as expected. Scrolls kinda clunky though. Thanks!

Glad to hear it vintheme !

Hope you don’t find any other trouble.

Have a nice day :)