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Flame19 Purchased

here we go again can not open it up locations-2 this image does not open in photoshop.

very slow in getting back


Locations-2 is a simple jpeg and should definitely work in Photoshop. I can even open it with MS Paint over here. It is however considered a placeholder picture and not really relevant for the theme.

You can send me an email so we can work things out for you.

Whats the logo font name?


It’s mentioned in the credits…


nice update on a great theme already

here’s my site using it


I am glad you like it.

First off I want to say thank you for such a great hosting theme, I really like it, as many others have said it helps fill a need for more hosting themes here at themeforest.

Serifly: I have removed the minifiy process from the HTML5 source code in the demo version so everyone can have look at the structure now.

Could you please specify which page(s) in the theme preview are not minified? At the moment all the source views I see are minified.

Also, I’ve been following the comments here and the blog template and colors look very nice; Any updates on time frame for a WordPress version maybe?

Edit: I purchased shortly after this comment was made, but currently the ‘purchased’ banner doesn’t show. Great theme!


Thank you very much for your kind words and your purchase. I don’t see the banner as well but I am sure it will update soon. If you need help just send me a message using the contact form on my profile page so I can verify it.

About the minified source. I was a little conflicted when I submitted the theme. Minifying means that the pages will load slightly faster and that the theme will be harder to steal from the demo. Well, not much but at least a little. I removed it after a request on here but added it again with the update by accident. I would like to hear your opinion on it, how important is it for you to see the source code before the purchase? Maybe someone else is reading this too and would like to comment on that. While writing this comment I have again removed the minifying process.

Just to make things clear, this was only set for the demo. The purchased templates are always well structured and commented.

Thanks again to everyone for purchasing this theme and for giving valuable feedback.


I forgot to reply to your Wordpress question. The Wordpress version will definitely take some time – at least a few weeks. You can follow me on Twitter to get information on when it will be released. I will always post announcements there first.

ionity Purchased

I have tried to contact you about creating some custom pages for this theme. Am willing to pay you for them to do them custom for us.

Please let me know the best way to contact you.


Thank you very much for your purchase. The best way to contact me is by using the contact form on my profile page.

Any plans for a joomla version for this template?


I am afraid not. Wordpress will be the only alternative and even that will take some time.

Are you able to throttle the requests to twitter API . twitter only allows 150 requests per hour by default. Can the JS be easily edited to check for new tweets every 20mins or so. As after 150 requests it just sticks at “retrieving tweets” and error shows error limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.”


I am aware of this problem and addressed it in the documentation. I will however think about something and will post my solution here in the comments later today.


I built a little cache function and will send the updated script to anyone who purchased the theme and is interested. It is such a small change that I rather wait for more before I issue a new update.


Worked like a charm – and received within 15mins – great support Serifly will defiantly be watching your page closely.

Easy to use and fancy.. Maybe more button styles and form elements would be better.. Thanks..


Thank you very much for your purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

How would I remove the hover effect when you roll your mouse over the header menu? Not the drop down menu, but the effect where the button you’re hovering over moves upwards.


Are you talking about the rounded background that is being displayed on hover?

If so just comment out or remove these lines in “rackhost.css”

.siteHeader .navigation li:hover a

No, I’m not. I just realized that it’s not default on the theme. I had to make a few adjustments so that the logo could be bigger, and it’s started happening as a result.

Do you provide private support anywhere? so I may provide you with more information.


Of course. Just send me a private message here on Themeforest so we can work things out.

I’ve contacted you via your profile. Thanks.

Do you know when you’ll be able to reply?

Also, how can I remove the t.co link next to the latest tweet?


I replied 3 hours later to your email after I received it. Maybe it ended up in the spam folder? Anyway, I was able to login today and fixed the navigation for you. You also forgot to remove the class “dropdown” on the reseller link. I’ve removed it for the home page but you will need to do it for every other page. Please change the password to your server now so I won’t have access anymore.

Regarding the t.co link. I wouldn’t do that as it is part of your tweet. What if you post a link in the future containing a link. It wouldn’t be displayed as well.

Hope everything is fine now. Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need help with anything else.

Hi Serifly,

Any chance for the responsive feature? I was going to buy it immediately, but looking for one with responsive version designed in mind for smartphones




Hello adroyal, thank you for your interest. I will look into it but I don’t think I will add the responsive feature any time soon. I initially developed it for a fixed size and it would require a lot of changes.

Nice balanced theme. I will use this for future projects for sure!


Thank you very much.

x2engine Purchased

I waisted my money on this theme and graphics. I mistakenly thought it worked with WordPress which is does not…the website should be more explicit about this.

Oh well $20.00 down the drain.


I am really sorry you thought this was a Wordpress version. It is listed in the category “Site Templates” and it is mentioned multiple times in the description (HTML5 Theme). I do however understand that someone who is new to Themeforest might get confused about the categories. I will eventually release a Wordpress version and would be happy to notify you when it is out.

hello, do you include psd files of logo (to be able to write my company name) and servers pics?? thanks a lot in advance



The servers are included as single layer PNGs, the logo as a layered PSD but currently only rasterized and in the size used in the theme. You are however welcome to contact me after the purchase and I will help you with that.

I will also add the logo as a vector PSD file to the next update.

Is there a way I can refund this because There is no Wordpress version yet.


I am really sorry you confused this with a Wordpress version. Please contact Envato for any payment related problems as they are the ones handling it.

I want to purchase this, any word on the wordpress version?

I would buy it straight away if there were a wordpress version.


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the Wordpress version will be only available within a few weeks.

Great work! I was wondering… What reseller company did you have in mind when you created this? You have lightspeed and openvz and xen in your pricing tables which is what I’m looking to resell.

Thanks for your time.



I have a technical background and would always recommend to open a business like that with owned hardware colocated in some decent DC. If that is however not an option you might have luck browsing providers over at webhostingtalk.com


thank you for your time

Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. I’m trying to find where i put the email address the contact form sends mail to but cant find it anywhere!

Does anyone know where it is?

Thanks! Ray


Hello Ray, thank you for your purchase. I’ve replied to your email and will send you a working contact form tomorrow.

This will also be included in the next update.