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Slider does not appear in latest wordpress version.


Kyzoe Purchased

The theme has been abandoned by the seller, lots of security risks are here at stake, once this was a great theme but now it has become the worst piece of …. software on Envato.

It hasn’t been abandoned. Author has stated that there will be bug fixes but no future features.

Obviously new features would be great but bug fixes are more important.

I am quite surprised though that new features wont be developed since this is a very popular template. I would have though it would be beneficial to author and it’s potential new customers.

To support the Russian words in theme settings (Theme Options)

The file /wp-content/themes/rackhost/admin-interface.php

Find echo htmlentities($options[$id]); Replace with echo htmlentities($options[$id], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');

my custom page is not displayed … is there something I have to declare first? fex. I have created a page “domain-search” for testing I copied the content from template-contact.php inside my custom page: /wp-content/themes/rackhost/template-domain-search.php but there is no content or contact form displayed if I browse domain-search

got it, I forgot to set the WP page to the custom template :)

how can I add a border only for menu items in top navigation , it should look like a shape of hover action from top navigation? thanks

You should just pull this software off of Themeforest, if you are no longer developing it.

Move forward, or move out.

hello, i want to buy this theme but i have a question before…..this theme is compatible with WP 4.0 or 4.0.1?

Thank you for your time

I purchased your theme, but there is a issue w/ the slider images … width and height is missing, is there a way to add a fixed size for the slider images? I need to improve page load because of the google ranking …


hi, i understand that it’s not integrated with WHMCS yet but does it come with any client portal? i would assume it does because of this login page

this is a big ** , a smarter way to steal money from people , DO NOT BUY IT , theme is not working , slider is not working, NO SUPPORT , no nothing

Woocommerce Support?


That’s just the default login example.

For WHMCS integration the place to go is:

His support is very good and I was able to integrate WHMCS very nicely

Demo Login: Pass: Demo2015

When can we expect a responsive version?

The contact form does not send out emails in my case. Any pointers on how I can fix that?

I fixed it. The contact form uses the PHP mail() function, and this does not work on all hosting plans. I modified template-contact.php to use wp_mail() instead and installed a plug-in that allows me to use a smtp-server to send mails. That did the trick.

Any responsive version coming? I have a client interested in it but I won’t buy unless you release a responsive version soon.


zixxel Purchased

Is this even getting updated? Responsive version on going?

I bought this theme. Can I insert pictures without border frames?

I am posting this again for those that do not read: Change the page attribute to ‘HOME’ and your slider will show.