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Delicious like always :)

Thanks Mr. Focus :) B

FREAKIN AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even includes extra sliders too. DOPE JOB !!!

Glad ya like it Crucial! B

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Thanks WP!

awesome work again and again :) good luck!

Thanks a bunch Mabuc :) Brandon

great work as always! :)

Thanks Designesia – it’s appreciated :)


Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks a ton Chris! B

Thanks Bedros! B

This is awesome eye candy :smug:

Thanks Kobus! B

Glad you like it Daniel! B

Hey Brandon,

This looks freakin’ fresh! A breath of fresh air on ThemeForest. Well done!


Thanks Paul! B

Beautiful colors and style. Great work once again!

PS. There’s a little Flickr-iframe issue.

Thanks Crozer! And yeah, the Flickr widget loads up fine when you remove the demo preview frame :)


Lookin’ nice Brandon!

Thanks Chris! B

Hey there, I see on the demo that the slider features text on top of the large purple header background. Is there an option for the large header background itself to be the slider rather than a slider on top of it?

Is it easy to adjust the height of the header image area to start the page area higher up?


Heya Soul!

1. The background itself isn’t a slider, but we might release this as a new feature in one of the next updates :)

2. Absolutely – the header area resizes dynamically based on what you put in there – so using shorter images, less caption text, or removing the slider altogether will easily change the height based upon your content.

Cheers! Brandon

Sounds great!

A header background slider would be awesome as I think it would look more integrated than the rectangle slider on top.

Another feature request I think would be fantastic: Would it be possible to make this a non-boxed layout, ie. to take out the white body shape and sit the page content on the body background?

And another request: The portfolio detail pages look a lot like blog posts. Would it be possible to set up portfolio detail pages with previous/next arrows and related items?

Heya Soul!

1. Sure! The box-less design is actually pretty simple to pull off – it’s just a simpel 2 or 3 line snippet of CSS that would remove that for ya and give you just what you want. I’ll look into making this a theme option to make it even simpler, but it’s super duper easy to do.

2. Sure! I’ll add that to the features list for the next version or two :)


Great looking theme. On a mobile device, I’m seeing some white image border (pixels from the first image of the Monitor with “Radiant” on it) extend up into the purple area (slider)...can this be fixed?


Heya Corbett!

The demo-theme frame seems to screw up the preview a bit – Are you seeing that after clicking the the “remove frame” button? Screenshots can help too (oh, and a device name) – but yes, that’s super easy to fix if that’s the case – it’s just nudging the element with a bit of CSS .

Thanks! B

(yes removed frame) it’s only ~5-8px but enough to be noticeable. Loads really fast in iphone, droid, & Windows—nicely done. Can I make the fix in the CSS or is this an upgrade/fix to be released? ...Looking to hit “buy” ;)

Oh! I just noticed it too now – that’s actually not a theme related bug – I just need to remove the negative margin that I added to the demo for that section – I’m actually on my phone now but I’ll patch it when I’m back at my main comp :)

Cool- Thanks! I’ll purchase tomorrow (if you have time to upload the patch)

Ok :) It’s all patched up now.

Cheers! B

FANTASTIC customer service & quick response! Thank you

A great looking theme, good work – I was wondering if the “Radiant” logo font comes with the theme or if its freeware? thanks :)

Thanks Alex! It’s actually the Yellowtail font – free from Google fonts :) B

Great theme, just bought it tonight. It feels very well designed, the admin options are laid out consistently. Theme feels good to use.

Not sure if this is the correct channel for noting a minor bug (but it may help someone else if they are noting it), but on the “Shortcodes & Theme Extras!” page—shortcodes are

[gn_tweets username=”makedesign” limit=”3” style=”1” show_time=”1”]

However, the “Ultimate Shortcodes” plug-in appears to want this syntax:

[tweets username=”makedesign” limit=”3” style=”1” show_time=”1”]

One question: is there a way outside of CSS to select the fonts to be used in the body/headings?

Thanks again for a great theme!

Interesting BP! Thanks for the heads up on this – This is just as good a place as any to mark this one down – but don’t be afraid to use our support ticket system over at :)

Cheers! Brandon

Hello, I am excited to implement the theme. Right now I am just getting around and checking all the functionalities. However, I have stumbled on a couple of bumps (I get “Fatal error” soon after activating plugins; and when Top Hat function is turned on I am getting some error as well)

Any insight on how to do away with the errors is greatly appreciated.

Heya Etheline! Can you post a username/pass to your dashboard so I can take a peek at – This hasn’t been reported yet, but perhaps there’s some sort of conflict with another plugin. Either way, I’ll be glad to take a peek :) B

Awesome! How hard would it be to make the sidebar one third width? :)

Heya Hank!

Not terribly tricky – it’d require you to basically change the class names for the columns in the template file from “four” to “one-third”. I can help out with this sort of thing over at if you pick up a license – just mention that you made this request pre-purchase :)

Cheers! B

Hey Brandon, I just wanted to let you know I’m still keen to buy and use this!

Just wondering on an approximate status of those items we discussed which I would really love to see – full header background slider and portfolio detail pages with previous/next arrows and related items.. :)

Heya Soul! They’re still on the agenda for the next couple updates – I can’t give ya a date yet though as I just don’t know how long they’ll take to develop. We already released a couple smaller updates last week in addition to pushing all of our themes up to the new 2.0 framework that Radiant’s been built on, so it’s just a matter of time till we can turn our attention to new features :)