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Hi, Really nice theme.

Does it support WPML ?

Hi Revo!

I haven’t officially used/tested the WPML plugin with this theme, but I’ve had a couple customers use it and didn’t report back any complaints or problems… I wish I had a more thorough answer for ya, but it’s tough to keep up with the hundreds/thousands of big, awesome plugins out there (and we just can’t provide support for all of them – so lots of customers work with plugin makers to get integration questions answered). The theme uses all recommendations for internationalization/localization though, so hopefully that does the trick.

:) B

Theme looks absolutely gorgeous! One question.. Can the nav menu be changed in terms of looks?

Heya Flac!

Yes and no – there are some basic pre-built options and a “Custom CSS ” panel where you can drop in your own customizations… we also have a support team that can help with really basic questions… and a freelance team that can help with more advanced customizations… so it really comes down to what you have in mind and how far you want to take it ;)

Cheers! B

Hello, is very nice the theme and we want to buy it. But when we test your template from the iPhone/iPad we found a big margin to the right side of the page. Then we rotate the iPhone/iPad and the responsive template don’t look very nice!

Do you have the latest version online?

What Web Fonts Service does this theme use?

Typekit, but you can also use Google web fonts :) B

Good to know. Also curious about Lightbox support of video or other media content? Similar to the Lightbox evolution plugin here:

Video is supported, as are iFrames – we use prettyPhoto – check out the full documentation for it here (we have some shortcuts for using it without any coding of course in the actual theme – but the docs will show you the types of media they support) –

Cheers! B

Do you have a calendar page? My client needs to list events.

Hi Erenmb!

Not in this theme, but there are a number of great calendar plugins out there that integrate that sort of functionality… in fact, that’s more of a feature that’s best suited for a plugin anyways ;)


Hello again, we didnt get answer from you before but anyways This is the error we found in the current template (we see this problem from desktop, ipad and iphone).

Hi there!

Please file this over us over at and our support guys will be glad to assist right away :)


Is the psd a full layout? Do you have your skeleton framework available for download?

The PSD isn’t included for the full layout, but each individual element has a PSD along with it :)

The Super Skeleton them that this is based off of is available here on ThemeForest, but it’s not a true “framework” like Thesis or Genesis.


Sorry, but I think this is more your job than my job, because I am not selling this template!!

I wanted to buy it, but no with this error.

You should report this error, it is your product.


I purchased your theme and have installed it and all looks good in Chrome and Safari. However, one of the main design features (rounded corners does not show when you view the site in Firefox. It is important that this works in Firefox for obvious reasons).

1. Here is the site viewed in Chrome and Safari (as it should look)...

2. Here is the site as it looks in Firefox (it should have rounded corners on navigation and main body area but does not).

Please explain what is needed to fix this please…

Thank you.

Dave Alston

Heya Dave!

I haven’t noticed this one actually (I’m on FF right now and the styling looks correct)... in fact, IE should be the only browser that doesn’t respect the new CSS rules. What version of FF are you running?

Cheers! B

The new media uploader is not working in the latest version of wordpress 3.5 aka Elvin.

Hope this will be fixed soon.

Heya Alien!

This seems to be a plugin issue – the demo is running on 3.5 and working fine, but there seems to be a few plugins out there that aren’t 3.5 compatible as they load their own version of jQuery. Google “WP 3.5 Add Media not working” to see the long list of folks running into this issue :) I’ll do my best to help out from my side as well though!


I created a custom post type of ‘resources’ and am trying to create an archive page (archive-resources.php) to style. However, there’s no archive.php template in the theme to duplicate, modify and save. What do I do?

Hi, This theme is perfect for my client, but I need to know if the home page background itself can be a slider. I saw previous comments that you were going to add it… about 5 months ago, so I wanted to know if this has been done before I purchase it.

If this feature has not yet been added, is there a plugin that I can add to your theme which will make the home page background a slider?

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll buy the LIT for my own personal website.

Another question for the Radiant theme… Can I set the Nav bar to be flush/ float to the right side, like on your demo? Mine is no longer floating to the right all the way. I had adjusted the padding in the Nav bar so that all my Pages could fit into the Nav bar (after inputting my Pages, the nav was going to a second level, which client did not want).

The site is

I appreciate your help…. and my client loves the site!

Hi Jorge!

Try adding this out in your custom CSS panel:

.sf-menu {
    position: absolute;
    right: 0;

Cheers! B

Thanks for your prompt reply… that was fast!

It worked! At first, it didn’t work… But I went back and repasted your code “without styling” and it worked. So who ever reads this in the future, make sure to paste the above code without formatting. This is important, as when I first pasted it, I didn’t see any formatting, but it was there somehow.

The theme is great… keep up the wonderful design and coding!

does anyone know how to expand the widget section so it can accommodate larger content?

Thanks Gene

Hi Gene!

This would probably be a good question for the guys at – You’d basically need to adjust quite a bit of the layout markers in the template code to flex the widget areas :)


Where did all the comments go?

I was going to look through for some answers before putting in a w/o.


Heya Special – I’m not sure what you are referring to… are you not seeing comments on here?

I see them, but I thought there was a lot more. I am trying to problem solve my issue instead of putting in a work order but it seems that you are pushing everyone to do just that. It would be nice to search for a related issue so we can see how it was solved.

Anyway, my work order still awaits.


I couldn’t agree more! We’ve been asking TF for a searchable comment function on each product for years now ;) We DO have a searchable system at our support forum though, which is why I tend to push folks over there as it’s becoming a much easier place for folks to get help in a timely manner.

Cheers! Brandon

hello there!

The theme looks beautiful and its responsiveness on the demo looks fantastic. There is though one small issue

If you open the window on the pc and then make it smaller, the website perfectly re-shapes itself.

But if you make the window big again, the slider text does not re-size (it stays small)

the issue was identified using Google Chrome 24 on windows 7 on two different computers.

Using firefox it seems to produce the expected outcome though!

In any case, I guess I will be buying the theme soon :)

Hi! This is a beautiful theme and I’m seriously considering purchasing it. Just had a quick question – does it include a full-width page template with left or right sidebars? Is this something I could create in the admin panel? I need a page that supports a sidebar submenu (like this ) Thanks!

Hi Epona!

The answer to all of these is Yes: You can have a right, left or full width page layout – and there are free plugins (not part of the theme though) that allow you to have a sidebar submenu :)


Hello, I love the theme, but the menu when in responsive mode is not working. It just stopped recently, do you have an easy fix? You can see the menu and select the page, but it doesn’t take you to the page. Here’s my site so you can see what I’m talking about. Again, the menu works great when the site is full size, scale it down to where the menu is more of a scrollbar and it does not. Doesn’t work on any platform I’ve tried. I haven’t messed with any of the code since I wouldn’t know where to start. can you help me?

Hi Newbie!

Make sure you are on the latest version of WordPress AND the theme – that should work it out for ya :)

Cheers! B

Thank you, as my title states though, I am a complete newb. I know how to make sure my wordpress is up to date…but how do I check to see if the theme is up to date? If it’s not, how do I update. I checked through my wordpress site and I didn’t see any way to do so. Thanks again for the help!

Hi I have installed this theme and all looks fine on my home computer. I have opened it in IE on my work pc and the text is scrambled?

Any idea why?

Hi Digitech-media,

This is the first time I have run across this. Any chance you can repost this over at so that we can further diagnose the issue. Please also include a url that we can check out also ;)

Thanks, Charlie

No Problem I had come across it on your preview to before.

I want to open my portfolio post from a click on a button or image I insert. How do I pop that open on click. Just like clciking on portfolio image but on button instead.

Thanks Jimmy

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

Clarification, I want to open the photo popup slideshow window from button.

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)