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Good Job, GLWS ;)

thanks bro :)

This is great Glws bro

thanks bro :)

very nice theme

thanks bro :)

Great job!GLWS :)

thanks bro :)

Hello, I jus purchase the file and how can I get the animated background as the one you have as the sample???

I do not see it in the files!!! Thanks john

Animated Background :::: Rename Index_Static_xx.html to index & upload Rag3een to your

All Colors: Index_Static_01.html










Your work is always great! GLWS :)

thanks bro :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

thanks bro :)

Amazing work ! :) Can u tell me wich program i can use to edit or put my info ?:). Thanks

dreamwaver or Microsoft Expression web :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

thanks bro :)

How can I center the Facebook and Twitter icons in the “Connect With Us” section? When I remove some of the icons for dribble, delicious, etc. the icons do not center, they stay on the left.

hey bro you can add .md-content .social-icons { margin: 0 auto 20px auto; width: 70%; } in style.css and edit width as you like

How can I replace Rag3een with my logo?


Nevermind. I just figured it out. But now my page is not responsive. How do you get the page to be responsive?


yes you can add logo png or writing … plz send your website link in message to see it and resolve this problem

can this theme install in opencart?

no it’s only HTML

hello, I buy your theme my friend (excellent theme).

I have two questions:

-what file (js) I have to change for the counter not reset? because every time I reload the browser the counter is reset =(

-What file (CSS) I can move the buttons (md-trigger) to the center, right or left ??


First question : form countdown.js at last you will find date: “30 December 2014 00:00:00”, Change date as you like , save.

second question: from style.css at line 245 : button { ... } add: float: right;

if you have any problems contact me! :)

Excellen!!! thank you so much my friend =)

Good Design And Good Code Thank You

thanks bro

Hey, great theme!

One question: I’m trying to add sound to my background video but can’t seem to find where to edit this. Is this possible?


Correction, two questions. The one above here and a new one. My video doesn’t seem to play in Safari. It loads but won’t start playing. Is there a fix for this?


send you site link to me in message

hello. nice work in the first place.

I have problems with feedback, When I add my mail in mail.php it does not work. I never receive an email from since :( why?

i tested feedback form it’s working good, i think the problem in server host. :( please change your email to 4smatus@gmail.com and try to send message if it no sent to me, the problem in your host ok?

such. set up your email for now. have you got the message from the website?

no, the problem form your hosting

Hi, when is the responsive version coming out please? None of the popups work on my phone.


Is it the same file I downloaded 1 day ago? It looks the same. What I mean is: it says here that you updated it on 30 January but I just downloaded the zip and the files were last updated 26 and 27 Jan (the same as the first version I downloaded yesterday).

Last Update: 30 January 14 from 8 hours i’ve fixed errors in popup buttons and tipsy, it’s working good now on mobile

Video background doesn’t work on mobile devices like HTC One or iPhone.

Any fix or at least a way to fallback on a normal or slider background?

I’ve iPhone and i tested Rag3een on it and working good

about slider … add backgrounds to images file with name 1,2,3 at end of index slider you will find code like: image : ‘images/1.jpg’, title : ’’, thumb : ’’, url : ’#’ you can change name as you like and add background in images file

>>Rename Index_video_background.html to index & upload Rag3een to your server


I did everything as it is written in the manual. Rename the file to index.html and uploaded all the files in the root directory of the domain.

Site does not open the template at domaine.XX opens only by the full path to the file index.html domain.XX / index.html

What’s the matter?

the problem in Index.html name … Letter I is capital, it must me small like >> index.html

rename it to index.html and it will working good

Its Work ) but, Video background doesn’t work on mobile devices. Phone Android.

mobile devices do not allow video autoplay.

Hi, Nice work !

Suggestion, if I may: in the ‘video backround’ version, you should add a “rel: 0” parameter in the tubular js script. Otherwise you can see a flash of the youtube “related videos” screen before the video loops.

thanks pro