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I wanted to preview your theme. But unfortunately the demo pages seem to be down! :(

Ooops, thanks for the heads up, looking into it.

Ok, we are fixing it, thanks. Meanwhile, here is the direct url for the demo:

I’ve been meaning to buy a theme for a long time now, so I’ve been waiting and watching, but I always end up back here, glad I finally got it, though I’ll need to drop into support cause I’m stupid and have a few questions!

Thanks for all your work, guys

Thanks for the kind words. You may open a ticket at if you need any help.


I just bought, downloaded and installed your theme. It’s great!!!

But why is there so much white space between the logo and the rest of the sidebar? -> [link removed per author request]

Thnx… But is there a way to decrease the white gap between logo and text in the sidebar by adjusting the css? If so, what do I need to edit.

Thnx in advance for your response.

Hi, please send a support request here: and we will guide you through!

Thnx… Is it possible to remove this whole thread (including the question)? I would appreciate it if you delete it.

The Raiden Theme is AWESOME and STYLISH!!!!! I can recommend it BIGTIME. The couple of things that weren’t exactly the way I wanted them (i.e. not showing the date, or hiding the title in my categories pages), were modifiable by adding a piece of code to the Raiden theme prefrences, which the Codestag team sent me both times within 12 hours of me sending an email. RIGHT ON GUYS!!! If you want to see a working page that belongs to someone who is really happy with the Raiden theme, check out ;) 5 STARS!

Thanks for the kind words :) Much appreciated!

Hi there,

I’m really happy with this theme, thank you! Is there the possibility to add a category under another category but that disappear..I mean like a drop-down menu. Thank you!

Cheers, Filippo

Hi Filippo,

Support is provided to all verified customers via our support desk. Please open a ticket at and we will take a look!

Hi guys, thinking of buying the theme. just wondered how easy is it to: 1. change colours of buttons 2. have the comments section open without user having to click expand? 3. have a video be displayed as full width of the post, yet on the main page (like so –

thanks in advance

Hi there

Switching the button colors is easy, but i’m afraid that for the other things you will need to make some manual customizations to the theme files.