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I just need to say that this theme is working really great, and really stands out of the crowd without losing it’s flexibility. WELL DONE Codestag!

You have earned my 5 stars. Worth every dollar.

You earned it. BTW, any plans to making this compatible for the next wordpress version (when it comes out)?

Sure thing. All of our themes will be updated to ensure compatibility with the new version :)

Follow us on Twitter to get notified when the next update is released, or check the notification checkbox at your Downloads page.

Cheers :)

Great, thanks!

Does your theme have any options for social media sharing of each blog post? I didn’t see it in the demo. Thanks.

Hello and thanks for the interest.

There is not a built in sharing option for Raiden, however you can use any of the plugins out there for this :)


Any plans to support Instagam instead of just Flickr for the widget on the left hand side? Would be great.

I forgot to mention: this is sick. I’m so buying this.

Thanks for the input :)

We may create an Instagram widget in the future, but until then you can use a plugin like this: :)


Really nice template for my future blog Some questions

1 — It is possible to hide in the post the “Comments” & “Submit a Comment” ?

2 — Is it possible to change the color of the button (green in your preview) ?

3 — Is it possible to hide “Flickr” or “Tweets” or anything else in the navigation menu ?

4 — Google fonts is OK ?

Thanks for reply

Ok perfect

I saw the template on my computer >> very nice but on iPad perhaps even more ;)

I think it would be a good idea that one day you use the same base of template for a creative portfolio

I imagine on iPad and computer an arrow left and right to move forward in each work with first or last page with texts explain with possibly links

An idea just like this ;)

Congratulations again

Thanks :) Yes, we are proud of the responsive versions. Especially the iPad ;)

One more question :) Possible to put more than 1 photo in a post ? Exemple 2, 3, 4, etc …

Finally, a keeper! 8-)

A cool theme that stands out from the rest. Cool big fat typography and still pretty damn clean.

I’ll be dropping by in the supportforums with some question, but thanks for making this. It’s great.

Oh, I’m not much of a writer…I use it for my (street)photograhy blog. :)

Great use of the theme mate! Very very well done :)

And thanks for such kind words, it really gives us some motivation. Drop anytime on our support forum and we would be glad to assist you.

Btw, don’t forget to rate the theme if you feel happy about it ;)

5 stars: sorted :)

supportforumspam: sorted :)

Trying to get the Google font to work with the W3 Cache minifying: work in progress. :D

Thanks guys. :)

^ We like this guy :)

I am interested in the purchasing the theme and had a few questions.

Most of my work will be photography with various aspect rations: 4:3, 1:1, and sometimes 16:9. Can you set the aspect ratio for the featured image within the control panel or would I have to create it before hand?

On the example gallery post for May 11, 2013, it has the thumbs for the images. How would it work if you have more than 8 images (as it has it displayed)? Some of my galleries will be a roll of film worth of images.

Thank you

Hi, Images are stretched to fit the parent container.

For gallery thumbs, next images will appears by right side to each thumb.

Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks :)

Re—Up One more question Possible to have more than 1 photo in a post ? (Not thumbs) Exemple 2, 3, 4, etc … and the text under

Hi Not for the first page but in the post ?

In the post content you can have as many images as you want. But for the title’s background, only one :)


Perfect Very good news I like this template I purchase tomorrow Thanks again

Hi! I can’t find any info on the latest update. What’s new? / ola


for some reason none of my pages show up in the sidebar?

Hi, Make sure you have inserted the widget in the sidebar.

If still facing an issue, head over to our support forum, start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Thanks :)

Awesome theme! Glad I purchased it! I notice when viewing on my iPhone that when I reach the bottom of the post list and hit the plus sign icon to add more posts that it jumps back to the top of the page and doesn’t add more posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi there and thanks for the purchase :)

That’s weird. Can you please open a ticket at our support forum at ? We will have a look there. Also please mention your site’s url at the ticket.


Hi Finally I’ve purchased your template Great but I have some questions

1 — On computer there are at left the menu, in center the pictures + texts and at right grey. How to change grey as white ? CSS ? Is it possible to erase the shadow at the right of the pictures and texts ?

2 — In your preview there are 2 different sizes of fonts and different colors. In the posts. How to do that ?

3 — How to erase ”+ Submit a comment” in the posts ? CSS ?

4 — When i post multiple photos in a post there is a white beetween the photos and the background grey. Possible to have the same width that the tittle’s background ? CSS ?

5 — Possible to change the size of the font in the tittle’s background ? And the space beetween the letters ? In the CSS ?

6 — In the tittle’s background possible to change the date of the post by the categorie ?

I know a lot of questions Sorry Thanks for reply

Here is how you can find your Item Purchase Code.

Thanks Ticket open on your support forum

Replied :)

Now I found the changelog on the frontpage :-) ... missed it before. Thanks!

the scroll bar visibility between side and article changes is my only point why i dont byu this theme. Sure, this is an optical thing, but it bothers me.

well, it’s a single line of custom css if you want to hide it ;)


I bought this over the weekend, and had a few requests. 3 of them have already been resolved.

They’re very fast to provide solutions, and the theme is beautiful!

Thank you Codestag!

Thanks for the kind words, truly appreciated :)

This looks great, I’ll be getting stuck in shortly. Could I please ask what font you used in your ‘RAIDEN’ logo? I think it would work nicely with my logo as well.

Many thanks!

Hi For me it’s 5 stars

— Very nice and easy template — Minimal & modern — On my iPad Mini it’s too wonderful — Google font is so easy — Custom CSS in the Styling Options is really intelligent


I have a only one problem with this one. I don’t know if i use this template for my Portfolio or my Blog The life is so hard :D

Congrat’ again

Sure ? I see nothing in my ticket on your support forum

Man… really sorry :) You are right. I just noticed that you added some extra questions at the existing ticket. Will take care of those soon.


Replied now :)

Hi. Thank you for the reply All seems OK with changes in CSS and others. I work with Localhost. Now I want to activate the template with my wordpress online to watch it on iPad, etc …

So :

1 — Transfer RAIDEN ORIGINAL with NO modifications with Cyberduck >> DONE

2 — Activate RAIDEN Theme >> Impossible to activate Template online >> FATAL ERROR >> ” Fatal error : Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in (...) /wp-content/themes/raiden/framework/stag-admin-init.php on line 36 “

I’ve got Wordpress 3.5 and all my others themes can be activate but not this one. I don’t understand

This is the template WITH NO CHANGES I want to paste the new CSS and others modifications in a second time, more sure for me.

Do you think to know what the problem? I’m the only one? I’m lost

Hi dRONE Not to worry, we will assist you on that. It’s not a generic issue obviously, we can take a look. Please post the above as a ticket at our support forum. Ram will assist you for this one.

Also include your site’s url in the ticket and temporary login credentials for your admin. Tickets are private, so you can post this info there ;)



Hi Again, Are you planning to make a full width page/post-option? I saw that you made it for other themes. Best regards / ola

We actually planned to, but left sidebar has to be global in Raiden and we can’t omit that. So full width page template is not possible for Raiden as per the layout.

Hi! Does this template supports the Cyrillic?

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. If you are talking about fonts, yes it can be done with a little effort. Let us know, thanks :)

Great work! Looking forward to using it for my blog!

Great! Let us know if you run into any issue or need any help at our support forum :nerdy:

All the best!