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1) On the homepage is there a way to hide the date of the posts? 2) How can you get excepts to show on the homepage posts? 3) Have you thought having an opacity highlight of a post when the cursor flashes over it when on the homepage? – or can I? 4)How do you completely hide the metabar?

IE: bottom of posts seeing such as:


Hi there and thanks for the purchase.

Many of the things you ask about are possible through minor css edits.

Please head over to our support forum at and post a ticket there.

Thanks :)


We just pushed an update that fixes some bugs. Thanks to all buyers for their valuable input and feedback!

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Hi Codestag great template, is there a way I can disable the ‘submit a comment’ functionality on the home / index page which is the static page.


Hi there. This is quite easy to do, but please open a ticket at and we will guide you there :)


I didn’t see this anywhere or maybe I’m blind, does your theme supports custom header logos? Thanks great theme btw.

Hi there,

Not quite sure what you mean by custom header logos.. Can you please describe further?

Thanks :)

Can I upload an image as a logo?

Sure thing. Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks :)

Is it possible to add an excerpt to the overlay that shows on the home page images in addition to the post title?

Hi there, you will have to manually edit the theme files. If you know your way around coding a bit it should be easy.

If you need further help feel free to open a ticket at and we will guide you through


I’m in search of a clean simple personal Blog theme and I keep coming back to this one. A couple of questions… video (YouTube) integration. Easy to do or rather will the video panel be displayed the same as the photos are displayed on the homepage? I noticed an audio play button can be added so I wasn’t sure if video could be added as easily. And my second question is about fonts – easy to change? Using Google Fonts I assume? Great theme. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in one of our themes.

It’s pretty easy to embed video from YouTube or Vimeo, you just have to paste the embed video code under a specific field and it should look like this ::

Changing Google font is also way too easy, you just have to enter the right font name under theme options.

Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks :)

When I change the view mode to night mode it doesn’t seem to change. Do you have any ideas why? (Maybe this is a common bug?).

Hi there… no, it is not a common bug. Actually this is the first time such an issue has been reported… So please head to our support desk at and we will have a look ;)


Okay, I’ve submitted a ticket, thanks.


Love the theme. Especially the way it appears on mobile.

Before I purchase. I have pretty basic understanding of HTML/CCS/PHP where I can go in and make minor edits.

My question is : Can I switch the left sidebar to the right side?

Does this require advanced knowledge or can I do this with basic editing knowledge?


You can use a plugin like Disqus for comments.

Thank you for the support!

I went ahead and bought the theme and in current process of setting it up. Really love it.

As discussed before I needed to move sidebar to right side. I tried moving it myself and couldn’t get widgets over what so ever. Created a ticket asking for help in moving it and got this response.

“Hey John, Unfortunately, there is no standard way of doing this.”

Prior to buying theme I was under belief that the sidebar could be moved to right side. Just want to make sure because I am trying to launch site asap if this is not the case I will be forced to use different theme.

Hi there,

Yes there is no standard feature under this theme to make sidebar appear to right but as we said there will be some CSS needed to make it work, so we did.

Please check the ticket on support forum, you will find the solution there. Thanks.

If I was given the opportunity to rate the support the guys at Codestag give, I would rate the support with five stars out of five.

Thanks for all your help! :)


Appreciate the kind words, thanks :)

the real value of this theme is 15 USD it’s possible to set only 1 google font for all theme. ALSO the layout is not resized for the ipad and the laptop screen BUT it’s CUT!!! To cut a website if the screen is small 15” is very absurd.


I think the real value is already decided by Themeforest’s expert reviewers and the rest can be analysed by number of sales and ratings.

In your case, you have manually customised the theme in a wrong way. If you would simply use the styling on the most front container or simply use the CSS solution we provided you the probably you wouldn’t need to bring this matter from support forum to comments here.

It definitely resizes for all devices, you are just not seeing the background on your site because you styled the wrong container which has a container on its top.

If you are facing trouble customising the theme your way, may be you should hire any professional to do that for you.


Hi lovely theme, I was wondering if there was a way foe the images in the posts can be as wide as the posts column?


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forum | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hey there,

I have a question regarding infinite/continuous scrolling, and if it’s easy to integrate it in your theme.

I want to integrate a similar functionality for the posts similar with what they have on (just scroll down their content).

Is your theme compatible with this plugin or with the Jetpack support offered by Wordpress

I really have to know this, because it’s very important for the project I want to use your theme for.


Both plugins require some amount of customisations in order for it to work. It will surely work if you are willing to make some customisations at your side as asked in plugin documentation.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

thats gr8 theme I like .. and easy document to install .. now I need to make the all theme RTL ( the menu on the right and the photos on the left ) how can I do that


Hi, Unfortunately Raiden doesn’t have RTL support.

If you have any more questions, you can create a ticket on our support forum. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply can you do it for me for extra charge ? as custom theme


I really think your template is beautiful and would like to purchase it.

I am about to start my very first private blog so I have a lot of stupid questions. I would like the blog to include:

- follow me options - related posts under each posts (shown as pictures) - under each post the option to share and like

I kindly ask if these things would be possible?

All the best, Ascha

Hi Ascha,

Sorry about the delay. Currently there is no such option under theme. You will have to manual get it coded or use any third party plugin for it.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Hello codestag,

Please help me answer my pre-sales question.

  • What will happen if I don’t upload any background?
  • Can we able to set the default background if there’s no background (cover) upload for each post?
  • Instead of ajax pagination (loading), can we use default pagination? Will it be easy to turn off ajax pagination?

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Here are the answers:

1. If you don’t choose any background it will fallback to a background color that you see by right side of posts.

2. This will require some changes but yes you can do that.

3. There is an option for both ajax loading and default pagination.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Cheers!

Hello Codestag,

Thanks for the quick prompt. Really appreciate it.

2. Will you able to help me on that?

Sure! After purchasing just create a ticket on our support forum and we will assist you in doing that.

This theme looks great! Looking to purchase.

Is it possible to have multiple columns of posts rather than 1 post wide? Is this built into the theme? If not, any indication on the difficultly it would be to alter to provide this functionality?


Hi there

Unfortunately the layout is for one column only. Having multiple columns would require some serious customization of the theme files, probably a job for a web developer.


Really slick and simple theme, great job guys. Before I purchase this I have a quick question, is there a way to make the hero image on a single post have a left and right arrow to browse through the gallery?

I’m not sure if I understood your question properly. If you are talking the Gallery Post Format single page, you can see the left right arrows upon clicking any image as popup opens. Here is a link demonstrating that –

Let us know if you meant something else. Thanks.

That’s indeed my question. But I wonder if there is a way to avoid having a popup, so that when you arrive in a single post user will be able to scroll through the gallery by clicking on the left/right arrows?

That’s not possible as per the current functionality, you’ll have to make changes at your end. Thanks.


I love this theme but i have just one question before purchasing. What must be the minimum size of a picture in order to look like the theme démo and still have a good quality?



Hi there,

the images are being resized based on the title’s length, for example a title that takes 3 lines, it would need an image of 900×452.

Smaller images will be auto resized to fit these dimensions.

let us know if you need any further clarifications.



Ok I understand but still I need a precision. If for example I have a one line title and a picture the size 640×480. If I understand you, it will stretch my image in order to make it fit the needed dimensions. But won’t my image be blurred in this case?


Yes it inevitably will. Approximately if you have a one line title you should use a 900×292 pixels image.

Thanks :)

Okay, I’m back with Raiden. After trying out dozens of themes, Raiden is still by far the (imo) best looking theme and actually very easy to work with.

Thanks mate! Reallly glad you are enjoying the theme :)