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Hi, This theme looks very nice. I have a few questions to help me decide. Can you have more than one top menus? Is it compatible with the WPML plugin? Is there another layout option for archive pages where you can display more posts without having to go to the next page? Thanks.



1. Yes

2. Not sure, never tested it but i believe it’s compatible since the theme is localized.

3. After purchase send us an email and we will see what we can do for you to achieve this.


nice theme :D

btw, can i change widget “Popular reviews with thumbnails” with “News post with thumbnail” ?


Not sure what you mean by this. Can you be a little bit more precise please.

I mean, in frontpage, below slideshow, Review list with thumbnails can be replaced with my last post with thumbnail.

sorry for my bad english.


Yes then you need login as admin and visit the frontage (fronted) and then by clicking on the blue button activate the live editing.

Once this is active your able to change these widgets to anything you want.

thank you, I just want to make sure before I buy :D

Hello, I saw where you commented on color changes can be made in css, I tried looking with Firebug where to change the black areas but could not locate.


Check comment below from @ogenox. Solution is there.

ogenox Purchased


Believe me, it could be changed. Everything could be changed. For banner area, look at <div class="top-area" /> and you will see:

.top-area { background: url("sprites/i/top-bar-strip.png") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #2F2F33; padding: 0; position: relative; z-index: 3; }

And change #2F2F33 to whatever color you like.


Thx for the help m8 ;)

before decide to go i have some question.

this theme looks like using buddy press (forum), is it right? if not, compatible with buddy press perfectly?




This theme is only using the BBPress forum plugin and not the buddy press plugin.

So BBPress is fully integrated inside the Ratius theme and not BuddyPress



I’m evaluating this theme for use on a magazine/news site and I have a few questions for which I could not find answers here or in videos:

  • do you have a full list of the widgets for the theme? e.g crumble-light widget listing
  • can news category listings widget be displayed with images? eg homepage you have a Mobile News column but no images. I am assuming these are created with a widget.</>
  • does the theme include a Facebook Like or Google+ button in the social icons for a blog post?

thanks and kind regards, Mark



1. here’s a list of widgets displayed in wordpress backend, stylings are all conform theme stylings. http://cl.ly/image/2h0c1V3H3G2h

2. You can add categories widgets with thumbnails or without, without excerpt or with, with ratings or without etc etc. Tons of options for the homepage widgets.

3. We have added http://www.addthis.com which is full customizable. If you need help with this then just register at our support forums or send us an email through our profile page and we will be more then happy to assist.


Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for making a great theme and your support is awesome!

You guys rock!


Thanks a lot for the kind words.


Incredible intelligent theme. got one error but maybe it’s me for doing something wrong. When I create a custom post I get this error at saving…....”“Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/businl/public_html/zqoopz.nl/wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 223

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/businl/public_html/zqoopz.nl/wp-includes/taxonomy.php:223) in /home/businl/public_html/zqoopz.nl/wp-content/themes/ratius/hades_framework/helper/custom_post_maker.php on line 148”“

how to solve this?




Hi, can you send this to help.wptitans@gmail.com and include your license file please for us.

Also add your ftp and admin credentials so we can check your set-up.

My Compliments ! By far the best and most intelligent theme I’ve purchased. Most value for money.


Oh, thank you very much for the kind comments and appreciation.

friends, I’m looking for a theme for a magazine type site and this is interesting. I tried to watch the videos to know, but the quality is not very good, I can not read the commands from the control panel. Had links with better quality? Thank you.


The videos are taken with high def recordings, maybe you need to enlarge your video screen en select HD inside the Vimeo section.


Question? One the the features is that the theme is localised. I use the wordpress codestyling localisation plugin but there’s no translation in Dutch. What am I missing?


The theme is localized so it means you can localize it. You can use the WPML plugin for it.


Or create your own language files with http://www.poedit.net

Uitleg hier http://hiranthi.nl/tutorials/poedit/

Ik zal eens kijken wat ik voor je kan doen om een Nederlands PO/MO bestand aan te maken. Kan alleen niet beloven wanneer.


Ok. I will create the language files myself because the site must be live at 1st of september.

Bedankt in ieder geval ;-)


Can I have full POST layout (no sidebar) on this theme?

Thank you


Yes this is possible.


really a sweet theme. But is it also possible to create a slider, which get his content by a categoy? I don’t want to add an article manually after I published a new article.

Thanks, Tim


We will have a look and see what we can do about this. For now you can safely purchase it as we will provide you the code to achieve this after purchase.

So after purchase send us an email through our profile page here on themeforest and we will guide you through. Include ftp and admin credentials when you send it.


Where do you change the preferences for the language. I’ve edited the PO file, but nothing changed.


Hi, inside this section you will find a small and very easy to understand guide about the way to ad po and mo files to this theme. Make sure you have translated your wordpress set-up. read throught he following list about the way to achieve this. It’s really easy, in some cases you can even download a copy of wordpress in your language.

Next you find the po and mo file of this theme inisde the lang folder inisde the root of the theme. Download these files and open the po file with Poedit. When you’ve opened the .po file you will see a screen like this.


Next thing you need to do is to translate all items until the last line. After that you need to save the file as both .po and .mo. Rename it the the po and mo files to your language code. For example when your dutch and you have set the translate option inside your config.php to define (‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’); then you need to rename your po and mo to nl_NL.po and nl_NL.mo

Now you’ve saved your po and mo you need to upload them to the root of the theme. Not inside the lang folder but in the root of the theme. If this doesn’t work then rename the lang folder to language and ad the files in there. Below you will find a few more useful links to get started with making the po and mo work.

Are Spanish and Italian language arleady supported?

Thanks Imbu


Nope, you need to translate it with poedit.

seadogjp Purchased

Having issues with this template….first i loooked at your videos and they were not very helpful just some music in the background.. So first question is How do I link the buttons of the sliders on the home page slider? Second the reviews are they linked to categories or review categories? I am totally lost in this template…....thank you


The homepage slider is manageable throughout the slider manager, there’s also a button label and button link input from where your able to add links.

Reviews belong to review categories, it’s a custom review post type with it’s own review categories.

Not only watch the video, there’s a well explained written documentation attached which covers all elements.


I can’t rate any review. The backend is showing a strange “Array” text value, see here for a screenshot.

The same with the slideshow on the homepage. When I click on “read more” button, I get redirected to the following page: http://helmentest.nl/Array


Hoi Erik,

Dit komt omdat de review categorieën dezelfde benamingen hebben als de normale categorieën.

Probeer het volgende eens.

Vervang de stijl in style.css op regel 342 met de onderstaande

li.current_page_item, #menu > li.current-menu-ancestor {
color: #fff;

En voeg dit toe aan style.css

#menu-bar-wrapper #menu-bar ul.sub-menu li.current-menu-item {
color: #0997F3;

Bedankt voor de snelle reactie :), helaas heeft het niet geholpen…

Waarschijnlijk omdat beide menu-items dezelfde classes bevatten?


Erik, stuur even een mailtje via onze profiel pagina hier op themeforest en voeg ftp en admin gegevens toe. Dan kijkt onze support staf het even na voor je.

Communiceer in het engels AUB als je de mail stuurt.

Am I allowed to change this theme however I want if I purchase it? Do you have an HTML version for sale?


No html, and yes you can do whatever you want with it. Only not make it available for resale anywhere.

Client work is allowed though ;)