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I have noticed that (on the demo) if you want to rate an item and give it points by clicking, always 4 dots are logged in and turn blue, no matter how many you choose. If you click again, a circular loading animation appears and never stops after that.


Okay, we need to look in that. When it’s a bug we update the theme and release it asap

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Hi, nice work!

But the slide don’t work in my site.

How change the font color in home page?


For the slide to work properly you need to check if the persmissions of the cache folder and the timthumb.pgp file are set to 777.

Font colors can be changed through css.


I have a problem with the social buttons on the category pages, they are not pulling data on the number of facebook likes. For example, here is a post with 6 facebook likes (shows 6 likes on the post):


You will see this post listed on the following category page:


On there it shows ‘0’ facebook likes. Please tell me how to fix this error so that it shows 6 on the category page also.


Hi, this is not an error. Your confused about the like usage i think.

http://bestdocumentary.org/the-last-lioness-hd/ the 6 likes you see here are not Facebook likes but the are ratius post likes which are a theme function and don’t connect to an outside media.

I just shared your “The Last Lioness HD” on Facebook and it counts just fine. Inside the category page i’ve liked the post.

So you have a Facebook share button inside the post and a Like button inside the category. Both have two different functions.

No, that is not right. I clearly have a facebook like button to the left side of my video embed. Yes I do have 6 ratius post likes, I am specifically referring to my use of a facebook like button on my post pages.

My facebook like button on every single one of my post pages (which can be found to the left of every single one my posts DOES count facebook likes. The facebook like box on the category pages only counts those which are liked via the category page.

My facebook like button on the post page now shows 7 likes, because you liked it via the category page. On my ‘animals’ category it now shows 1 like, it does not count the other 6 likes that I have had via the post.

Can you seriously not see the big facebook like button to the left side of every single post? I mean, it’s pretty big? Please look again.


Hi No need to get frustrated here. We’re here to help.

We’ve seen the big button but we don’t see 6 likes. No where. not in the front and not anywhere.

So it’s hard for us to compare and locate the issue when we can’t see the LIKES . Not buttons, the likes was what i was referring to.


I only see this: http://cl.ly/image/432L1h0U0C37 and thats nothing. Please do this.

Send us ftp and admin credentials through our profile page so we can have a look for you.

Hello,where I can Ad blocks,Banner and other advertising in the Hompage intregate. I find no free variable parameter in the Page.

Kind regards


Hello,they have understood me seems wrong. I would like to know before I buy the Theme,where there the banners ads and other advertising can be integrated. Also, I would still like to know if I the Navigation and Header in different colors can make and can be in the header insert a pictor or other thing.

Would be really nice of them if they give me the information bevor I buy the Theme.For the time I have three themes to selection.

Kind Regards Mr Testie



Okay, sorry for the misunderstanding here :D

Sure anything is possible with this theme, ads are available in the header and sidebar

Navigation and header are also easy to change. If you need help doing this then simply shoot us an email and we will guide you through.


Thats,s great,if they so one support have. Am now a customer ;-D

Best Regards

Are the categories on the reviews editable? ie Price, Performance, Ergonomics, Mobility etc?

NVM found it.

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Hello,I have buy the Theme Ratius. Now I have a problem. After unzip the Theme Datie und upload to my Wordpress Page,says Wordpress that a Stylesheet missing. Can you help me there?


When you unzip it you need to open the folder “ratius-open-this” as mentioned in the folder name.

Then you can either upload the zip or add the folder through ftp. Thats up to you.

Firstly, Thanks for your hard work!!

    When the notice feature is turned on my pages load and scroll down to the footer, can you fix this? (I’ve turned my notice feature off because of this)

    I would like the editor reviews to be turned off and not calculated in the total review. I just want my visitors to share their experiential review. Can you guys give me the ability to allow only my visitors to rate my content?

    When I activate my home page for editing it automatically resets my single post widgets. So every time I want to make a simple adjustment I have to redo each single post completely.

    Is there a way to add more tags to my reviews? I’d like for example to distinguish different resources that I am reviewing not only by category but also if it is a blog, podcast, course, or video. So that I can organize and find content by selecting for example: Guitar, youtube. Instead of just Guitar.

    Being a review theme I would think that the ability to sort through reviews by their rating and popularity would be imperative? When I am on the archives page of a review category not only can I not sort all of those reviews in any useful manner, there isn’t really any pagination. Will there be a sorting feature in the future?

    On a review page I have my “Summary Area” turned off. When it’s turned off I have this huge waste of space that is just sitting there. Is there a way to have my actual content sit in this space? So that everything is condensed?

Hi, this is quite a list you have there my friend.

Can you do us a favor and send this through the little form inside our themeforest profile page. Include ftp and admin credentials and we will fix the things which are bugs and will charge extra work for the parts which we think are custom requests.



I sent an email as you requested on 12/2. I haven’t received any update? How long should I wait for you guys to get back to me?


Okay, i need to discuss this with my partner to find out what happened. However it’s weekend and therefore only able to provide you a descent answer on Monday.

Sorry for this.

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This is a great template, I have to say and I am very excited to work with it. I have a few things to ask/comment about:

1. I second Masterash 19’s comment about allowing only site visitors to rate the comment. If there is a way to do this, please let me know.

2. I am using my reviews for services rather than products so instead of having the ability to rate (as it has in your example): price, performance, ergonomics and mobility, I am changing those titles to something else such as: ease of access, follow up service, online and in person, and reduce the boxes next to it to one so I can use it sort of as a tick box instead of a rating. Is there a way to remove the extra 4 boxes that I will not be using?

3. I see that someone has previously commented on the visitor “add your vote” section where it only shows 4 dots, turns blue and then when clicked again continually loads without stopping. When it does this, I noticed I had to close my browser because it seemed to freeze up the admin area (I think it was from memory) perhaps waiting for the ratings to load. Just thought this might help to tell you.

I appreciate the hard work you must be doing on this and look forward to the updates. Thanks for any help you can give me with these issues.


Hi, thanks for enjoying our product.

1. We’re looking in to this and will provide a update once we discovered how to achieve this.

2. Not really sure which boxes your referring to. Can you take a snap and show it to me.

3. Okay, noted and we’re looking in to this as well, seems a bug with the ajax ratings/votings all of a sudden.

Thanks m8, appreciated.

we need this theme but can’t buy


Why not?

sir we don’t have online money system i am from Pakistan please sir can u help me ?? or have any other way for git it ??

sir i am student have any discount please ??

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Hi, I just upgraded to WP 3.5, now I am unable to add posts etc. Any update for your theme?


Why do you update without asking us first if the theme is compatible first?

We will update and make all our themes compatible with 3.5 and then we will announce this. Then you can update, not sooner.

Good thing I read the post above! Almost updated, but didn’t :D….

I will be sending you an email shortly. I have a modified version of your theme and I can’t exactly upgrade with ease.


Sure, send it through the appropriate channels and we will see what we can do to assist you with it.

I have a very simple request. The only missing feature for me is the inability to deselect the specified categories from the widget area on the front page. There is an option to select few categories but no way of deselecting some of them. This could be something like: one click – chose this category, double click – do not include this category. I’m preparing my modified version of this theme for live launch, but I’ve still not figured out a way to implement this feature.

Anyway, is 3.5 compatible version much different than current 1.5 ? Thanks for this great theme.

Ratius is checked and wordpress 3.5 approved by wptitans. If you still encounter any errors after the switching to 3.5 then check your plugins compatibly


Bought this theme just now, the theme wont install on wordpress 3.5. I have added the theme via FTP and Upload and when installed, you click activate and it caused wordpress to display a 500 error and crash front end and backend. What is the problem?



Did you unzip the package you downloaded from themeforest. The actual theme and documentation is inside the zip. Read the documentation to proceed.


Yes i unzipped and uploaded correctly. I have read the documentation and followed all the steps. I click “Themes” click “Activate” and then wordpress crashes. I am good with wordpress, I cant understand why it is doing it.



Okay, thats indeed strange. Please send us ftp and admin credentials so we can have a look for you to find out what’s wrong