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We have some problems with the theme. We are in a hurry because the theme is used for one of our clients:

First, under portfolio section, when we add new items, although the thumbnail is seen in the slider, when clicked to full photo is not displayed. We can see it when we close and re-open that page.

When “Show next of items” are clicked the other entries are not loaded. The other entries are loaded only when we open it in new tab.

Since we have many items, we need paging, so we have to use either “show next of items” or “next page”


I answered your email yesterday.

Please download the latest version (Rawa 1.5.1) on themeforest. The image loading should be solved in this version.

Pagination: Since wordpress 3.4 the loading pagination is not possible anymore (wordpress bug). Rawa uses therefore the standard pagination since the verison 1.5

This theme looks and feels amazing !!

Since the page loads are done via ajax, the pageviews won’t be counted in Google Analytics, right ?

Can I track the ajax requests, so I have an idea of how many pages are being opened ?



when you’re using google analytics, each page view is tracked. even with the ajax pageloading.

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I’m testing this theme for a blog I already run, that has many posts and categories. However, the category filters aren’t working (they all link to the root), posts aren’t being loaded, and the footer isn’t being loaded.

This is where I’ve installed it: http://caligraffiti.com.br/caligraffiti30/ (Don’t mind the 404 thumbnails, the content is just placeholder).

Wordpress is up-to-date, and all plugins are disabled.


Can you sennd me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

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The page is not loading any images http://rivelino.com.mx/bitacora/

I just see the twentyeleven theme. I just uploaded a updated version with a minor bugfix for the loader. Please download the latest version.

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Forget it, I had to change the template because this version (1.5.1) has a lot of errors: Doesn’t work in iPad1 (3G) and is not totally compatible with the latest version of WP, thanks anyway.


I’m very sorry for this. The theme should becompatible with tha latest WP. What problems/error did you face?

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Very cool theme. Is there a way I can link one of the top menu items to a portfolio page? Can’t seem to se it.



The portfolio is the startpage. (index) You can link any menu item to a link you want using ‘externlink’ for the title attribute. Please read the documantation for this.

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Great theme, thank you!!! Really comfortable backend and gorgeous interface. :)


Thank you very much

Hi there, I’v send you a mail Just now. Please help! Thanks :)

Hi I need help with activating the contact form on the blog please!

Thanks for the mail, let me try!

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Hi, Unlike your sample page, I cannot see a message ‘your comment has been added….’ when I submit comment. How can I make it to be shown? Thanks.

Hi, beautiful theme, simple layout & easy to navigate. I’m having issues with the portfolio though. I read some of the comments and I have installed the latest theme (1.5.1) but the portfolio is still not loading correctly. web address is barnabashelmy.com

I figured out the problem with the portfolio images. I just updated the permalinks and it seems to be working okay now.

Hey, thanks for the nice Theme, I am using it for quite a while now. I’ve got a Question: Does the Passwordprotection for Articles work with this Theme? If I protect a Post with a password, I cannot see it even though I enter the right password. I’m just dropping to the main-page.

Another Question: Is it possible to activate a filter from the beginning, so that not all posts are shown on the home page?

here is the link to my page: http://www.lichtbildmanufaktur.tk/ password to the test-article is 1337



there is indeed a problem with the password protection. I will take a look at this.

Unfortunately there is now possibility to start with a filtered option.

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Sorry but I don’t know how and where activate the contact form.

I don’t find it


Just want to ask if there is any chance to get all categories listed at the filter menu and use (even old style) pagination? I need this so bad for my client.

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Really nice theme! However I had an issue by coincidence, it’s not really a bug but just the way you made things work.

I created a category with the name Social Media and assigned a post to it. When you repeat this, look at the home page. The entry post you just created is broken. The “featured image” is very small and the category filter for “Social Media” ‘ll show nothing.

I went debugging and found out that the code is stripping of white spaces and a couple of symbols and then assigns this to a div called “masonry_item”. So for Social Media this would become socialmedia as CSS class. That class already exists for the icons on the top of the page which is obviously the reason why the layout and filtering system brakes.

I changed it by modifying lines 102 and 139 so that it replaces white spaces and those symbols with a ”-”.

$category = str_replace($replace, "-", $category);

This eliminates chances by 99.99% that you ‘ll see the problem again. I checked the CSS stylesheet and some CSS classes using a ”-” in the name but chances are smaller that a user is going to create a category with the name “Entry Title”, “Entry-Info” and so on. But for “social media”, that’s another story….

You also could think about making your CSS -styleshet more consistent by make a choice of using a ”-” or ”_” in the name. Now you have a mix of both. However you did a very nice job!


Thanks for the hint ;)

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I install the Theme and don’t work correctly. The Theme Options show me this errors:

The requested URL /wp-admin/general was not found on this server. The requested URL /wp-admin/styling was not found on this server. The requested URL /wp-admin/background was not found on this server. The requested URL /wp-admin/social was not found on this server.

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I’ve some problem to setup contact form, when i click on shortcode button (insert colums, plus) in display editor, it opens a window with “Internal server errors” i dont see other green buttons to add form field etc. ive 777 permission on all rawa files. Any ideas?


Change the folders to 755 and files to 644.


I need to install a facebook comments plugin. I had installed a lot of plugins trying to allow facebook comments instead of the built-in comment system of the theme. Do you know what could be happening?

Thanks for such a wonderful theme BTW ! :)

Hi Spab,

I love your theme but I have a couple of issues with it.

1) I need a Page from the menu to be the homepage. how can I achieve that?

2) I have followed the instructions on how to add items to the filter menu but no luck. The categories don’t appear in the filter menu nor the new post/portfolio item. I have tried creating a post first, then a category. Then I have added the post to the category but it won’t show..! (Dinamic menu). I have also created a post, then categories and then manually created the filter menu going into the Menus section and following the instructions on the documentation but it won’t work either. How can I solve this issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!