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This is a fantastic theme. I love how unique it is. Themes are starting to look very similar these days, but Ray Of Light has some really unique design elements.

I love it! Good luck with sales!


Thanks! :)

Absolutely perfect. That awesome banner combined with the smooth background noise looks great!

Another good one from you guys! Good luck with sales ;)


Thanks, we appreciate it.

Woooo hooo! Finally, just what I needed for a website I’ve owned for the longest time but never had any idea what to do with it :) Bookmarked and will be back to purchase!


Glad to hear it :)

Ace47 Purchased

Glod bless you Orange-Themes Team this is just what I needed for client for months.

I will be your first buyer, thank you very much for coming out with this fantastic theme.

I hope it works as good as it looks out of the box.

Execellent Job ! :)


Thank you for your kind words!

Hi, we have just purchased this item, but i am not being able to set up the slides. The custom fields are not appearing. Any idea?



Hi, sorry we reply only them who have purchase icon here.

Is it possible to have the slider in the demo on top of the blog entries?


On opened article?

kiwii Purchased

“Hi, we have just purchased this item, but i am not being able to set up the slides. The custom fields are not appearing. Any idea?”

The same, I purchased it, and the custom flieds doesnt apper, I think your theme disables them.




On top of the wp-admin page, right side. There is ” Screen Options”, there you can enable it ;)

rinnecco Purchased

Hello, I am not being able to set up the front page slider. It is all configured in the Theme Management. I have already activated the slider, defined the category, filled the custom fields in the post: “big_image” and “slider”. I have even added the image as Featured Image, and inserted the image in the post body.

However, in the slider, i can see the title, but the image never shows up.




maybe some plugin is blocking it? You can send to our mail wp-admin access so we can take a look at it.

Any way to have the menu and headings support special characters like á ó ð and þ?

Great theme by the way.


Hi, the georgia font doesn’t support this symbols. You can try to remove the Cufon.replace from header.php, maybe it will help you.


Thanks, that did the trick. I can live without the the cufon font.

I do have the same problem as someone above with the single image in the homepage slider. It doesn’t show up, any thoughts on that?

I’m interested in purchasing this template for a historical site I’m building. Is it possible to easily remove the religious imagery such as the rosary beads and the crucifixes to suite my purpose? Also, would I be able to replace the cloud header with my own image? Thanks in advance for your help, the theme looks amazing I really hope to use it!


I was able to remove the line of code specified in the footer.php but I wasn’t able to find any line of code in the homepage-template.php that contained “rosary”. Would you happen to know the line number or could it possibly be something else to remove the rosary beads from the slider?


Solved my Rosary problem by just removing the image from the folder.. New question:

Is it possible to change the color of all buttons from blue to orange? Also, is it possible to have a site title but not have it display in the header?



to remove the rosary, open template-homepage.php and remove this line <span class="rosary">&nbsp;</span>. Yes it’s possible to change the buttons color, you will need to edit the button image. If I understood you correctly, then yes, you will need to edit header.php file.

Excellent! Would you happen to know the line numbers I need to edit so as to make the site title not appear in the header? Also, the line numbers to change the rollover color for the menu would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks again for the support, and the superior theme!


Hi, 1. If you would like to remove the title in header, you need to upload a image. ;) Or you can open top.php and remove this line

?><h1><a href="<?php echo bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php echo bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>
<?php }

2. If I understood you correctly you need to edit style.css file.

Hey guys. e truly love your theme! We are havng a small issue. If you could go to, http://www.stpaulumc.org/ministries/ to see what I am talking about. Need your assistance.

Thanks and GOD Bless.


Hi, if you mean the images, then you need to create a no-image file. There is no http://www.stpaulumc.org/wp-content/themes/rayoflight/images/no-image-280×180.jpg. In default there are only no-image-50×50.jpg,no-image-55×55.jpg,no-image-130×130.jpg,no-image-140×140.jpg,no-image-587×235.jpg,no-image-900×350.jpg

nickpc Purchased

Hi there – love the theme as well, is there anyway we can insert PHP code into the four info text blocks on the Homepage?


Hi, you’ll need to edit template-homepage.php file.

nickpc Purchased

I can’t seem to find the proper location in the template-homepage.php file – could you provide me with a line number? Thank you!


From 101 till 172

What is the simplest way to change all the buttons from blue to orange?


The simplest way is editing the button image ;)

Hi! I so much like the templates, it’s very appropriate that I need, I bought it yesterday, but I have problem.du can see here. http://www.mzgeni.com/

can you help me?
Thank you!

Hi, looks like you have turned all around. Sorry, but the theme doesn’t support that.

Hi we have some issues we cant pout the Our mision, Believe or more than icons in midle and we have sidebar in the home page u know how we can fix that our page is www.cristoestavivo.com

and we are unable to make the journal can u help us is the second theme i buy for u and u have a great themes


Hi, 1. Looks like it’s okay now 2. What problems do you have with journal?

yes i have problem with the Journal we cant find the “blog themple” can u do this for us i send a mail from inc.moresa@gmail.com


Can you send to our email access to your wp-admin? ;)

give me ur mail please how i will send u a mail if u dont give me ur mail

ok i send a mail with details about that

Wow this guy dont wanna Fix the theme CUZ im using the theme for my CHURCH i dont use in other blogs on in others domains just in one… i buy this license for use in the blog of my church like my pastor buy it but him dont know how use this.

thats why i make it form him and now this GUY telll me they cant cuz i buy the theme for other person….

OK FIX for him we ARE NOT USING this theme in other domains on in other blogs or web….

U just dont wanna help.

if u dont go to help us please give our money back and please take ur theme back