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Hi, I am a novice wordpress user who cannot build forms using complex frameworks. I am looking for a buddy press theme where I can configure using just drag and drop type like typical wp configuration. Please let me know whether this theme does that? Please let me know what level of support will you provide to setup the theme? Is theme update available for lifetime for free or how is it?

The community functionality you see on the Razor demo website is added by the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins. These are free plugins so you can install them with any theme and check out if they contain the functionality you require:

BuddyPress: bbPress:

What’s included in theme support is summarised here:

The full Item Support Policy is here:

Once you purchase a theme you get free updates for life.

I know that the buddy press and bbpress is a free plugin. My questioin here is you are providing UI for the same. How easy is to configure?

The Razor theme neither adds nor removes any backend functionality to BuddyPress or bbPress. So if you install those plugins with a default WordPress theme the backend functionality will be exactly the same as the backend functionality in Razor. If you need help setting up and configuring those plugins, both have dedicated support forums.

I am looking for an integrated Environment related website with a theme like Razor to build communities around environment related issues. For example Eco-Nature theme ( and Razor. Idea is to invite people and their friends to discuss ecology and environment issues. Can you do it?

Razor is just a theme, i.e. it changes the appearance of your web pages, it doesn’t have any inbuilt functionality. On our demo website the functionality demonstrated in the “Community” menu is added by two plugins – BuddyPress and bbPress. These are both free plugins and they work the same way with whatever theme you happen to be using, so you can install them with a free theme if you like and check whether they provide the functionality for which you are looking.

BuddyPress: bbPress: https://bbpress.opr/

Does this theme have the ability for a member to download content after signing up for membership, like a thank you page? Can Docusign or another plug in be integrated?

The Razor theme doesn’t have any functionality as such, all functionality is provided by WordPress and whatever plugins you install. The community functIonality you see on the demo website is added by the BuddyPress plugin.

I don’t know if there is a Docusign plugin for WordPress. You could try searching the internet for “docusign wordpress plugin” and similar, that might turn up something?