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Great theme. Really liked the look of it, so purchased it straight away.

It should be mentioned that it cannot be edited in Dreamweaver. I usually don’t have to look at the support forums – but I’ve only just seen that you recommend not using it. Just letting anyone else who’s interested in this.

I really like this theme and looked forward to using it. But because I’m not a pro webdesigner, and only get by with templates edited on Dreamweaver – it is tough to use. And things seem to be locked from editing. Even editing the html code on Dreamweaver can’t be done.

Sure it’s not a purchase that doesn’t break the bank, but it feels like a waste that I can’t use such a great theme. I do really like the work you’ve done here.

A moment afterwards – I actually found something that might be a work-around. I will test this way, and see how it goes. Basically clicking “Clean up HTML > Dreamweaver Special Markup” to unlock it. I’ll be safe to not mess up the code. Does seem to be working fine.

Okay great – thank you very much for your help. I’ll come to the support forum. Was just testing that way to see how it goes. Just signed-up.

Thanks – just sent a message on the support forum. It’s about the MP3.

Anyone know why MP3 doesn’t load up? Tried a few ways, including uploading to hosting – but doesn’t load up. On Dreamweaver preview it works fine – just doesn’t work online. Tried contacting support, but could not find a solution to the problem

My site is: http://www.johnmayerpaperdoll.com – the MP3 player is the last article at the bottom where it says “Preview”. I’ve had to put an external link in the meantime.

Considering the Wordpress version – but need to see how good this is first.

We have used mp3 file in the demo site and it is working. Please check the demo, it has a relative link in the same directory.

I love the simplicity of this theme. Purchased for my personal website :)


I’ve asked this on the forum but haven’t got any response, so thought of leaving a message here as well. How do I make the post date / posted in category / author name visible on the blog masonry page? I could see it’s there in the code but it doesn’t show up in the browser.

Question added! :impatient:

In what program should I edit this theme to my needs? I’d like to use it as a landing page for http://www.osteopaat-amsterdam.net but before I buy I’d like to know if I am able to do this.

Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking?

I am sorry my question wasn’t really clear. Let’s put it simple: Do I need a html editor to edit this theme?

How do I activate the contact form and search box? I’ve put my email address in contact.html file, but after hitting the send button it doesn’t seem to work. Also, nothing happens when i put a value in the search box.

I’m very new to this, so I’m probably missing something!

oops sorry!

added question at the forum

Can I use a Mailchimp subscribe box in the header?

Hi PixelWars,

Is the Form Elements page, functional? How can i use my email to send the form elements user input details to myself?


I’d like to know ho specify path to gallery images folder, if I replaced it. Thanx

There’s high chances I buy this but I have a question. Will this work for Blogger ?

Hi, this is just a static html template, not a blogger theme.

I have a problem with this theme In chrome disappear menu and all text in the page

if I delete jquery.fitvids.js, text and menu come back and work correct but gallery and fancybox don’t work

how can i fix it?


I post in the support. Please respond. Tks


I purchases this beautiful minimalistic template for my website (www.prideparrot.com). I observe that the font-size of the paragraphs in the single post page is higher than the other pages. Is this done purposefully or a mistake?

Hi, we made it on purpose in order to improve readability on blog single pages. You have a good blog by the way.

Is this good for the SEO?

Yes, it is.

Hi, lightbox area “image inline-lightbox” on shortcodes page doesn’t render correctly in firefox 33.1- boxes are large and overlap. I checked forum.

Never mind- corrected the issue by changing the main.css from display: inline-block; to display: inline;

Ok. Good luck.

Hi pixelwars. I bought your item and I’m glad did so. Really nice and for my purpose the best I could find. One, maybe stupid, question : is there any way to include a functionally comment system without database ? And I don’t talk about services which have to be paid like Disqus.

Thanks Peter

Hi, sorry i don’t know of any.

Anybody home at your support forum ?

Hi, just replied in your topic, sorry for the delay.