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the twitter widget does not seem to be working properly on our site any thoughts?



Send us an email with your specifics and we’ll see if we can’t help. themes@designspike.ca

kitliz Purchased

Has anyone else experienced an issue with this theme in IE 7 & 8? The slideshow doesn’t work and the tabs show up funky on the right side.

IE is giving me Invalid Argument errors on the java script in the theme (pngfix.js and jquery-1.3.2min.js)


One cause of this is sticking the <!-more-> tag in the middle of a paragraph. If you’re sure you haven’t done that, we’d be willing to work with you to find the root of the problem.

We’ve tested the theme in all major browsers (including IE7 and IE8 ), but you can’t always predict how things will work in real world. ;) Feel free to shoot us an email at themes@designspike.ca if you run into problems using this theme.

We are having trouble getting the Flickr images to appear on our site. Other than that, everything seems to work great!

Any help would be awesome.

GSG Purchased

I downloaded your theme and I am getting an error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function automatic_feed_links() in functions.php on line 431

I have uninstalled and reinstalled this theme, I am not sure what is wrong with the functions.php I would appreciate some assistance.



Can you forward your details to themes@designspike.ca I believe I have a fix for you.

pilotjoe Purchased

I’m having an issue – just pruchased and installed this theme – I get the following error when I activate the theme:

fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/mediajoe/public_html/lisaearlwilson.com/wp-content/themes/realestate/header.php on line 59

I’m running wordpress 2.8.5 if that helps

gcole_5 Purchased

There is an error in featureslider.php where the url is referencing theme.php instead of admin.php (2 instances). This causes the ‘You do not have proper permissions…’ error when you try to save the featured item options in admin. Also, still getting multiple javascript errors in IE7 . When will these get addressed, please???

GSG Purchased

It’s been almost a week…..are you there??? I need to know why I have this error and I am nervous about the other errors I see popping up for other people.

gcole_5 Purchased

It appears that the IE7 javascript errors are being caused by the Twitter script. They show on secondary pages and state that the attribute ‘title’ defined in that function is not a valid object. This script should only be executed on the home page. The error displays on the homepage if you do not enter a Twitter id value.

I was getting the fatal error on my homepage and found it was caused by not having a category defined for one of the admin options – so make sure you have entered data for all admin items. I also had to change my permalink structure to custom ’/ category / postname /’ in order to sort an issue with the contact form validation.

I still can’t get timthumb to function and generate images…

No idea what would cause the automatic_feed_links() error – that function is defined in functions.php – perhaps you are getting a plug-in conflict? Try deactivating other plug-ins one at a time (I know – pain in the rear) to see if the error goes away.

Better support/documentation would be a welcome addition for this great looking theme. Sad that it appears to be working fine on the demo site, but the files you get with the download are not functioning the same…

GSG Purchased

Thanks gcole_5 but there aren’t any plugins activated on this site….total clean slate

Sorry, haven’t been keeping up with the comments on this page. If you need technical support, please contact us via our profile page or send an email to themes@designspike.ca

gcole_5 Purchased

Big THANK YOU to Design Spike.

Worked with me to fix all of the issues I was having and the theme is working great now.

NOTE : If TimThumb isn’t working for you, you may need your hosting company to update mod_security settings and ‘whitelist’ this script. I am using HostGator and that was the case.

NBG1906 Purchased

Anyword on when the HTML version will be out? (Sorry if I missed it already.)

Nice theme, however if I remove the twitter widget, it breaks the home tabs. Please advise a fix for this.


Were you able to get this working? Send us an email if you need assistance.

NBG1906 Purchased

Great theme. I bought it a few months ago and I’m almost done customizing it to fit my needs. I’m a CF developer so I made my own admin/content mgt functions.

But I have one personal request: Can I get a copy of the raw photoshop png’s for the “Sold”/”Rented” images on the corners of smaller homes on the main page? I want to edit them to say something other than what they do now.

Thanks, Mike


Send an email to themes@designspike.ca and we’ll hook you up.

NBG1906 Purchased

Is it me or has the Twitter feed stopped working? It was working on my site but had stopped and I figured it was just something I had broken. But I don’t see a Twitter feed on your demo site either now.


Still works on the demo, we just hadn’t posted anything in awhile. The widget relies on Twitter’s search API so if you show up in the Twitter search results, the widget should work (some people have trouble getting their tweets to show up in search).

Great theme.

However, no matter what I try I can’t get it to show any images on the home page, including the slider, on my main hosts server.

As a web designer I also use a free hosting service to test and trial web sites and it works perfectly on there.

I have contacted my hosting company and got them to check the mod_security settings and/or ‘whitelist’ the TimThumb script and all is okay there.

I have uninstalled the theme and then re-installed it more than once. I’ve deactivated all plugins and re-tested it – no joy!

I’m at a loss as to what the problem is – bound to be something really simple – but I’m stumped.

Here are the urls:

The one that doesn’t work: www,getthewow.co.uk

The one that does: www.web-design-trial.isgreat.org

Any help on this would be most appreciated as it has now turned my grey hair white!!!!



Decided to remove wordpress from the server and re-install fresh copy and this appears to have solved the problem.

Fingers crossed it stays that way!



Glad you got it working. Were you able to find out exactly what the issue was?

wklang Purchased

I recently purchased this template and we think it’s going to work great for us. You mentioned somewhere that you had a file with some filler content and I am interested in that if you still have it.

Please email me – wklang@gmail.com

We are using your Real Estate theme and don’t use Flickr. When we try to remove the Flickr code in index.php, the tabs break in the right hand sidebar. If we try to remove the entire footer section, the same thing happens. What is the best way to either change out the footer widgets without breaking the tabbed homepage sidebar? If this is not possible, we would prefer to remove the entire footer section.

Please advise.


Hope you got this working. We’ll have to add this to the help doc to make it a bit easier for people to do this.

raffav Purchased

hi there,

there is a way to start the slideshow only when a button is clicked or a way for button only click to slide?


The theme uses the jFlow jQuery plugin. There are lots of options with it, but I’m not sure if those are supported. You may need to dig into the plugin documentation and theme source code to make the slideshow work like that.

As always, we’re available to hire for customization. Send us an email at themes@designspike.ca and we’ll provide a formal estimate for creating this functionality.