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raffav Purchased

unfortunately the website of plugin is down, however i think the options should be in the theme documentation;

busstech Purchased

Thanks for this great theme! One question though. How do i customize the banners on the left column? I wnt to remove the default themeforest ones with my own ones.


We’re working on an update to make this easier. Currently you need to jump into the code. The images are 120×90px and are at lines 15-18 of sidebar.php

pkshappy Purchased

Hi, great theme but is there a way i can hide or get rid of the twitter/flickr fields? thanks,


This a popular request and something we’re working on making a bit easier.

To remove the footer, you’ll need to edit a couple files:

  • Open up index.php and remove lines 314-334 (make sure you get all the div tags)
  • Open header.php and remove lines 27-30

Wheres the link to see the admin part? if thats a silly question I’m sorry I’m VERY green at wordpress.

ClickCI Purchased

Has anybody tried any sidebar widgets sucessfully? Also, since many of the actions appear to be JQuery based, has anyone successfully installed an ISU (Instant Slide Up)/footer slider? If so, any recommendations? Thanks!

ClickCI Purchased

I attempted to merge these 4 images to 1 of my own custom image (240×180) & while it worked in Firefox & Chrome, for some reason, IE is only showing 1/2 of the image-Any idears? I have poured over the stylesheet looking for some hints, however, I have been unsuccessful. Is this a known issue? Has this been addressed by the 1.6 revision?


Send us an email at themes@designspike.ca with the URL of your site.


Can this template support special characters like “ñáóúéíÑÁÓÚÉÍ”

thanks in advance,



The demo is running WordPress 2.9.2.

I’ve added your extended characters to a sample post and they seem to come out fine in IE8 , Firefox and Safari. Here’s the sample post:


Hi there, great theme. Can the Jcycle image slider be changed to a fade rather than a slider transition? If not you think iit’ll be difficult to install a new pluggin into this module so it fades? Thanks for the response..

jarroda Purchased

Hello, I’d like to know how to remove the sidebar only for a specific page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love the theme BTW .

jarroda Purchased

Also, please specify the new class in order to make the page full width of the new template page. I’m not quite sure what div class needs to be changed in order to make it full page width. Thanks

jarroda Purchased

I’ve figured out the above questions.

proweb Purchased

the installation was ok.. but for one reason i cannot take out using my control panel of wordprees the logos of flashden, theme river ,, etc they are 4 logos on the top left side,, they are supposed to be ads that i can replace them for others from my control panel , but i cannot, How can i do that or … what i am doing wrong..


The most recent versions of the theme have an Ad Manager. If you don’t have it, you can download it from ThemeForest.

The Ad Manager is the 8th link under Theme Editor on your WordPress admin menu (left hand side). The address relative to your base URL should be /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ads.php

Hope that helps.

Very nice theme. I am surprised that you havent implemented someting like lightbox or anything of same kind for viewing images. Is it hard to implement them by my self? or you might do it in next version? if you can help me with it i will buy it…

hi, i have purchased your theme, since about 5 months ago…

I have been waiting for some upgrades and improves like:

multiple images: With all your great themes – one thing they all miss is image gallery or multiple image upload – at least i thought that would have been included by default – I mean no Realtor ever shows one image of a property it has to be multiple images. (so are you going to fix this or give code update here on how to fix it?).

Some of the links on your demo dont work like the two page excerpts right next to the image rotator _i think it uses page IDs and not permanent links…

The sold, rented, reduced etc tags are not showing up on the image rotator – i remembered in my version this was working fine- now in this version it dont work.

Lastly have you ever considered adding calculators to new or existing themes?

Infact can i contract you to make those changes for me – i am sure at least multiple image upload for listings would benefit all of us – the others i can pay you privately..

thanks a million


We’re open to all requests. Some of these we’ve had before, some we haven’t.

Multiple Images: NextGen Gallery does an excellent job handling multiple images, so we recommend people use that plugin

Non-Working links on demo: Never noticed that, should be fixed now. They were pointing to non-existant pages.

Sold, Rented, etc on image rotator: Seems like a good idea. Nobody has requested this before. We’ll look at adding it in the future.

Calculators: Also a reasonable idea. I can’t imagine this would be a huge amount of work, but we’ll look into it.

If you’d like to hire us to make those changes, send me an email at themes@designspike.ca

opps one last thing – -

what about providing a Dummy content export of your demo – so new purchasers can use that file and import it into their theme as to provide a guide for moving forward with their development – it would be very helpful – please do consider it ok.



We’ve been providing this to anyone who asks. We could probably post it somewhere if there’s a lot of demand.

ok, can you give me a link to it please – you could also maybe include it in the archive download for future updates and purchasers..


netdome Purchased

Theme start working with bugs, when you install Contact Form 7 on it. It is really strange. Tubs and sliding images stop working :? How do we fix it?


Most likely cause is a JavaScript error. Send me your URL with one of the contact forms enabled to themes@designspike.ca and I can try and track down the error.

netdome Purchased

I could figur it out on my own. There is a solution on the Contact 7 website. All you have to do is turn off java code for contact Form 7 on all pages and include it only on 1 page :)

leon2007 Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme last week and it looks good so far. I wanted to know how to disable the default feature slider because it doesn’t give me any option to customize and add random posts to the slider. I have installed a plugin called “Feautured content gallery” but as soon as I activate it the theme gets messed up. Please help.


You could just add the posts you want on the feature slider to a featured category and assign that to the slider. Take a look at the help file on how to do that.

If you mean completely random posts from your archive, the slider won’t do that without some modification.

Tearing out the slider isn’t terribly difficult, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone without a lot of experience with PHP , JS, and WordPress.

We can provide an estimate for both options if you’d like.

I bought the theme, uploaded it to wordpress, but am having some glitches right off the bat.


the navigation menu at the top isnt right, along with the upper left clip art of the hand with the keys

please advise.




There’s something not right there for sure. Have you made any modifications to the theme to get the MLS stuff in there? Send an email to themes@designspike.ca with your login info and we can take a closer look.

leon2007 Purchased

Hi Cody,

Is Flexible Lightbox compatible with this theme?

Kind Regards, Leon