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Are new users who submit a property able to be emailed directly via the Contact Agent button at the bottom of the listing page without our admin creating an Agent form for each listing. The users who submit a property should automatically be sent all emails without an extra steps from the admin (like craigslist).


Hi swisher33,

Yes, it is working like you explained.

Please contact our Support Team if you have other questions http://support.puriwp.com


Free Plan = No Pictures
Hi is it possible to make 2 plans below:
- Free Plan = customer cannot upload pictures
- Paid Plan = customer can upload pictures

I didn’t find Switzerland map, can you have this one for free ?
Thanks… Autres


Hi Autres,

As theme default no. But we can develop it as paid custom service.

Yes, we can develop the Switzerland map for free. Please purchase the theme and send the request to our Support System: http://support.puriwp.com



About page submit property. I have many cities (more than 100). How can I add to select “Property City” chosen (http://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/) (predictive search).

I type first letter of city and select show me variants.

Thank you




I think this problem for many people. Why I can change select to select2, because you work with input select box? Why I must pay again, because you not make searcheable select?!


Hi voxtermen,

If you don’t want to pay, you can wait for the update because we are considering your request as updated feature. Thanks.


Nice good looking theme :)

I’ve sent you an email at services at puriwp dot com. it contains pre-sale questions and suggestions. I for got to mention how much it will cost with all the cutomizations i’ve mentionned.

Thank you


Hi Draconian0412,

Okay, we will reply your email asap.


Hey Guys,

I’m interested in this theme but I have a few questions.

1. Does the search on the homepage work with IDX listings?

2. I’ve noticed on IDX Listing pages: ex http://demo.puriwp.com/realexpert/idx/mls-20649468-99_sunny_st_newport_beach_ca_92663

That the slider is in flash for some reason, I’m wondering why this is the case as standard DSidxpress listings use JS and not flash. Will it be JS in the downloaded theme?

Please let me know

Thanks, Mark


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

Regarding your questions,

1. No, it doesn’t. Please visit the IDX listing page instead: http://demo.puriwp.com/realexpert/idx/

2. We are using dsIDXPress plugin and we developed the integration for the Real Expert theme. So the current slider is the default one. We didn’t change anything. And you will get the theme package only. You should download the plugin from here: http://www.dsidxpress.com/

We look forward for your purchase :)