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Very clean design! Good work :)

Thank you very much vesthar :)


Ivor Envato Team

Dude, this is awesome, I have a client asking me for a real estate website, you just read my mind this is so bookmarked!!! I’ll get it later :)

I have a power to read a mind, lol

Thanks for the positive feedback… Im looking forward to it dude :)

very nice… ! I like it

Thanks peacegfx I really appreciate it :)

That’s exactly what I am looking for. Gonna purchase it for an upcoming project , nice work !

Thank you dfs, Im looking forward to it… :)

Thank you dalemo

Can you please send me the demo images,pictures on the site?

Hi gluegl,

All images used in this template are from ThemeForest Asset Library which is cannot included in the download file but only in the item preview. If you want to get the images used you can get it here

Thank you for purchasing my file

cheers mabuc :)

I sent you an email, requesting template customization a few days ago. Please let me know when we speak online or correspond via email.

Already sent you an email please check :)

Do the search option forms for the various properties actually?

Hi mod7,

nope search forms doesn’t actually work it is only static HTML

Sent email requesting color change and search.

Thanks in advance

Hi Do you just have 1 color them ? I need like 5 colors theme

Hi obinna,

Yes currently it has only 1 color… I will add new colors in 2nd version.

cheers mabuc :)

Is there an version available with a working searchform ?

Hi qdz90,

Not yet as for now… anytime soon it will be available

Do you have an indication of when this will be ready ?

If not, how can i be informed by the time it will be available?

I’m not sure when to release it.. just check it in the FAQs section of this template..

cheers mabuc

Hi there Mabuc!

I was wondering what the status is on the search field?

Greetings qdz

Hi qdz90,

Can you repeat your question clearly? Im sorry I dont understand it…

Thank you for the purchase…

regards, mabuc :)

Hi Mabuc!

Sorry for the unclear question, what i ment was:

What the status is on the development on the searchform on the real house template.

It looks like the succes on the site i’m working on will be needing a searchform! but i aint able to fix a working searchform myself.

We spoke earlier on the development of the searchform, u said that there wil be a working searchform anytime soon.

So i was just wondering what the status on it is!

I love the template by the way!

Thanks Mabuc!

Hi qdz90,

as for now I don’t have time to code it… I will code it to wordpress but not for now…

regards, mabuc

does it come with database setup? or just the html

just html..

Hi Mabuc,

After purchasing this theme, I realized it is not Wordpress. I won’t be able to use it. Is there a chance you could refund me? I am deleting the file from my computer and will not be using it.

Thanks – Michelle

Hi michelle,

when it comes on issues like this, you should contact envato support (


thanks! all the best