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Why the search tab does not work?



This is only a HTML version, the search tab is not work :)

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Hi Pixelgeeklab,

I received your response to my ticket, and I think the issue is resolved. I was unable to reply back to you. In the e-mail there was a line that said “do not reply to this e-mail. Click here to respond.” But there was no link or anywhere to click.

About RealEstast – Real Estate HTML Template it includes the psd or comes only html, css and images already cut?


Hi, Psd files included :)

why is it that at the initial load of the website all the slider images stack on top of each other and then go away? is there a way to fix this?

hi I need help to setup up the form and newsletter subscription. Do I need to get a 3rd party .php script?




Please submit a ticket via our support system: http://pixelgeeklab.ticksy.com

Thank You pixelgeeklab!


Hi, You are welcome Vissionet.

I’ve seen posts about the search not working because it is only an html template. Does the filterable property list work on the index page in your html template like it does in the live demo? What else doesn’t work because of it being just an html template?


Hi, Our demo have all needed page so you can test it live, your purchased package will have ectractly same html page as in demo. On our demo filterable work so downloaded package will work as it

Hi the full width slider that you have at first page is not included. You just have a banner there??


Hi, The full width slider that you have at first page is included but Images are not included in the download. Please use your images for slider.

Email form doesn’t have PHP behind it?

Hi, I have a question, how do i add a 3rd level to the main menu?

Hi, Will you be updating the HTML Version to Bootstrap 3, inline with the Wordpress Version?


Hi, We donĀ“t have plan update the HTML Version to Bootstrap 3

damn it… I’ve purchased the template before realizing it was made with the outdated Bootstrap 2.3… (and it’s no longer supported)

This is so bad because you’ve upgraded the Wordpress version.

Please, could you add on your roadmap the migration for this theme ? this would be awesome..

Thank you.


Hi, we haven’t plan upgrade for html version.

hmmm. No answer ? that’s a great support…

In your documentation you’re saying “application.js Template’s main script” in the zip file I downloaded I found it in the documentation and it says “NOTICE!! DO NOT USE ANY OF THIS JAVASCRIPT // IT’S ALL JUST JUNK FOR OUR DOCS! “

If this is junk, why then does it show up in the documentation as “main script” ?

How do I make newsletter and contact form work?



You can try http://www.wufoo.com/ ( create an account and build 3 forms for FREE )


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SOCIAL ICONS-how and where can I add a linked in icon to social buttons?


This is only HTML template .

You open all pages .html and search class=”social pull-right” and add a linked in icon to social button :)