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mygster Purchased

Hi Aviators, Suddenly the frontpage Google map is not showing in Chrome, InternetExplorer works fine, I don’t belive we changed anything.


You are using old, not supported version anymore. Upgrade to most recent version please.


mygster Purchased

version of the theme?


mygster Purchased

All is up-to-date


MrNugen Purchased

Hello, I would like to change the /properties/ url in the row listing http://prntscr.com/bjy9y0

How can I do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can achieve it using your own .po file.

Hi, can I add translations in admin panel? I need 3 languages flags icons on the home page, and all 3 languages must be in the website

You can use WPML plugin or WP Globus.

Do you know if the theme works with the Vebra API plugin,


If it does, I will be purchasing straight away.


Hi, we haven’t tested this plugin.

Hi, I need to add custom filters to the Realia or Realocation themes, e.g. Sea View, High Rise Building, Close to Downtown. Can you tell me if it’s an option to do this in the latest versions, and if not, is it something I can edit in the code myself? Thanks

Hi, you will need to override original theme/plugin functionality to achieve that. If you are interested in more user friendly solution, you can choose our Superlist theme which offers custom fields and filters manager: http://themeforest.net/item/superlist-directory-wordpress-theme/13507181

Hope it helps.


Prodjia Purchased

I dont know why, might be the realia update plugon but when I choose a propretie or try to open a page its say not found.

Have you resaved permalinks?


top3 Purchased

Hi, I’d like to know how and where to change these titles as per this screenshot http://prntscr.com/blz0z8 Thank you in advance.

Hi, you can change that either overriding template file in your child theme or using your own .po file.

Agent’s page has no paged properties. So when an agent has lots of properties assigned it shows too much results in agent’s page…

Thanks! ;)

I transferred site to a new domain, but something doesn’t work. i cant see images gallery for each property, if I login as a agent, I can’t edit properties and i can’t see images library. Why? Is it a license problem? I erased old website to old domain, but nothing changed.

The plugin Realia is not available anymore? so if I purchase your theme it will be useless? Thanks.