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Really disappointed : no support…




{{ before_title|raw }}{{ title }}{{ after_title|raw }}


{{ before_title|raw }}{{ title|raw }}{{ after_title|raw }}

Clear twig cache afterwards – > Settings -> Templates

famoso Purchased

When you read the description one would say this theme would be suitable for a real estate directory. That’s why I bought it!!!! But wait….

New users can NOT register an account like the more well known real estate directory site because I’ve tried and when you go to register you can not put in company details on the registration end as a new user, you can’t add the agent details on the registration as new user all this needs to be done by admin which defeats the purpose of running a real estate directory where a new user can find your site, register their details, place an ad!!!

You have to add all the locations manually in the back end in order for a new user to be able to choose a location in drop down :-(


Not happy :-(


Its real estate theme which offers frontend submission of properties, thus allowing to create listings, we never pledged this is full-scale CMS for listing agencies.

famoso Purchased

No problems, not interested in getting into an argument. Your item detail does state quite clearly that, and I quote “You can charge your users for posting the properties into directory. Right now is included only “Pay Per Post” functionality.”

I take that statement as any user can login, register their property when clearly they can NOT! for the reasons in my first post!

Anyway, I am very disappointed!!


I am not doing the arguing thing.

And users can do that :) They can register, create property and publish it for a fee – if setup so.

But this is not a listing directory for agencies. That means we are not listing agencies, or agents. But just properties which might or might not belong to an agency, we don’t make difference in that. Its just a property.

Where can I find my purchase code? I need support for the theme in your forum.


I got it.



airMarket Purchased

I was trying to add the “slider – with vertical filter” I can’t figure out how?...

airMarket Purchased

Wait can you add the enquire form instead of the filter form?


Well no, not directly. You just have to go trough the slider widget codes and insert enquire form instead of filter.


What slider ? Revolution slider or the simple presentation Slider ?

simplex Purchased

Hy Aviators! Thanks for the great theme you made, I really like it’s desing and functions! I’m in a little trouble however. My customer asked for some changes I’m having difficulties to make. It boils down to some twig templates. I know you don’t have to help with such things, so I’m just asking for a hint. I will make it short really! I think I located the stuff I need to replace (some words on the vertical filter) in the .po file and in two twig templates, after I changed them and uploaded the modified files, there is no difference on the site. Can you point me in a direction on this matter? Maybe it’s something with the way how twig works (which I’m totally unfamiliar with). I would really appreciate any help! Thank you very much! Joseph


Yes, you can do that also but if you are doing development you can have Twig debug enabled.

simplex Purchased

Ok, I will keep that in mind! :)



Good day.

I am having difficulty posting on your support forum, unable to reset my password.

Anyways. On my property pages i cant get the slider to work. All the images just loads individually.

I’ve checked to see and it says failed to load resources, I have updated revslider and the theme today.

Disabled all plugins except rev slider, same symptoms… All files listed below are on the pc…

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://......./wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/settings.css?rev=4.0.5&ver=3.9.2 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://......./wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/js/jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js?rev=4.0.5 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://......./wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js?rev=4.0.5


And do you have the slider actually therE ? if you check the wp-content/plugins.. are those files mentioned on the position ?

Perhaps you dont have directory listing allowed for wp-content/plugins ?


Maybe it was not uploaded correctly, have you tried uploading manually ? Have you tried checking the permisisons on those files ? Did you tried to resave permalinks ?


Emergency problem….

I download the installable wordpress theme file only, and upload this zip file to wordpress theme, but it says, installation failure, please try again. How to install the theme?

Best Patrick


Realia has aroung 10mb.

smartcel Purchased

Hi there trying to access your support page but the request new password fails. It say I should contact you guys. Since there is no contact address I’m posting this here. Could you give me access again?

Thx in advance



You can post your questions here, or you can send email to info@byaviators.com with your login details

Hi, gorgeous theme!

Before I buy it I was wondering, is it possible to switch off some of the pins on the map when the user clicks on the category icon he’s interested in? I mean, if I want the map to only show condos, I’d click on the condo icon on that horizontal menu beneath the map, erasing the pins that are marking apartments, family houses…

Thank you very much in advance ;)


Well you can enable on map filtering, but it will render new results on when ‘submitted’ but you can create simple javascript action which will trigger submit on each click on types, its pretty easy to do so.

louboulos Purchased


The login and logout options are taking me to the wordpress login and logout screenand dashboard. How can I use a custom login?


Well you need to create page which uses our login template :)

Its regular page template, and you need to make sure that your login link is pointing on that page.

louboulos Purchased


A couple of questions 1) when a user is registering and goes to “list your property” it says insufficient privileges! How can a user list a property? shouldn’t be a submission page somewhere?

2) Can I add my own features to the properties? I mean custom features that some properties might have and other might not. Like “Balcony View” for example or “thermostat”. something like that.

Thank you!



Are you sure that on this uri


You have field

New User Default Role

Set to subscriber ?

Because that is really all that is needed

Second thing that comes to my mind, do you have ‘List your property’ button set to point to existing page ?


how do i change where the button is pointing to? I did not create the button. It was there…!


Appearance -> Customize

I just want to say thank you for providing a detailed changelog :) it makes updating so much easier :) Thank you


Welcome :) Thanks

Hi, great theme!

I’m looking to alter the .twig files to customise parts of the site. I haven’t worked with these before. When I make a change to the file, it does not update to the live site.

Was reading a comment with a similar problem and it was answered “Settings -> Templates -> Enable Twig debug – when working with twig files”

However, I can’t seem to see this in the admin! Am I looking in the wrong place? Or can you help me in any other way so I can edit these .twig files?

Thanks in advance!


You dont ? In the navigation – “Settings” Menu item, with aviators icon.


See it now, was looking gat the settings at the bottom. Much love



Hi Aviators,

I would like to change the Vertical Map Filter Module language (on the homepage), but i don’t find which file is concerned : Location; Sublocation, District, Price From, Price To, Filter Now.

By the way we use “CodeStyling Localization” plugin to translate some part of the theme frontend, is there some module or Widget that have English Text not incorporate to the ”.po” or ”.mo” requiring that we change it directly in source code ?

Thanks for your help. Regards


also if you enable wpml, translations for labels will immediately occur in hydraforms administration.

Hi Aviatory,

Your theme is great but I have some small problems. Unfortunately I can’t use the blog of the theme, as I want.

When I go on my page http://immobilien-koenigsbrunn.de/ and open the blog http://immobilien-koenigsbrunn.de/blog/ I can see there the latest posts. But when I click on them, there is no text shown.

Do you know, where the problem could be?

Regards from Germany Marius


try to open templates/helpers/content-loop.twig and put

 {% if wp.have_posts() %}
        {{ wp.get_template_part('content', wp.get_post_format()) }}
    {% for post in posts %}
        {{ wp_query.the_post() }}
        {{ wp.get_template_part('content', wp.get_post_format()) }}
    {% endfor %}

    {{ wp.aviators_paging_nav('', 2, wp_query) }}
{% else %}
    {{ wp.get_template_part('content', 'none') }}
{% endif %}

There. clear twig cache then -> Settings -> Templates


How can i add more than 1 article on my blog. I’ve created several articles. but only 1 has been displayed on the blog.

Thanks for helping.

regards, NG


Hm ? All articles should be displayed there , if you go to article detail you see it ?

Good day. The properties on this my page ( are not aligned properly: http://www.realestatecompany.com.ng/properties/?filter_contract_type=53.

Kindly let me know how to sort this out.