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Excellent work. I wish you continued success and even greater sales ;)

Thank you HappyBird :)

Dear Sir,

We are the company located in Guangzhou China, we are very interested in your web templates as you provided. Before I am going to buy the template, I have two questions need to clear with you. 1. Because this is WordPress Unique One- page, so if I need to add some information into this template, does the One- page web have a back-end system to let us to put the contents in? 2. If this WordPress Unique One- page has the back-end system, is it can be directly putted the contents in or do we need to modify the code of this template? These two questions are very important for us, your promptly reply will be appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for your interest. If you are talking about this template (REALM HTML5) then it is static website template (not for WordPress or any CMS).

We will soon release a WordPress theme version of this template on which you can easily manage content via WordPress CMS Admin Panel. We will tweet in advance once it is ready so that you can purchase it on time.



I like too know if is possible add a shortcode from Youtube in order to show a small bussines video


Hi, you can add any third party code / plugins if it is compatible with HTML5. No issues.

^ Jean

any way we can get psd’s?

Hi, there is no PSD for entire layout. But we have some PSD for small elements like icons and graphics components.

Do you have in-depth documentation on how to code the news section? I’m having trouble changing it into what I want with specific layouts.

Hi, if you find it complex we will assist you via email. We will make it up soon.


Hi, I finished the site using REALM theme one day before to get the upgrade notice. I did several changes in many files and I’d like to know precisly which files you have modified in order to work only on those, instead of doing all the work done twice. Thanks

Hi monicaf, Please send us your e-mail id.We will send the changes through mail.

^Mojo Jojo

I just purchased the theme today, is there a documentation file for this them?

Hi, we think there was some mismatch in the files. Anyways we have uploaded the files again and it is in the queue.You will get the new update as soon as it is ready.So please download it afterwards.

^Mojo Jojo

I received the new uploaded version with the included documentation. The theme says version 1.3 and the documentation says version 1.0. Are they the same or is there a different documentation file that goes with the new 1.3 version?


There is no change in documentation that’s why it is kept as v1.0, no need to worry :) we will push the change log info soon as a downloadable text file here. So you can follow. Also we are here for assisting you.

^ jean

Please follow update log info on theme info page


Awesome theme! I have a couple questions though. Is there a way to change the animation when you click the navigation links to fade into that page? If not how difficult would it be for me to slice the site up into individual pages?



Hello Jason,

Thank you for the compliment. This is a one page template with top-down scrolling layout. If you wish to customize this template into a multi-page with fade transitions between page loading, you have to rewrite major sections of the code.

- Mx

Oh, I meant either/or. Not both. Would I be able to simply copy the index page and then delete the section of code that I don’t want for each page? Then could I change the navigation to go to each separate page rather than sections of the page?

Yes. This is surely possible. In that case, Pages will be opened as standalone HTML files when you click on navigation.

does the 2x sizing works for all images for the site globally or only folders with Thumbs.db

Yes, it works for all images globally. There is no dependency with thumbs.db

REALM WordPress Edition Released

WordPress version released now:

Hi, I am interested in this theme, but my only question is how the twitter widget is configured?


Hi nicowebdesigner, Sorry for the late reply.. We have already included the screen-cast of configuring twitter widget in the user guide of the template.

^Mojo Jojo.

Can anyone PLEASE help with this issue: HOW CAN I REDUCE THE HEIGHT OF THE HOME IMAGE?

The developer gave some advise, but it didn’t work.

I made the following change to avascripts\script.js file on Line 14. //Detecting viewpot dimension and calculating the adjustments of components var viewportHeight = 200px; //alert(viewportHeight); $(’#header, .realm-heading’).css(‘height’,viewportHeight);

Hi Biomotion,

Your requirement comes under theme customization. The above change is the maximum that we can provide for free in this case.

(It demands change of the background slider plugin and page layout).



J’ai un problème la demo ne marche pas ? Doit on installer des extensions supplémentaires ? Les menus restent bloqués Merci de votre réponse


Nous devons vérifier votre achat et nous serons heureux de vous aider si vous postez vos questions dans notre système de soutien:

S’il vous plaît utiliser l’anglais pour communiquer.

I accidentally purchased this version instead of the Wordpress version of this theme. Would you please consider giving me a refund considering I have purchased the Wordpress edition of this theme?

Hi, thank you for your consideration in purchasing our themes. Though we understand your situation, we are not authorized to perform sales related activities, instead please contact Themeforest authority via Envato Support:

Thank you. :D

hi there! Just a quick question. Is it possible to change the flickr live feed to an instagram one? Thanx.

Currently you cannot add INSTAGRAM. Only FLICKR feed files are integrated with the template. You will need to customize the template inorder to add INSTAGRAM

While i scroll with the scroll bar… – the menu selector is not moving down… !!!!

Do you have any fix for this… its urgent pls

Thanks in advance…

Hi vincent989, Currently the menu selector moves only when mouse wheel is used. We will consider the working of the menu selector while scrolling with the scroll bar in the future update.

I just updated a website to the new Wordpress Installation. Turns out that the lay-out of the (old) website is completely gone ( I also saw that this theme isn’t available for Wordpress anymore. Please be of any assistance. Did you stop updating the theme?

Hi, please contact WP support system.

hi, before i purchase it, I’d like to know if with this template is possible to load/embed VIMEO video links inside the jquery prettyphoto (portfolio)?

an example of what I mean is shown here (vimeo section):

Many thanks

Please contact us via email