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presale question: is it possible to show the bathrooms field with decimals? i.e. Dominican Republic the bathrooms shown with decimals, as these decimals are the bathrooms of service, for example. 2.5 bathrooms (2 normal baths and 1 for service) is it possible?

And, is it possible to show multicurrency? dollars an dominican peso???

Hi, no, unfortunately it is not possible.

- Relocation WordPress Template

I am setting up the template and running into a couple issues.

1. PROBLEM: I am unable to select the Terms & Conditions. I have followed the instructions where I go to Administration -> Settings -> Submissions -> Terms and Conditions. Although I have a page I have created and named Terms and Conditions with the appropriate content, I am unable to find and select it in the Properties, Agents, and Agencies drop-down page lists to select the Page containing terms and conditions text.

2. PROBLEM: While I am not charging any fees for use of the site, I do want people to register before being able to list a property either as an Agent/Seller or Agency. I have gone through setting up the Payment System Submission as PACKAGES and as FREE.

In the Package section I have 3 Packages each for $0.00 On the “Choose Your Plan” page the three packages show up bu there is no action to them. In the demo I saw a PURCHASE button but I do not have such a button.

3. PROBLEM: While on the home page I select the SUBMIT PROPERTY button at the top of the page and below the map I get an error message that says “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCESS THIS PAGE AS ANONYMOUS USER. PLEASE SIGN IN BEFORE”

Am I supposed to use the REGISTER template page to have users register first? If so, I have tried this and there is no functionality (blank page) when I have a page named REGISTER and have the Register template applied to the Page Template Attribute. If this is not the way to have user’s register or sign in should I create my own WordPress registration with a subscriber access? or something else?

4. WOULD LIKE TO HAVE: I am interested in being able to tag some properties so they can only be viewed by Agents. Most properties can be viewed by anyone and some can be identified as Agent Only can only be seen by Agents.

You are using old, no supported version anymore. Update to the latest version (2.2.0).

According to my WordPress Updates section I have the latest theme. Is there someplace else I should check? In the Appearance | Installed Plugins location I see the installed Aviators plugins (Agencies, Agents, Calculator, Packages, Profile, Settings, Taxonomy, Landlords, Utils, HydraForms, HydraForms Filters, and HydraForms Hierarchy Select) All of which say say the status is ACTIVE except for “HydraForms Hierarachy Select” which says “Not Updated” but will not allow me to update that item. Each time I use the “Update” link it acts like it updates successfullt but then back on the “Appearance | Installed Plugins” page it still shows as Not Updated. All other plugins in the main Installed Plugins area /wp-admin/plugins.php are up to date according to WordPress.

Perhaps after saying all that, WordPress is not detecting an update to the Theme and you may be telling me to update the Theme so I will check that now also.

Be noticed new theme version is not compatible with your current version. You will need to handle data migration when switching to new version.


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sorry for my English !

I download , install and import the theme demo Realocation and no documentation told me how to insert at the top right LOGIN and REGISTER….

Also, how to add ’’ button SubmitProperty ’’?

Thank you for your prompt response

Unfortunately, such feature is not implemented. You will have to enter each city manually once.

Do you use latest theme version? Can you try to delete browser cache?


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The last version 2.2 and yes i have delete browser cache :(

I will check it out. Thank you for your message.


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I’m really excited about Aviators themes!

Just a few presale questions:

1.) I’ve noticed you have other real estate themes, some have really cool features like RealSite – it can show the agent picture thumbnail on the listing – can you help me with putting that in this theme? It also has a static image or video instead of the slider or map on the frontpage – it that possible on this theme? I can modify the code if you would help point me in the right direction. :)

2.) Is there a way to show the agency information on the single property page. My client wants the website to work like this one. http://www.property24.com/for-sale/ladysmith/kwazulu-natal/168 – which one of your themes can work most like property24? – your themes are very close!

I’m really hoping you can help because I’m kinda stuck with finding a good theme to match http://www.property24.com

TOP is sticky. It means it will be displayed above other search results. Featured property is displayed with special label. Hope it helps.


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Thank you! I understand now.

You are welcome.


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I had this problem a few days ago and you told me to respond within the account that have bought the item and support from. Here is the problem again: I’am using Realocation theme and the layout on the front page brakes when I create and activate a child theme. Here is a screenshot of part of the front page http://1.1m.yt/-Rmpqxh.png Here is a screenshot of the same area in the child theme http://1.1m.yt/IL0Jb1G.png

What causes this and how can I fix it? Thank you!

Hi, WordPress preserves configuration of each theme (including parent/child theme). It means, you need to configure all widgets and customize options for child theme again as you have set it in the parent theme. It is recommended to use a child theme from the beginning to prevent situations like this.

I want show property by status, can you help me ? Thanks you !

Hi, what status do you mean?


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Hi there, Does the user can create an Agency? How?

Hi, user can’t create agency. It is managed by website administrator in the WP admin only.


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Im having a problem when uploading images or gallery images from the front end. It breaks the formatting – see links https://webxsite.co.za/ads/sample1.jpg + https://webxsite.co.za/ads/sample2.jpg

Feel free to send me your WP and FTP credentials. I will check it out.


naddy24 Purchased

no problem can I private message you the details?

Yes you can.


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Install version 2.2.0 try to adjust the position of a tick on a map widget, but nothing happens after switching on. Map shows the location of the standard can have a place on how to set up chitatt geolocation – give the link. Thank you!

It is impossible. What is your browser?


nmy89 Purchased

chrome google

That’s the reason. Google chrome does not allow geolocation feature for non https websites (without SSL certificate). Try to open in other browser and you will see it works.


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Hi my website is showing blank page i cant go to the admin page also, i searched the solutions in the wordpress support, finally i realized this issue comes from the theme. i already spend 4 days for this issue, please check my site and help me to resolve this issue


if you want my ftp details i will send you

Thank you.

White page can indicate internal server error (code status 500). It should be reported in the server error logs.

Is it possible to remove the for sale from the widget on the front page? Thank you.

Hi, it is possible by overriding filter widget in your child theme.

goodnight I translate with google speak Spanish , 1) there is any video to help me set up more this template, 2) there is any form of defaullt reset to start again 3) I bought several templates and all come with training video this is the only one that I’m not disappointed but the subject is good

Hi, theme is built on our wprealia plugin. Its documentation is here: http://wprealia.com/documentation/index.html

Easiest way how to configure your page is to use our One-Click Installation tool.

All right, it is possible to view the properties in the home so random ? if not the nde do you change the code to make this change ?

Such feature is unfortunately not implemented, but I can do it for you as a custom work. If you are interested, send me a private message using contact form at our profile page.


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Have you managed to fix the issue – you click on add property in the frontend and the page goes white then doesn’t redirect? that’s a major bug

What issue are you talking about exactly? I fixed more CSS issues that day, I don’t remember which exactly are you referring now to.


naddy24 Purchased

The Styling on the Wordpress Media Upload – it reverted back when I changed the CSS to the child theme https://webxsite.co.za/ads/sample1.jpg https://webxsite.co.za/ads/sample2.jpg

.screen-reader-text { display: none; }

didnt fix that?

.screen-reader-text fixes the button in top right corner

To fix width of button I changed:

.btn-block, .button {
   display: block;
   width: 100%; 


.btn-block {
   display: block;
   width: 100%; 

hi guys, I purchased the Realocation theme in may and have been entering the listings.

I did not try at first to modify the header/logo etc because Ive never had an issue with that functionality of a theme before. but last night I tried to change the header, and then the header/site colors etc, and nothing changes.

I need some help.

my purchase code for this theme is: 5e67ac02-0d0c-4f85-bcfd-773a9675f92e – 8 May 2016

and the login for the site if you need it is…

http://a62.baf.myftpupload.com/wp-admin/ Username: newHuilco Password: tempPa33wordH5^

thanks in advance for the help, I have an anxious client

ok but I cannot change the colors—can you help?

please, maybe you can direct me to someone who I can actually talk to? I feel like either you arent really paying attention to my questions or maybe you are some kind of automated response system.

Hi, this is not automated response system… we are using Sass compiler which allows custom variables definition. All .scss files are stored in the theme assets folder. Read more about Sass here: http://sass-lang.com/guide If you don’t want to use Sass, you can still overwrite the CSS code in your custom .css file.


naddy24 Purchased

When you had a value in the area field on the front end – it won’t record that value or display in the property card.

7) you need to copy it into wp-content/themes/realocation-child/assets/img/map.png


naddy24 Purchased

That doesn’t work – Ill just change the css for now.

It should work. Send me your public URL please. I will check it out.

hello, i buy the theme but i cant translate to spanish, HELP please

Hi, please respond within an account you bought our item and support from. Thank you.


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Is it possible to change the attributes of “General options” while adding a property? For example, changing “Reference” to “ID”, if yes, how can I do it? Thanks!

Hi, you can change it using your own .po file.


kewal Purchased

Thanks, but how can I create it and where do I upload it?

You can create it using Poedit file from our .pot files and you need to save it to default WordPress languages folder.

Good day

I need blue theme instead of the gree one which is able to download


Hi, we are using Sass compiler which allows custom variables definition. All .scss files are stored in the theme assets folder. Read more about Sass here: http://sass-lang.com/guide If you don’t want to use Sass, you can still overwrite the CSS code in your custom .css file.

Hi, is a way to display something like “SOLD” on the image thumbnail or into the list property grid? In particular I would like to show the list property and on the image something like you use for “TOP” steackers on the image but in this case I would like to have “SOLD” when the house is sold of course.. Thanks in advance Bye