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kindly chk this one , http://www.homesalesuccess.net/errorpackagepage.png

i am getting error, what you think , why it is showing this error,

when we signed in and then go to this page, then we see this thing, also other three package disapeared too from this page,

/home2/raorizwa/public_html/myrealestatego.com/wp-content/plugins/aviators_transactions/libraries/paypal-digital-goods/paypal-configuration.class.php on line 140

waiting, Thanks


Just a quick pre purchase question that i hope you could assist with, I am looking for a theme that you provide but wanted to know how much flexibility there is? as i have purchased a similar theme and found that i could create the content that i hoped for.

Im looking for options with regards to shortcakes and Visual Composer elements, i would like to create additional pages not linked to the real estate pages.

I would also like to add a custom button to the property page that links to a virtual tour, can this be done to match the theme?

Is the above possible with your theme?

Thank you

Everything depends on your needs. Basically in every WP theme you can add custom pages and page templates or you can use widgets to achieve your requirements.

Hi before buying .

i want to know few things ? 1) Can i add more cities apart from NY city .. i will be focusing on India so i need to have Indian cites over here .

and if yes .. can you please help me with how i can do it,

and i want to change the Currency donation from Doller to Rupee

rest looks Awesome .

Hi. You can add your custom cities in WP admin > Properties > Locations. Custom currency can be set in WP admin > aviators settings > Payment system > Currency

Hi there! I’ve bought the template not long ago. I’ve installed it but there seems to be some sort of virus embedded in the code. It’s sending out 1000’s of spam emails. This has caused my server to be black listed and cuased many other problems for myself and other people who are on the same server.

Hi, do you have any evidence, that the bug is in the theme? Nobody mentioned that until now.

Good day! Is there a Russian translation? Download Ad possible XML?


unfortunately we don’t have Russian translation. you can translate theme into Russia by yourself.


Thank you! And what has a Russian translation of a real estate?


Thanks for excellent theme.
Is these option to add icons/images for amenities list?
Thanks in advance.


unfortunately such a functionality is not implemented.


WOW, you started with deleting comments ! Nice support ! Thank you very much !

hi home does not turn on map


define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

Great to hear that

We imported the dummy data, but for some reason the Most Recent Properties are not formatted the same as on your demo site:


Can you help?

This is because they are missing featured images. Try to set the images for that properties.


Hi, just wondering if this page should have content: http://preview.byaviators.com/theme/realocation/choose-your-plan/

Is there a payment system demo? I assumed the listing purchase system would start on the page linked above. Thanks

I also don’t like the way the login page goes to the WP login after a login failure- is there a way to keep users on the site login page? Thanks

Issue with packages fixed. Regarding the login, there is no workaround.



ffre2123 Purchased

Just bought the theme… looks great. However, would need a German version…Is there a German translation? How do I install it?

German translation is not part of the theme. You need to translate it by yourself.


DirLan Purchased

Hello Can you tell me where can i change the registration fields? i want to add recaptcha for spam problems…and the website http://hydraforms.com/articles/altering-forms/ is not working…


DirLan Purchased

That’s not the file. I deleted that file and nothing happens.


DirLan Purchased

nevermind i found it. There is the buddypress plugin. There is a buddypress recaptcha plugin. if someone wants to add the recaptcha use the buddypress recaptcha.

Great to hear that you solved issue.


Rahmaniya Purchased


Thanks for the past support. Again am in the trouble.

I submitted the property from the front end. In the images of property tab,

You have given a select image option. while selecting, not able to edit the attachment details ie., caption, image alt and the description.

Please support me.

Hi, unfortunately, these options are not supported.


Rahmaniya Purchased

Why? It already build in theme right.

Its any alternative solution for this?

You can set image alternate text, but not its caption or description.


How do we change the currency symbol on the filter on the home page? We’ve set the currency to GBP in the payment settings, but this does not seem to have effected the filter…

Many thanks!


you need to edit custom hydra filter



Hi there! I bought the Realocation template not long ago. But there seems to be a bug within the files. It’s keep sending out thousands of spam emails. I’ve found over 10 plus files affected and this was found via clam AV. I have cleaned the files several times but still having the same spamming issue. Can you help in anyway or supply me some fresh files or something. Thanks!!!


which form is used to send emails?