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Hi, can you please provide simple instructions for updating the theme using FileZilla? Steps for those who are new to using Wordpress and Filezilla. Thank you for your help!!!

First of all, always do a full backup before any update (database, files and widget logic).

To install new update manually using FileZilla, do the following steps:

1. Replace old theme folder with the new one. You don’t need to delete it, just be sure you override it (NOT merge).

2. Do the same with the plugin folders

You are done.

How can i enable isotope grid in wordpress theme for example on most recent properties widget ?

Hi, theme does not use isotope.

Hi, I have a pre shell question. My client likes this template, me too ;) In all site that i saw the carousel with the properties doesn’t auto slide. The client likes to have an auto slide. Is it possibile? Thanks a lot. Andrea

Yes, it is possible, but you will have to override template in your child theme.

Hello, i like your theme and i would be interested to buy it, but the listing map with the cluster from what i can see in the demo it dosen’t zoom in the properties if you click on them, you have to double click, can that be changed so when i click on a cluster it zooms on the properties in that area

Hi, it is default Google Map behaviour.

i know that, but can it be changed, because in other themes i saw that i can click a cluster and zoom in

This theme does not support it. Our Superlist Theme does.

Hi. I am pretty with the Theme but I am having trouble displaying the Property Archive. I filter on the main page and receive an empty page. I enabled debug that you could check. it is: www.dream-homes-lanzarote.com Please let me know how I can get this work. I was struggling with the update but I see you do not support trouble with update. A shame but I am quite happy with the former version. So please help me with that filter/search problem.

Thank you

Could you please help me solving this matter as I constantly get error messages using the old theme version. The update does not work.

Which are the newer folders so I can delete them.

Use the files from the package only.

Am installing the theme for new website, i have installed the new version 2.x but i couldn’t find any documentation for it so i tried to follow the documentation for the previous version, now am stuck with installing the demo which i couldn’t find

i found it under tools tab, thank you


I´m Interested on this theme.

Please. Can you provide me with a user and password in order to check the submision properties zone?

I need to check if submit a property is easy for all kind of persons.

Thanks in advance


We have installed your theme2.1.1 and it’s working perfectly, thank you.

Now will are planning to install Arabic language which we are aware that’s it’s not supported language. So we will do it manually for the css to support RTL etc…

So far we have installed the WPML cms and string translation ..

Please let me know if there are certain step to go through and if there are and ready css files or language files available which would save our time


Do you have a screenshot please? Thank you.


in the code each has it own <li /> instead of being drop down or showing the other language only

It isn’t designed to be a dropdown.

Hi, i have a problem with the agent page, in particular with the agent contact form. When I send an email from that form, the message is sent to the sender instead of the recipient(in this case the agent) and the sender appear as “wordpress@mysite.com”. How can I fix it?


Wait for the update please.

when will be released next update?

This month.

Hi. I really liked the template , I am interested to buying it , but I have a question before:

You can enable users to publish properties without approval of the administrator ?

Hi, sure.

Can listings be imported from a MLS to backfill search results.

MLS is not supported.

Hi i was looking at your theme looks awesome to use for one of my client project. so wondering if we could add Eway payment gateway to take payments? Also as we are developing it for Australian states we want agent will be able to submit property for only one state ( when they register) but if they want to submit their property to all 6 states they will have to pay extra. Is that something doable ?

Hi, if you are interested in custom work, feel free to send me a private message using contact form at our profile page. Thank you.


I have two very simple questions that may have been answered online but I am not sure since there has been different versions.

First question. I need to update the logo to our company IPGMHC. Where do I update the logo “Source Code”? I assume it is the “Theme Header “header.php” but what line and how if possible.

Second I want to change the color layout from “green” to something else. Are you still using SAAS or just editing the CSS files?

Thank you in advance.

Jesus Lucio jesus@octeksystems.com

Hi, logo can be changed in WP customizer. And yes, we are using Sass, so you can change color easily by changing color variable definition. Hope it helps.

Hi I like the theme but I have a question can you make a customize in the plugin or theme for me if I ask for that ? it will be pay

Hi, sure. If you are interested in a custom work, you can send me a private message using contact form at our profile page. Thank you.

Where are the installation instructions for this theme? I have 2 realocation zip files – which one do I install?

One .zip file contains all package data another WP theme only. Install WordPress theme .zip file of course.


alan296 Purchased


Just install your template and have several questions …

- As I can activate the option Registration and Login for cliebtes in the upper right side continues , as in the example.

- As I can make visible the option price and the option to upload a new property

Hi, I am not sure if I understand your questions correctly. Can you be more descriptive please? Thank you.


when I create a new property automatically passes to state “Draft ”, Why?

What is your submission type set?

Thank you! Such problems have already resulted


Problem I have a new one.

How can I assign a package or payment option to a profile ?

when someone signs up, when you are given the option to choose a service package and pay for it?

It is possible to make visible on the map the registered agencies?

Thank you so much!!

Alan Luna.