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TxINP Purchased

One other thing: You have the logo and then the tagline. I’ve disabled the tagline, but right after the logo there is still a | left. How do I get rid of the | that separates the logo and tagline?

use this css code .tag-line { display:none; }

I made a mistake! Wat did I do to width of screen, I could Isolate from the thme files but I had adit a good amount no problem… any help?


Extra space to the right…

fixe in kinda but if you notice as you scroll down, the transposh lements, some, moxe dow like they are fixed but they are not

please contact on our support forum for support


TxINP Purchased

I tried to change the title below: home_articles title=”Articles From The Blog” but no matter what I change it to, the text is still “ARTICLES FROM THE BLOG” Can you please tell me how to fix this?

Thanks for the great theme and great support.

please contact on our support forum with website url and login

I love this theme!! But I want to use it for a directory of schools. Can I change the wordings “properties” to “schools”, “agents” to “teachers”, “Amenities” to “subjects” etc.? Thanks a lot.

Yeah, but you have to customise it little bit

Hello, I have two issues. 1. I have a site on version 1 of the template and have not been able to update without it breaking. and 2. the Home page search has never worked, it always returns no results.

please contact on our support forum

How many pictures can be added to the image carousel on the individual property listing page?

You can add unlimited images

Hi is it you have admin demo to check out? i need to check the admin before purchase, thank you.

whats ur email and i had send u private message, coz i dont know your email.

hello at favethemes dot com

have send u email using gslxxxxx.my or .com email

Hello, I’m having a hard time figuring out the theme with using the Visual Composer option. I thought I would able to create categories like Residential Homes for Sale, Commercial Properties for Sale, Vacant Lots for Sale etc and be able to create a page for each and display the properties that are listed under this category within the page.

That way I can control the look of the page as well as the sidebar. But I can’t seem to figure out how to use Visual Compser and create a column 2/3 1/3 and load what I want in the side bar as well as create a parallax seciton underneath and at the top with specific information relating to that category.

How do I do that with this theme. Because it looks like I have to accept what you have as default and there if I set the columns in visual composer, It makes the grid listings of properties smaller.

please contact on our support forum, our technical expert will help you to figure it out.


I have been having some problems with this theme I contacted the support forum and I still have yet to hear back from them. The issue I am having is I selected that I wanted the “address map” located in the “Listing Detail Page” to be in the side bar and when I view a listing my map is in the bottom also its apart of another section…it sits to the right of contact agent. (http://nashfinchdev.cushwakenm.com/index.php/property/sun-mart-2/ ) I want the page to look like what was advertised in the demo. We wanted our contact page and our listings page layout to look like with maps (http://themeforest.net/item/realto-wordpress-theme-for-real-estate-companies/full_screen_preview/6801549) REAL ESTATE DEMO CONTACT US PAGE ) Please advise Thank you

Hi, Support takes 24 hours to response. You can use Contact Us template for create page like this.

Hi, I have been waiting for a response for the last month. So I reposted my problem again on here and now it has been 8 days since I have heard anything. If you guys are selling a product this should be a default option not something custom. I wouldn’t sell you a car with no seats. Please advise what steps we need to do to get the default contact us page with proper sidebar.

Can you please tell me your username on support forum or your topic link ?

This looks very beautiful but it doesn’t have alot of the options we were looking for. There is no option to create additional sidebars. We can’t create specific listing pages and load property listings in it while being able to add other sections to the page and design it they way we need. Is it possible to get a refund?

Please contact Envato support for refund

Please contact Envato support for refund

Envato support has asked us if you agreed to the refund.

pre-purchased question: It’s there any shortcode for the search module? to integrated into a page

Search module is Visual Composer shortcode. You can add in any page

Hello there!

So theme was p├║rchased not under this TF account but InteramericanRE (Would gladly provided credentials upon request from Author).... Heres my dilema…

Site: http://pacificnicaraguainvestment.com/

In attempts to get rid of the overlay which displayed title of property in the carousell in front page (for featured), I took off the php get command… great, did the job, but then noticed that clicking the image of the property, takes me to a 404 page… I fear I might have dealeted something by mistake… any ideas? that would be great.

please contact us via email

Can the house search areas be removed? Can the specific property pages be customized? Can parts be deleted or can a video be added to that page?

You will have control over home pages sections using Visual Composer. You can remove house area or anything you want.
what kind of customization are you talking about ?
Yeah you can add video

Hi. I have just downloaded the Realto Theme and are about to install it on the server… And I need help form somebody to guide me through the installation… On the domain I have a clean 1-click WP installation.. What do I do from here to get my new Theme and all it’s demo content installed on my site to get ready to start working on the site.

Hi, You can read documentation included with theme download package.
You can also use Envato installation services http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress

I can not acess your support page, because karspersky says it has a trojan named HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer in your website. I need information about the dsIDXpress plugin activation key, i need to pay this montly ? It’s a lot of money. What this plugin does in your template ? Can u help me ?

Hi, there is no issue with support forum, it is working good http://support.favethemes.com/forums/

HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer again forum still with the same problem. :(

Contact us via email


cath Purchased

Not getting a response from support regarding an issue with the agent/user contact form on the property details page… it is not delivering the message no matter what email hosting server I’ve tested.

Hi, our support forum down because of some strange reason. Did you talked with your hosting provider about this issue ? Please contact via email waqas@favethemes.com


Right now to see every photo on the gallery of a property we need to click on the thumbnails, I want to use an arrow (left and right) to scroll all the photos from this buttons

How we can do that? Thanks

Hi, we are going to update Realto with a new property gallery. It will have thumbs and arrows. We just need some days to publish online. Thanks.

Hello, i have bought the theme and i have a problem. In the dasboard i have a message “In order to use th disIDXpress plugin, you need to add your activation key..”. I cann’t use IDX page.

Other question how can i delete the search in the home page?

Thanks, Regards

If you want use disIDXpress then you need activation key, follow link in message to generate activation key.
If you are creating your page using Visual Composer then you can simply add/remove search shortcode. If you are not using VC then you have to comment /remove it in related template. Like if you are using Homepage Revolution slider template then you need to edit realto -> homepage-revolutiion.php file.

PS: For technical questions please contact on our support forum

Thanks a lot. Regards

hi, i am looking at getting this theme but want to make a few changes, are the following possible without much technical knowledge: add yoast, create ful wigth section on homepage with image bacground and graphics/text above, change search criteria (This will be a site for families so want things like creche, meals provided etc), change the text under listing details (as before), add icons to listing details, add a video to listings? thanks neil

Hi, video is already included. For other changes you need technical knowledge not high level, you should able to manage WP code little bit.