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cannot use the theme at all, it requires dsIDXpress plugin in order to work and no activation key is provided for this theme and the only way to obtain one is pay $30 a month for a subscription

Hi, IDX plugin only required if you want to use dsIDXpress services, if you don’t need dsIDXpress service then you can add properties in theme http://take.ms/hYvsO
No one can provide dsIDXpress plugin activation key. All theme on theme-forest are just compatible with this plugin, for use it clients have to avail their service.

We are so sad with you 1 star rating because of this reason.

How could I add more currencies for the theme?

Hi, please post your question on our forum I think we can help you! Thank you for your purchase.

How do we control the order of the list of agents? We don’t want them in alphabetical order but in an order of importance. For example we want to display the founders of the company first. http://www.sunvalleyrealestate.com/our-agents/

Hi, Please contact on our support forum. Our technical expert will help you to sort it out.

Hi, I have Realto 1.4.1 and since a wordpress update started to have problems with the property navigation at the bottom of the sales page can I upgrade to 2.2.0, is it a simple upgrade?

yeah, just delete old one and add new one.
PS: Please take Database and Files backup before update.

any discounts for upgrades ?

I you purchased theme then upgrade is free. You just need to download from your account

When will the next update for this theme be available to fix keyword search problem please? Support forum said it would be a week ago.

I have just downloaded update but file says v.2.2.0 not 2.2.1 – is this an error?

update will come today 2.2.1

update available

Hello, there is a problem in the listings . When you click on the next page , there always remains the same . Thank s.

please contact on our support forum, we are back from holidays

Hello, I’m really interest about purchasing your theme, but I’d just like to know if there’s a showcase of websites built with it, maybe in .RU zone? Best ragards

We don’t have many links. May our support staff can provide but they are on holidays till 3rd Jan

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to show a carousel of properties in which only display a one property and will automatically change.

I know php if you indecated the .php to change a do it. Thank you


I wrote there the same day. Thanks, Regards.

I´m waiting an answer. Thanks

i think you got reply

When viewing all of my listings I am not able to scroll to the next set of lisitngs/page. The url will say /listings/all-listings/page/2/, /listings/all-listings/page/3/ , /listings/all-listings/page/4/ etc. however the same listings appear on each page. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, please try to reset permalinks, if it not work please ask on our support forum with website url and login
PS: Our support staff is on holidays till 3rd Jan

is it possible to change the language in German ? For example the “Call us” in the header ?

Thank you! The only thing i Cant find in the .po is the Property Payment: per month, per day etc. For example: There is still the english version in the Property thumbnail

I’m searching for: Properties/Property/Property Price/Period/per Month <—and want to translate this in german so that the “€/month” in the Thumbnail and the Single Property Pages is translated to “€ im Monat”

Please ask technical question on our support forum, Provide website url with login.


ogidoo Purchased

Trying to download 2.2.1 but only 2.2.0 seems to be available. Please advice.

This is envato mistake, the did’t update theme image and update date. Just download the files will be 2.2.1 :)


ogidoo Purchased

Nope. I downloaded the files and it is still 2.2.0. I tried several times in case I made a mistake.

Contact us via email, i send you latest files

My Homepage Slider is not working from mobile devices but does on a desktop. Can someone please point me in the direction to get this fixed? Please and Thanks!

Hi, please send me your support topic link, i will assign someone who will get back to you urgently

still waiting on a response…

Hello, from the demo I can’t understand if once a search is done it’s possibile to sort results by price, beds, rooms, custom fields. is it possible?

you cannot

thank you. once purchased are you available to do it with custom development?


Hi there! I’ve taken over a site that uses the Realto theme. The previous developer doesn’t have the documentation. How can I get my hands on the documentation for this theme? Thanks!


markorama Purchased

Greetings – I purchased the REALTO theme – Is there a way to have the featured properties on the Home page display by most expensive property first? Also the responsive menu icon is not functioning in safari – Is there a fix?

Replied you on our support forum