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I am running wordpress 4.0 and I was running Reatro version 1.0.8. Everything was working fine but I updated to the latest version of Reatro using the Twoot Toolkit and Updates Panel. While updating I got this error message, and am not able to access anything.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ZillaShortcodes in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas01_data02/52/2236452/html/wp-content/themes/reatro/theme/shortcodes/tinymce/tinymce.class.php on line 11

I changed my theme back to twentyfourteen using the PHPmyadmin through my host. I can access my worpress backend now, but want to get Reatro back up and working. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, when I download the new version of the theme from themeforest it says it is version 1.2.2. Isn’t 1.2.3 the most current version? Maybe this is my issue?


Yes, the latest version is 1.2.2.

When you updated the theme, please update the plugin: Twoot Toolkit to the latest version. Now the plugin version is: 1.1.2, please make sure you have updated it.

We are having a problem with the Icons in our theme rendering to Chinese when viewed in Chrome and some other format on Firefox. I have cleared my browser’s cache and am still experiencing the problem. Any ideas as to why? Thanks.


The icon fonts does’t load in your site. Please check it as below:

1). Update the theme to the latest version, and update the plugin: Twoot toolkit, clean the cache.

2). Install a new wordpress and the theme without any changes, if still has issue, please go to setp2.

3). Use another hosting to check it.

Hi, I would like to bypass the connexion page during checkout. After the cart, I would like that the user go straight to the checkout page, is it possible?



Hi, could you please explain more clearly?

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Dear M-Theme,

I have a question regarding videos in the layer slider:

When I add a vimeo video to a slide it gets displayed with the usual vimeo interface in the backend of the layer slider. In the front-end it is displayed without the vimeo interface, only with a play-button in the center. I guess classes “ls-vpcontainer”, “ls-videopreview” and “ls-playvideo” have something to do with that.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour so that the vimeo vide gets displayed as it usually is?

Thanks and best regards, Alex


The layer slider plugin is from another author, if you are using the latest version of the plugin, I think it does’t support the needs you said.

quick question

I would like to center the text in the Widget titles for the footer widgets. I looked but could not find the CSS can I get that please :)


.bottom-widgets-area .widget h3 {
    text-align: center;

great thank you :)


I bought this template and realized to my horror that it is a WordPress template. I need a pure HTML version of this, could you send it to me ?



When we do wordpress theme, we just need PSDs, so we don’t have HTML version.

If you want to refund, please contact with themeforest.


alright thanks :(


Sorry for you mistake.


I am having some trouble with your theme in Firefox.

The short code for ‘Post Grid’ on these pages are not displaying properly

http://www.thebigstand.com/ http://www.thebigstand.com/gallery/

This happens only in Firefox.

I have not edited the page templates at all for this theme so am not sure why this is happening?

Please can you help.




OK, got it. I will update it, please send message me via my profile page contact form, I will send the updated version you.


Hi Matt,

That fix worked for the shortcode but unfortunately not for the main gallery in firefox. Could you take a look at it please?



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I have one problem, let`s see if I can explain and you can help me :)

When I am at the cart page and I click on checkout button, I need to skip checkout/?checkout_step=1 and directly go to checkout/?checkout_step=2

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance.


in: reatro/woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.php

about line: 19


$url = add_query_arg( array ( 'checkout_step' => 1 ) );


$url = add_query_arg( array ( 'checkout_step' => 2 ) );
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Thanks a lot, works fine!


That’s ok.

Hi Matt, I have two questions I am hoping you can help me with:

1) I have just finished updating my theme and plugins and now have: reatro 1.2.2, woocommerce 2.2.7, WP 4.0

I get an error saying my theme has outdated woocommerce files. Can you tell me what do I need to do to fix this?

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2) When I added a Search widget to my sidebar in shop pages, the results displayed as a text list instead of an image list. The search at the top of the page is displaying images properly as defined by Theme Options>Search Type> Product, which is great, but I need the widget to display the same way. Are you able to you help with this?

Thanks so much :)


Ok I figured out 2) I needed the ‘WooCommerce Product Search’ widget, not just the ‘Search’ widget.

I still need help with 1) though. Thanks! :)