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Would appreciate you can reply to my quires asap as it urgent. Thank You. 1. Change password page, edit billing and shipping address page still have [raw] & [/raw] string display

2. I have 2 shipping methods, at cart page when user change the shipping method, there’s a JavaScript automatically update the cart total but the “check out” and “update cart” button disappear

3. The search icon is not clickable, it only work when user enter with a keyboard. is there any workabout for that? and isit possible to search for woocommerce products and not just post

Once again please would appreciate you respond and provide support for it. Thanks alot.

Hi, i’ve fix the problem for the missing update cart and checkout button. Now i have problem with the site rendering at mobile, the site alignment is out and doesn’t look good on mobile. Please advise on where to modify the code so that the site can display as per normal browser using the computer. Thanks. I really do hope you can reply soon as you are taking a long time to respond, even thou you do not have a solution right now but at least you can respond to let buyer know that you are working on it. Thanks and awaiting for your respond.

Sorry for the delay please send your url again ,

my theme is rendering well i think u make customization that will be cause

Hello. I am new at wordpress site building and i’m looking for the apropriate theme, for my e-commerce site. There are some questions i have for the rebecca. 1. i would like to have more information, about the compatibility at the latest version of wordpress? 2. the multilanguaged site is what i need and i don’t know if that is possible with the rebecca theme.

yes rebecca is compatible with latest version of wordpress too and its easy to translate , it completely translation ready, you don’t need any thing extra to translate it :) , and for any help i am here

Hi, I have downloaded and installed the theme, and have been getting an unstyled page when I view it.

I;m an experienced WordPress user, and have checked that the style sheet is installed correctly, and have followed all the support steps I can find, but no fix.

I’m developing the site locally and have checked all relevant settings. Everything is in order.

I have several other sites under development and they are all working as intended.

Help urgently would be appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. I went through the setup and it still didn’t work. I’m going to re-install and try again, and see how that works out.

Its on a local server at the moment, so if I still have trouble I’ll upload to a test domain so you can have a look.

Thanks again.

sure let me when demo is available


Does the template have a function for catalog? I don’t need the cart/compare functions.



I am facing the issues, It says the woocommerce theme files are outdated, so i am not so getting the same CSS for cart oan other pages i saw before purchasing this theme.

I have downloaded woocommerce latest version.

Do let me know what to do?


yes wait for a update i will release an update under the next week :)


Is it possible to upload documents about our products?

Thank you

not get the point please explain