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Hi, thanks for the update. I would encourage you to use iphone with safari. The demo website does not render correctly. Infact there is a blank page. Please advise?

can you try now:)

Still no good. I’ve tried this with Chrome and Safari on iPhone. Doesnt render. Only see blank page. Can anybody else besides the author confirm this is the case?

Congrats for a nice template! I’ve installed the template with all included aditional plugins & activated them. This is what I come up with:

I’m strugling with basic pages and menu. I can’t seem to find “Contact” template when creating a new page? Is it possible that you send me a XML file, so I just import everything and start with pre-build page? I’m having time doing it from scratch because everything is empty… Thanks!

Great! I didn’t see this before :)

Another question! Featured/Recent products on my homepage don’t appear to be full width, like you can see on this link:

I really like the landing page of the demo provided here…

what u use to present them use the featured and latest post widget to show the products in home page

and xml file is provided here

you have to save it as xml in your desktop and then import in the wordpress

Yes it does not work on my iphone either

i really don’t what the matter it totally running here :)

Does not work. 100% does not work on iphone or ipad safari. I even tried different browser and only shows blank page.

I really like the theme, and want to buy. However I highly believe this theme is not compatible with those devices.

No buddy complaint me about that i also try the responsive in safari its working fine i think , pm me the screenshots , You can use the your devices , i think u have two iphone and ipad

When placing the Rebecca featured products widget at home page the “view more” text is spread over two lines making the button wide

do u have latest version ?

yes. actually I noticed that after installin V 1.1. and also the buttons of “my cart” widget are overlaaping each other and have dofferent sizes. I can send you screen shots if you wish

Pm me your your demo info

We are having two problems that other have sited as well:
1. the product carousel on the home page is broken between “view more” and “add to cart”. It’s put’s it in two lines and omits the product name.
2. The “Flex Slider” text (also seen in your demo) cuts off the page on the right side of the sliders.

Please contact us for modifications and/or updates.


Please pm me your demo , My slider is ok :)

Fatal error: Call to undefined function woocommerce_product_loop_start() in /home/advisuk67/domains/DOMAIN/public_html/wp-content/themes/rebcca/woocommerce/archive-product.php on line 107 Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘woocommerce_result_count’ not found or invalid function name in /home/advisuk67/domains/DOMAIN/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 406

Im getting this error on the product overview page?

The product page self is displaying a blank page…

i think you are using a very old version , i release an update download the latest theme and try that :)

I tried version 1.2. Why is that not working? Woocommerce version 1.6.x. Cant update the woocom. b/c of some adjustments in the plugin.

Sent an e-mail but seems comments might be the best way to reach you.

Variable Product page – Add to cart button jumps and appears under the main product photo. Is there a way to contain it to the right side of the page so it maintains the 2 column format?

Thanks again!

i make u a reply please check and contact me by email : )


I bought a theme Rebecca and it has a lot of errors especially in the shop. I also have version 1.2 and layout is totally messy. What to do?

strange Pm me your login info :)

U not email me ? is everything alright

I am interested in buying this theme. However, I will not be accepting online payments. I want users to be able to click on “Buy” following which they can fill out a form to give us their contact details and we’d be manually charging them. Is that possible using this theme or are there any restrictions?

You have to make little customization for that

There are a ton of 404 not found errors with the JS, what’s up?

Also in the latest version of Chrome for me the front page buttons for products are way off, see screenshot:

Do you have an email I can email you at? Please PM me, thanks.

I’ve found <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[raw]’); ?> inside of the WooCommerce template files, I do have the Raw HTML plugin installed but it is still not working. I’m going to go ahead and remove the PHP code in the template files.

Also, have you tested the full width page template? Mine seems to set the main content off to the left by about 20-40 px. Let me know, thanks.

On Wordpress 3.6 btw

hey what u have done , u make lots of customization in the theme , leave it on me , send me you login info i will install it for you from a fresh way and also Pm me your ftp

i don’t know how u update the theme.

Would it be possible to mount the sample template as it appears on the website of ThemeForest?

you can download the demo content file from the theme page

and import it to your wordpress but for slider and widgets you have to see the documentation

Do you have any manual for this process please??

the link is on the rebecca theme page

Dear Bigtreat, Mi product details is different as the example:

Example: My web:

I dont change anything for this and it shows unordered and a vertical mode. Please help ¡¡¡¡

If you need a user and pass tell me :

hey Please PM Me , you have to choose the full width layout template for that , read the documentation , on that i already mention how to choose the page template when you create a page and contact me through email , given in the documentation


and read the documentation please

I send email to your gmail account , I read a documentation but I dont see where is the explanation for my problem. :-|

i got your email , again contact me from email

have added the theme and activated, but i cannot edit any logo or anything on theme options page?

its really strange ? nobuddy face this problem , Please explain me and give me detail though PM , email is in the Documentation

This theme is not “Translation Ready”, there are a lot of untranslatable strings and some translation who refere to others themes (belissima/mulishop).

There is also many 404 on js/css files (slit.css/moderniz.js/mdr2.js/ba-cond.min).

More over, in woocommerce “my account” pages, there is some “[raw]” strings displayed.

Could you please consider an fix ?

sorry i am ill , i will be available after this month, viral fever , doctor said one week rest

Just purchased and installed. WordPress 3.6, latest WooCommerce plugin. I get the message, “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support”. Is this anything to worry about?

sorry i am ill , i will be available after this month, viral fever , doctor said one week rest

no you don’t have to worry about it

My account pages, also have the [raw] & [/raw] string display, please fix it. Thanks.

5. The search icon is not clickable, it only work when user enter with a keyboard. is there any workabout for that? and isit possible to search for woocommerce products and not just post. thanks.

i make a reply please check

i released an update for raw tag :) i remove them from the latest version

Hi, i just purchased and installed the WordPress 3.6, and when i active the theme. I get a message “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support” This themeshow as non compatibility, and when i activate, this is breaking my layout into incorrect positions =( =( =( =( i need help, as soon as possible… Thank you.

sorry i am ill , i will be available after this month, viral fever , doctor said one week rest :(

Can i have a refund of my money?? I need to star working on my web site, and i can not wait for a week more…

it just a message you don’t have to worry about it :)