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Am wishing to purchase this but does this support wordpress’ latest version 3.6.1?

Yes Reborn is wordpress latest version 3.6.1 supported and we are here to assist you for any issue.


So far this theme is awesome. I have a question and a suggestion.

Question: Does this theme support new pages? My sample page looks like the site would look if I didn’t upload the theme options. what is the process to add additional pages?

Suggestion: Add the ability to add custom CSS. It’s not a good idea to change the theme CSS files since those will be overwritten during any updates. I can create a child theme of course but having that function in the theme would be sweet.

I have a feeling pages are supported in a way like you’ve done with Work and Blogs? I hope?

Nope, I guess not. So back to my original request, how to add new page sections?

Answer: Yes you can add additional pages. If you are facing any issue please submit a support ticket on our support site.

And thanks for the suggestion we will try to add it in out next update.

Best Regards,

the navigation isnt working in very smal width sizes when already scrolled.

sorry but i can’t delete a seccion with “option tree”. I click in Save Change and show the same.


You can not modify the theme options in Reborn theme.


The latest update seemed to fix a lot of problems, however when I test the site on an ipad 1 and iphone 4s with IOS7 the header background image doesn’t load. I have updated my original support ticket two days ago with this information but no contact yet. Come on guys, please keep us updated, the theme is awesome but needs these bugs sorting out.


Buddy we are handling our support on priority basis and regularly but i am really sorry if we missed your ticket. BTW can i have a link to your site to check the issue.

Thank You for Purchasing our theme. Please rate our theme if you think we deserve it.


I have tested your own hosted version on an ipad and an iphone as stated above and as per the screenshots I sent over to you on the support ticket which is ticket number 414. The header image does not load properly. The same thing is happening with my own install so the problem is not with how it is set up but with the theme itself.

Also the logo graphic that overlays the header image does not scale down.

Really a responsive theme should have been tested thoroughly first right?


I am sorry i got your ticket and replied. Will update the theme asap.


I would like to see this theme adapted to any website, is it possible?

You can specify any URL, other than demo…

Don’t remember any URL at the moment but will let you know if i got.


Does the blog you may have sidebar? I’d like to know before purchasing the theme

No this theme does not have a sidebar in blog.

How does one update to version 1.1? So far I am regretting purchasing this theme because it’s not working and you still haven’t addressed my problem. I already opened a ticket and provided the information, one or two weeks ago.

Your ticket is replied on support site.

too have a couple questions about the theme as it is not 100% functional. I have 2 support tickets open. I think ticket a response should be made within 24hrs, and one ticket was sent last Friday and the other Sunday. So at least an answer would have been appreciated today. But so far nothing.

One reason I bought this theme was I saw you respond to folks within 24hrs on this Comments section, but I’m not getting the same service from your Support Ticket System.

I think I’ll make every ticket “urgent” so you look at it.

I’ve yet to rate this theme. So far, it’s not rating as well as it could be.

Hi Buddy,

Replied your ticket. And sorry for the delay on reply actually as you know there is a muslim festival Eid is going on all over the world and that’s y we are on holidays for a week and not able to reply the customer’s queries during this time.

Really sorry for that.

Thank You

Ok thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know you were on holiday….my apologies.

I look forward to getting things resolved and working with you.

Thank you for understanding. Will check your issue asa we will be back to work.

Thanks again.

I have some doubts about this theme. Are you ready for SEO? ... I dont see this theme have different URL (friendly URL) how share content without these? Can you take rss channel? before buy or not this theme I would like to know about this.


As this is a One page theme and all the section are on a single page so different URL for each section is not possible currently.


Ok, thanks for the reply … keep looking for another theme.


As of 10-17-13, this theme is not ready for prime time.

It works well enough on PCs at full size, but the responsive features have clearly NOT been tested on tablets or smart phones (at least not iPad and iPhone).

Navigation does not work on iPhones at all.

It does not support adding pages as they will not inherit the parent navigation settings. It is meant to be a one-page site.

It’s close and I think the dev could fix it in a day if they chose too.

It’s rather disappointing in that this is the second theme in a row I’ve downloaded from ThemeForest that clearly was not QCd well enough before release.


Thanks to mention the issue. We have tested the theme on an android based tablet and galaxy smartphones as well and found it fine and than we publish it. We don;t have any apple device to test so that’t y we missed it.

Can you help us in fixing these issues by sending us screenshots of the theme in iPhone and iPad. We shell be very very thank full to you.


Hello Guys,

Reborn theme is back and this time we have fixed lots of issues especially in responsive views for iPhone and iPad’s. Please let us know if you still facing any issue on any operating system or device.

See the updates list below:

10-25-2013    V1.2
    - Fixed background image was not changing issue
    - Fixed responsive issues for iPhone and iPad
    - Fixed menu in mobile views
    - Fixed featured images stretching issue
    - Fixed adding new pages in menu
    - Fixed google map zoom with scroll
    - Files Updated:

Thanks a Lot.

Before I try this out, what is the best way to update the theme but keep my settings from the current version? Should I manually replace the old files with the ones you’ve listed in your update message?

Here is the live site, still needing those fixes. But at least you can see how the site is responding.

One thing to note is the footer image is placed through CSS and resizes correctly. But the other images are placed through the interface you made (and I think javascript?) and those do not resize correctly.

Another thing to note is the entire header space does load consistently as if it’s getting more then one instruction on how to load…I don’t know.

In the end, the client loves her new site, so we are almost golden.

Sorry I can’t help more directly.

Thank you so much for mentioning these issues. We have another update planned on Monday and have noted down all these issues and will surely fix it.

Thank you so much buddy.


Reborn 1.3 is updated but in review yet. Soon it will be available for download.


I think the new version is getting better, but I still have some issues with images. 1. On the ‘services’ section, that image is stretched but not keeping it’s aspect ratio. It’s distorting the image by just pulling it horizontally.

2. On the ‘contact’ section, that image isn’t resizing or stretching to cover the entire screen.

3. The Header > Overlay Image / Icon, it’s not centered as it was in the first version. It also jumps around if you resize the browser.

4. Finally, where are the customization options where you can control the speed of the transition, type of transition (i.e. fade, swipe left, etc.) ? This was originally under the bg_slider.php file but that file is completely different now.

Here is a live link to the temporary site. http://www.jessicacernat.com/wp

Thank in advance for addressing these.

Thank you so much for mentioning these issues. We have another update planned on Monday and have noted down all these issues and will surely fix it.

Thank you so much buddy.



Reborn 1.3 is updated but in review yet. Soon it will be available for download.


I just recently updated hoping it would fix the resizing issues for various resolutions and on the iPhone and iPad, but this theme still doesn’t appear to be working correctly.

Here is the site I’m working on currently: http://fwctestsite.com/

If you open on Android or iPad holding the phone vertically, it cuts off the right half of the main background image at the top. Only when you switch to holding the phone horizontally does it display correctly.

I’ve also had similar problems to xenomorph78 where the background images for the “Services” and “Blog” sections do not keep their scale properly, the height does not scale when resizing the width.

Also, the menu does not resize properly. If you don’t have the browser maximized, and start to slowly pull one side in to make the window thinner, undoubtedly the menu to the right of the logo will drop down underneath. Then, if you keep making it thinner, it will temporarily get back in line with the logo and left-side menu, and then it will jump back down again below them, before finally the drop-down menu kicks in when it has been shrunken enough.

This first happens when I resize the window width to 1148 pixels. At 1149, everything shows up fine, but as soon as it is 1148 it doesn’t work correctly. It goes back to working correctly at 1025 pixels wide, then messes up again at 980 pixels wide. Then at 850, the drop down menu kicks in.

Really hoping all of this is addressed in tomorrow’s update (or sometime very soon). Thanks in advance!

Reborn 1.3 is updated but in review yet. Soon it will be available for download.


It is now Wednesday and I don’t see an update with the fixes. Do you have an update on when that update will be posted?


Mate update is done but in review yet. We are also waiting for its approval.

Thank You

I’ve never had to edit so much CSS (and some PHP) with a ThemeForest theme just to get it working before.

There are so many little bugs and just silly ways of doing things. For example, the active link color in the main stylesheet has two pound signs instead of one (## instead of #). Links will default to the awful blue color unless you go in and delete one.

This theme isn’t terrible for computer screens, but on mobile devices it is a nightmare. I’m putting in so many rules based on screen width to get things to appear properly and in the right area on phones and tablets, plus a few fixes for computer screens as well.

The menu, the main overlay image in the main header, etc. – I’ve worked on all of this stuff to get it to appear correctly. In some cases I’ve created up to 4 different rules based on various screen widths just to get it to display decently.

The worst part is the background images for the headers of each section. These are not displaying properly on mobile devices at all.

It’s really a pretty theme, but this is costing me a lot of time and money to fix this just so it is decent enough to show my client. I don’t mind a few fixes here and there, but if I had known this was going to be so awful on mobile devices I would have passed. A responsive theme like this should have been much more thoroughly tested before release, especially on mobile devices!


We already released an update of the theme Reborn 1.3 in which we have resolved all these issues. Please try out the latest version and lets us know if you still seeing any issues after this release.

Thanks a Lot

I really like the theme. But I want to use it for a music site. And i am wodering how hard it is to edit the code in it?

I mean i need section for youtube/vimeo, mp3, woocommerce too.

Let me know.


Theme is very well coded and commented so you can edit it very easily. BTW youtube and vimeo video section is already available.


:) i am going to buy this! Great work! And keep up your prompt responses…

Reborn 1.3 is now available for download. We have fixed some more responsive issues in this release.

See the change log:

11-03-2013    V1.3
    - Fixed background images resizing issue
    - Fixed blog & work detail issue on phones
    - Files Updated:

I just found that it needs html tags to even insert a line break for the content. E.g About section. Isn’t there anyway we can give the content uploader the feel of wordpress editor space? Since my client don’t know HTML, I seriously doubt if he is going to like it.

The ticket reference is 508. :) and I also supported a reference sometime ago 506. :) can you look in that too?

I’m still waiting for your response. Its very urgent.. plz respond fast…

Tickets replied.