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very nice layout mate… good luck

Thanks mabuc!

I clicked on this nearly expecting Eminem’s new album…

Hahaha I know what you mean :)

That’s funny, I felt the same way when I saw this. Eminem!! :D

Any plans for a WordPress version of this in the future? Beautiful template, great work!

Thanks! Maybe if anyone buys this I’ll make a Wordpress version :P

Using cufon, would look better :P Anyway, good job.

I’ll integrate that, thanks!

simple, clean and beautiful. What else can a buyer expect? awesome work!

Thanks Daniel!

Any plans for a wordpress version?

Working on a project now and this would be perfect, but need a wordpress version.

Bought this and may use it for a placeholder until I find another template to use.

When preview is clicked, the GoDaddy page comes up and says this domain name is expired and pending delition, that’s the xhtmlsource domain. Just thought I’d drop a note.

Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the link!

Thought this was a WordPress theme… oh well! Would be nice to have.