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Hi, first congratulations for so nice theme, so beautiful!

I want to buy it but I have a doubt:

Is there a way to put my actual blog post in the “Blog Section” ? I mean, I want my actual post appears as they do on the demo, but I don´t want to use this theme for my blog, only for my personal website.


Hi, thank you mate. I’m not sure what you are asking for, but if it’s in our demo website, then it’s possible. :)


It´s a little complicated to explain but I mean if I can put my actual blog posts in my website(with your theme) but without having my blog in the same directory. When you click in a post on your demo go to a blog hosting in the same directory, it´s part of the same website. I don´t wanna that. is it possible? On the other hand, can I change the circles of the menu? I don´t see any demo with a different type of menu.

Thank you.


Do you mean to link the blog posts in main page to another website? Please check the post formats and see if you can use a URL to do that. Also you can change intro menu shapes via “appearance > theme settings”.

d_ch Purchased


Is your theme compatible with Wordpress 4? And if i use WPML, will i have problems with the responsiveness of the language switcher at header?

Thanx in advance.


Hi, yes it’s compatible with WP 4. I’m not sure if it has any issue with responsiveness, but even if it has, we will help you solve it. :)

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Hi, a few questions for you:

1. Can there be any call to action buttons in the slider (specifically the half-screen one used in the “official” version)?

2. Do you have any shortcodes in the theme for tabs or accordions or alike to be used in the content?


We come back to our customers in 48 hours, but we had an issue and I apologize for the delay.

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ok, thanks. we look forward to resolving the issues as soon as you can get to them


Sure mate. :)

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Hello, I bought this theme and am trying to update the map api does not work.


Hello, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and send us your website URL and WP login information.

Hi there, amazing theme. Can I use the circle menu on the home page as a normal menu – or ideally link to a post category?


Hello mate, yes you can do that with a small customization in back-end code. Please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.


we want to buy the “red sky” wordpress template, but we have few questions before:

1. does the template support hebrew? is it possible to change the web language to hebrew by Implementing font? do you give support if it doesnt work? Is it possible to change the websit so it will work RTL?

2. is it possible to change the circles in the menu to diffrent shapes with a diffrent icons? is it an image we can upload another?

3. is it possible to upload a background images?

4. is it possible to change the gallery view? for exmple – we need the pics to be horizantal and we want them to only zoom when pressing on one of them.

5. is it possible to remove certain parts? for exmple – we dont need a blog in the website, and we dont need the option of sorting projects by type (such as: all, audio, video, quote…..). is it possible to remove it?

thank you!!


Hello mate, thank you for contacting us.
1) Red Sky supports all the google fonts, you can either use WPML plugin for translation, or you can make it RTL yourself. But it does not have native RTL support.

2) You can’t change those images or shapes without customization in back-end code, but if you want to do that, we will tell you which files you should customize.

3) Different sections have their own parallax background images, but if you want to have an image as the background of your website, you should do it via CSS.

4) Customizing the portfolio is a little complicated, but still you can do that if you have a Web Development in your hand.

5) Yes that’s possible with some simple CSS. :)


first of all: thank you for the amazing template!

I have some questions and I’d be glad if you could help me: 1) I am using the plugin Polylang for multi-language site. Unfortunately, I’m only able to translate articles, portfolio and pages but not the “About” section and the separators (parallax). Do you have any experience with this plugin? Or is there a (free) Plugin that enables the possibility for a multi-language site that is compatible with your template? 2) I am using the circular menu, is it possible to have the circles in alternating colors? 3) Is it possible to change the color of the sections where the date of the blog is visualized?

Thank you in advance!



Hello mate, thank you for your great comment.
1) Unfortunately I don’t have any experience using Polylang, this theme is compatible with WPML and WPML has a feature called “admin string translation”. Perhaps you should look for a plugin with that feature.
2) Look for ”.circle li .style” in “style.css” file. Also for changing the back circle color, you should change ”.circle li:hover .style” styles.
3) For that you should change ”.accordion_title” background color.


Thanks for the great support last time.

I’m having 3 further questions now.

1) How can I disable the “comments” and “leave comment” section on the blog?

2) In which file can I change the “load more posts” and “no more posts” text on the portfolio section?

3) Is there a separate section where I can specify the mobile version of the template?

Thank you in advance!



Hello, you’re welcome mate.
1) When you click on “blog” on admin dashboard, you will see a list of your blog posts. Move your mouse on each blog post and you will see an option called “quick edit”, click it and uncheck “allow comments” option.
2) Open “lib > theme-scripts.php”and change them on line 283 and 284.
3) Red Sky does not have this feature. :)


thanks for the reply. everything worked out well. I’m almost finished with the page but I have some final questions:

1) a) unfortunately, the mobile version does not look nice yet. I’m having a youtube-video right beyond the intro-slides but the video thumbnail is only shown half size on the mobile version. is there a possibility to fix that (or even disable it)? b) also the text on the parallax is not completely shown on the mobile version due to the font size it is cropped. c) the “bottom-up” arrow is obscuring the logo on the header. is there a solution for that?

2) when i want to change the “me” picture on the maps section, the new (a little bit larger) picture is also cropped (desktop version), is there an option where I can change the shown size?

Thank you in advance! Really appreciate your support and work.


Hello, you’re welcome. open “footer.php” and change the icon size on line 14. For other issues, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

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I’ve created a Child Theme, I set up a JS file that works well. I want to use Jquery and he did not recognize him.

I would like to know how to define that the Jquery to work in the child theme. Regards

Healiny Purchased

I defined

wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’); wp_register_script(‘jquery’, ‘http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/.../jquery.min.js'); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’);

Work but the other functions do not work on the site I have no way of knowing the template version works with


You don’t need to included jQuery, WordPress will load it’s own jQuery by default. Also for more assistant, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Hi everyone!

Just want to say, that PixFlow have the best support on Themeforest… I’ve never met anyone who helped me so quick and so efficiently. Thank You PixFlow!



Hello mate, thank you for your awesome comment. We’re really glad to have another happy customer. You’re the best. :)

hi this shan i would like to buy that red sky word press front page ,logo design ,please guide me and kindly send me detail and term and condition,thank you,shan[prabhu] india.


Hello Shan, Please send us an email using pxflow@gmail.com

I just purchased the theme and I love the work you’ve put into this.

I’m having a problem with blog posts and desktop view (all browsers I’ve tested; Mac OS). It seems impossible to read a blog post with any content in it. It scrolls up and is inaccessible (without scroll bars). The mobile view is GREAT.

Any ideas?


Hello mate, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you solve the issue.

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Is this theme still getting updates?


Not any particular updates, but we will fix any possible bug .

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I have already purchased your theme but have problems with the widget RS Contact form.

This message “An error has been occurred while sending message” displays on screen when I fill out the contact form. Please help me

Thx Bogdan


Hi, you can use contact form 7 and add your form shortcode to a text widget, then add that text widget to your footer widget area, for more information contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

I am no longer able to login to the back end of the site. limitlessconference.com/wp-admin also there is errors when trying to scroll thru the site. Please let me know what the cause of this could be, I haven’t made any changes to this clients site since August and it was working fine.


Please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can investigate the issue.

WooCommerce says it can be used with almost every theme. You don’t mention this being compatible with this red sky theme. Can you please advise if this is compatible or if you have a trial period where I can test this? or a refund policy if it doesn’t work. This theme is perfect in every other way.


WooCommerce is a en ecommerce plugin, you can install it, add your products and create your pages. Red Sky is not WooCommerce ready, but to make it compatible, you should set styles and add a few functions if needed. You can find good documentations on how to do that on internet, but I suggest you to take look at The Moon, it’s WooCommerce ready: http://themeforest.net/item/the-moon-creative-one-page-multipurpose-theme/9444691

Hi, I had to reinstall the theme and pretty much re-do my clients site because there was something corrupt in wordpress. It’s all cleaned up now and running smooth on the computer, however it’s not working AT ALL on the mobile devices. Please check it out and let me know if it’s an easy fix that I’m missing. Thank you so much for your time.

Site: http://TheLimitlessConference.com


Hi, it works fine for me, if you have any issue with your site, please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

this is not a good deal my webmaster buy this theme and he cant complete the map part cuz u have a bug, send me an email now! .... ventapaginas@gmail.com


You can ask your webmaster to contact us using our support forum.

I also havent had a good experience with this theme, theirs plugins are hackable. My website has been marked in blacklist thanks to this.

I have lost more than I win using it.


Hi, Which plugin has issues and is hackable?


I have found the code in revslider


Try to update the theme to latest version, We update the plugins on each theme update, so any issue will be fixed quickly. :)