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frabie Purchased

Hi there, I am really enjoying this theme.

Please may I make one suggestion.

If the posts-per-page in portfolio is equal to or less than the amount of actual portfolio posts, can there be an option to remove the “No More Posts” banner underneath the portfolio section?

See the image attached.

Thank you! ;)


Hi, thank you mate. yes that’s possible with a customization in theme files, please send us an email to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.


First off just want to say I am enjoying how this theme is looking for displaying my work. I was hoping to get some feedback on adjusting the portfolio section. I like how when you click portfolio it brings you to the different topic areas, what I would like it to do after I click one of those topics is to go to a gallery that looks like the previous page with thumbnails. Then once one of the thumbnails is clicked show the lightbox effect, the reason is I want people to see all the available art by having thumbnails vs them merely clicking next to see all the work. I love the animated effect that happens with the lightbox you have created so if I could figure this out and avoid having to get a generic gallery plugin that would be great. Sorry for the lengthy post and I appreciate any help you may be able to offer.


PxJoe Author Team

Dear GageOmmundsen

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in our theme , and thanks for your full description , we can not promise 100% that your request is possible to apply , but we can give it a try , please send your ftp and wordpress information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can try some solutions there