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Hi I’m working with your theme and ran into a small problem. My contact section has an info column that is particularly long and thus causes my contact form (the other one of the two columns) to have an incredible amount of white space below it. I believe this is due to some sort of formatting with this theme that forces the columns in the contact section to all have the same height, which becomes a problem on mobile devices where there’s a huge gap between one section of info and the other.

How can I disable whatever formatting there is for the equal heights on the columns in the contact section?

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting this bug, I’ll fix it in the next theme update.

You can disable the equal heights in the contact section by adding the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.contact-section .equalheight {
    height: auto !important;


Hey, I can’t figure this out. I recently started happening.

For some reason my blog post is at the top of the layout and down lower. How do i get rid of the top one?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! It seems like you’ve already solved the problem yourself? I can only see one blog post section on your site now…