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Great theme. I’m thinking about making the purchased but I’m curious about video support. Is there a way to place video in the main slider, Twitter feed or social media backgrounds on the home page?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Redfolio… I’m sorry, but those sections do not support video backgrounds.


The theme is awesome, robust and very well built. I’m having an issue posting my blog URL’s to Facebook though. When I copy a URL from a blog page or post, and paste it into Facebook, it will not show an image. It only gives a text description. I’m not using Jetpack or any sharing plugins. I know there are several issues around this, but I was able to post to Facebook using a default theme.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hey there… I’m glad to hear you enjoy working with the theme!

Try this: Go to , enter your URL and click “Debug”.

Hi there,

Would it be possible to add an extra logo on the right side of the header? I was thinking about a small square with the company logo, instead of the search icon.


Hey there!

You would have to manually code the logo image into the theme files (peferably in a child theme so you can update the theme later without problem ).

Upload the logo in Media > Add New and copy the URL.

In the file header.php, allmost all the way at the bottom of the file, right above

</header><!-- #top-bar -->
add the image:
<img src="http://imageURL.png" >


How to throw BLOG from and rearrange items on the home page ?

Hey there! I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Can you explain further? Did you want to rearrange front page sections or portfolio items or … ?

I want to change parts – the first to give such contact followed by a portfolio.

I also want to throw out the blog from

Oh ok I see…

This information can be found in the documentation:

You can reorder your frontpage sections by installing the “Simple Page Ordering” plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can simply drag and drop the frontpage sections into a certain order. Add/remove front page sections by going to Pages > All Pages, selecting the page you want to add or remove and check/uncheck the checkbox “Frontpage section”. (More info in the documentation under “5. One Page”).


Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to reduce the padding between the section titles and top of section, as well as bottom. It seems that there is a large space between the top of the title to the top of the section. Here it is from my site.

I was also wondering how to remove the margin between the two sections. In the image it shows that red-pink strip from the background image (between the about and portfolio sections) Basically, I just want to feel like one large white box with all the content, rather than separate sections themselves, and only have the background on the left and right. Thanks!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

I tried to align the portfolio overlay title to the center of the overlay by doing:

.overlay h2 {

However, it only aligns it to the top-center of the overlay, anyway I can align the title to the direct center of the portfolio overlay? Being able to make it adjustable with the different thumbnail sizes.

Also, for whatever reason, I can’t change the sizes of the sections. I’m using multi-page sections, so when i changed the font size in Theme Options, nothing changed.

In order to vertically align the title, this will work if you are not using subtitles:

.overlay .mask {
    display: table;

.overlay h2 {
    display: table-cell;
    vertical-align: middle;
    text-align: center;
    width: 100%;

What font size are you trying to change?

Hey, dig the theme! Would love to begin adding content, however I am unable to import the demo content for the RedFolio theme – received the Failed to import message for every item. What can I do to fix this error? Thanks!

Thanks for the speedy reply and direction! I imported the .gz file and still received a dozen or so Failed to Import errors (listed below) – far fewer, Media / images only – should be concerned about not having these imported?

Failed to import Media “LOGO-redfolio” Failed to import Media “LOGO-redfolio-retina” Failed to import Media “pin” Failed to import Media “ui3” Failed to import Media “gr” Failed to import Media “gr2” Failed to import Media “logox1x” Failed to import Media “logoy” Failed to import Media “logoz” Failed to import Media “logoz” Failed to import Media “logov2” Failed to import Media “dummy900900” Failed to import Media “dummy900900d” Failed to import Media “dummy300300” Failed to import Media “01”

What’s your maximum upload file size? You can find out when you go to Media > Add New. If it’s as low as 2MB, that’s not enough. Should be at least 32MB.

Hey! Max upload file size is 128MB. I began developing the theme, have yet to run into issues related to the missing media. Thanks again for your help!

Loving this theme! Working on the navigation / menu, wondering if there’s a way to show a section as current in the menu (highlighted in red, as it is in the redfolio preview) as you’re scrolling through the one page layout and when you navigate to the page via the section button? Thanks in advance!

Gotcha, didn’t think it was possible – thanks for confirming. Glad you’re digging my customization!


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Hey! Another question about the menu – decided to have the main pages highlighted in the menu, along with the sections featured only on the onepage layout. The sections are highlighting just fine (about / contact / social) but the pages are not (catering / projects / galleries / news) – is this something I mucked up or is there an additional step when adding pages vs. sections to the menu? Thanks in advance for your help!

Sorry for the late reply. I see it actually the other way round on your site now. Pages are highlighting, sections are not.

You can add the bottom border for active sections with the following code:

.sf-menu li {
    border-bottom: 2px solid #3b3c3e !important;

My theme for some reason will not update the color of the heading in the home section. I pick a color in the color picker and it just defaults back to black. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I am working on it locally.

I’ll gladly look at it once your site is up.

Awesome, thanks, I’ll shoot a link over once I have it up.

Hi. First off, really love you the theme. I’ve been using it for a while. Just one question, is there a way to remove the play icon that appears on each portfolio item? Thanks for the help.

Hey there!... I’m glad to hear you like the theme!

In order to remove the video play icon, add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.videoicon {
    display: none !important;


Hi guys,

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Is it compatible with wp 4.2.2 version or not? Cheers!

Hi guys,

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Is it compatible with wp 4.2.2 version or not? Cheers!

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Redfolio. Yeah, the theme is compatible with WP 4.2.2. Cheers!

Hi! I want to change the color of label form. Like Name / Email / Message. Now the color is #aaa I used the Theme Options but does not made difference.

I´ll use black in “Form input fields background color “and I want to use white color in Label ( Name / Email / Message ), But when I change “Form input fields text color” to white color, nothing happens.

How can I change in CSS?


Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. Can you send me a link to your site please?

So it looks like the color for form fields is set to ”#d9d9d9”. Change it to ”#ffffff” to use white color.

Great theme…I’m interested in buying but i have a only question..there’s possibility in blog section to have the post more than 3 in a line/row? 4-5.6 row post for line? thanks genius…..

Hey there… Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your interest in Redfolio!

This can only be done by making a little change in the theme files. After your purchase, please send me a message via the “Contact Author” button here: and I’ll send you the instructions.



1/ Is there a way to add more lines in subtitle in portfolio item? I’d like to display two or three lines on the video item overlay.

2/ I need to align position of this subtitle to the bottom of the portfolio item thumbnail (I have many video items in portfolio and subtitle overlaps on “play video” icon), can you help me with it?

Hey there!

1. In order to display your subtitle text in multiple lines, use the HTML code <br> :
Text Line 1 <br> Text Line 2 <br> Text Line 3

2. Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.overlay p {
    bottom: 12px;
    position: absolute;


Thanks! Works great!


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Great customizable Theme incl. best support I ever experienced :)

I’m glad you are happy with your purchase and my support :)



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My client began testing her site and noticed when the contact form is filled out, she receives an email, but with none of the form’s information. How can I fix this issue?

Contact form in use –

Thanks in advance!


annestar Purchased

I figured it out! Apologies for the useless inquiry :)

No problem :)


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I try to put some icons from a supported icon list of Font Awesome but it doesn’t work icons below:


Can you tell me why it doesn’t work?


Hey there!

These icons were added in FontAwesome version 4.4, which just got released a couple days ago and is not included in Redfolio yet. I will release a theme update within the next couple days including the newest version of FontAwesome.


Thank you so much for your response. I will look forward the next version which is included those FontAwesome icons.

Hello, again!

I have a quick question regarding the delayed display the title text, sub title and ‘view projects’ button on a first big size of picture in the landing page.

In our web site, the delayed display of the title and button is actually not good. It seems like something wrong.

Can I adjust the displayed time for those element?