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The bottom email form hides after animation in Chrome. I would love to know why your demo site works but the template out of the box is broken. Any help would be great. Other than this I find the files well documented and have enjoyed customizing the template.


My apologies, you’re completely correct. This problem came up before and I was in the process of releasing a “proper” patch to fix the issue. Since it may take a day or two before the theme updates on here I’ll paste the solution here:

You need to add “forwards” to the end of each “animation” property in the animation classes. For example, for the class .fadeInLeft, it would now be like so:

.fadeInLeft {
  opacity: 1;
  animation: fadeInLeft 1s forwards;
  -webkit-animation: fadeInLeft 1s forwards;
  -moz-animation: fadeInLeft 1s forwards;
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