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Hi there, This is a great theme and I’m having a small strange thing happen with links to Vimeo. Instead of taking the visitor to the URL at Vimeo, a box opens up with a message: “Oops The embed code for this video is not valid”

But I’m not trying to embed a video, I’m trying to direct the visitor to a vimeo page. You can see what I mean here. The IMDB link works fine, but the Vimeo one (and also the one in the footer) brings up this error.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks – i found it – it was called something else. Thanks for your help.

No worries.

I’m having problems setting up the portfolio page. I’ve added items and a portfolio page, but I cannot get the items to show on that page. Is there a shortcode I am missing??

Choose the portfolio template from the page attributes:

Funny, I did this million times last night and nothing. Then I try from a new computer and all of the “Projects” are there. Maybe something to do with the cache. Thanks

Possibly. No problem!

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When I load my site on mobile platform the menu is not loading/blank. Any ideas why?

Is there a better way to request support?

Make sure the menu you created is name Primary or it wont be populated. You can send emails via the form on my profile page:


Is there a way to disable the text on the page headers? While it looks really good, we just want to feature the logo on the headers and no text. I’ve done some work arounds, but but idea – I’ve set to clear text and that works, but technically the text is still there.

You’ll need to modify the tagline section of header.php

Hi! The icons are just showing as the short code. Is there something wrong? It was fine a few days ago.


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The plugin is not conflicting. The social icons at the bottom of the page are not working with ALL plugins disabled. If no plugins are enabled then plugin conflict is not possible. See footer of

I’m just going of what you said: “I think the problem might be with “Virtue / Pinnacle ToolKit” plugin?”

Will take a look.


Could you let me know how to slow down the transition on the testimonials?


Hey. Sure.

Open refinery/assets/js/application.js, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the JS for the testimonials.

fadeIn: 1000, stay: 5000, fadeOut: 500

Increase the stay: value to slow it down.

Perfect, thanks!

No worries!