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What a fantastic theme! Congratulations. My clients really love the horizontal scrolling. On your live demo you have the “Buy Now” and “Style Editor” tabs on the far right. Is this a plug-in that you use? I’ve tried a few similar slide tab and pull tab plug ins but they don’t seem to work. Could you advise the best plug in to use for this?

Thank you. All the tab plug-ins we use seem to lock the horizontal scroll ability of the theme. Lastly, I am trying to reduce the line spacing of the copy on posts and pages, but am unable to find it in the style.css files. Where can I change this?

Try pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
.post-column p { line-height: 20px; }
Default is 24px;

Thanks so much. It works.

Hi, We have a pre-sale question : are your portfolio and blog articles sortable by category ? I mean is it possible to sort portfolio items by a specific category rather than by date ? Thank you !

Hey, yes the theme supports categories, but it does not provide any filters. However you can use main menu sub items for this. See this example of blog category:

Elegant challenge though.I am trying to add buttons at the bottom of the home page that will slide the page when clicked instead of using the mouse or if I have to use the mouse or arrow keys, the page should slide to a specific area in the same page.How can this be achieved?

The theme does not support anything like this by default, but it’s possible to modify it to do so. That being said this will be far from simple – advanced frontend developer skills will be required. Broadly speaking you will have to add the buttons to theme/templates/header.php inside the main-content-wrapper. The style them in theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css and create the javascript code that actually slides the whole thing in theme/assets/js/theme.js. This is about as detailed an answer I can give you without actually coding.


I need some advice on how to remove date, comments, author, category and Share from home page and blog posts(across the site) using css. Appreciate a quick response from you on this.

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Hi, I want to buy HTML site template. Do you plan to have an html version soon?

Thanks, jp

No, unfortunately there will not be an HTML version for Regolith.

Is there any way to start a paragraph from the next column in Posts. Basically, I have some text which I want to appear in say column 1 and then next paragraph to start in column 2.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Also this would make the text splitting arguably worse since the text would be very uneven. Every user visiting your site will have a different screen height so the only way to split the text in a way that looks consistently good is word by word.

Hi, nice template! Please I need advice on how to remove date, comments, author, category and Share from home page and blog posts

Hey, Try pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
.date-comments-1 { display: none; }
.accessories { display: none; }


The theme looks great but would have loved it if it came with a shop/woocommerce functionality. Would recommend you guy to do so in your next major update.

Thanks, we’ll think about this ;)