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hi, how can i add jquery color switcher thanks

like in my demo? You can grab it from browser. Or I can send you zip files with it on email. Just write to me from my profile page

Hello, any updates on that WP version?

WP version is ready and now on approval of TF.

where the WP version?

Sorry, but approving themes on TF is veryyyyyy long now. It’s ready but I have some problem with reviewer and wait for answer more than week. I hope I will get it soon

Hello, i love you’re template, it’s possible to have a big menu hover the menu (for exemple hover “Home variants” a menu with 2 or 3 columns not just one) responsive? Sorry for my english i’m french, i hope you understand :s Thx and good job ^^

No, now it is not possible, but menu supports inner 2-3 submenus. For example, go to http://sizam-design.com/rehub_demo/blog.html and hover on “Post and review” – “Single post”. With next release I plan to enhance menu and 2-3 columns mega menu will be added also.

Great, great, great template. Any word on approval for the wordpress version? I will be the first to buy!!

I think in 3-4 days I will have answer from reviewer.

Update on the approval progress on wordpress version? It’s pretty pathetic that TF is taking so long to approve it…

Please update on the status of the Wordpress version. Thank you.

Review team works very long last time. But I hope in 1-3 days I can get answer

Thank you for the update. It’s a beautiful, functional template. I’m sure you will sell a ton. Like I said, I will be the first to buy. I have a project on hold because I want to use it. All the best.

Awesome, like this one a lot!;

thank you, I appreciate this


Beautiful template! I’m thinking about purchasing this. I would like to know if there is an admin panel? If so, may I please see a demo of it?


Hi, I want to add some new interesting features and then I will create test demo site. Please, wait some days.


Is it difficult to change the template so the sidebar is left instead of right?



Thanks for your quick reply. I bought the theme and I’m installing it on http://www.vergelijksaunas.nl/

As you can see the solution you mentioned is not working. The .content div is at the right, but the sidebar won’t go to the left.

I also tried it with the original files from the zip and that gives the same result. So the problem is not from modifying your files.

Awesome theme by the way!


I try with my demo and don’t see any problem. change
.main-side {float:right;}.sidebar{float:left}

Now it works!

You said I had to float the content to the right, not the .main-side :)

BTW, I also changed the padding and border to the right on .sidebar.

Thanks for the excellent help!


You have CSS file for Ecwid Control Panel Change Design? Big Thank you! Good job! Really! Igor

You don’t need to insert any code to ecwid panel, because theme files has priority. You can just add this css file to your site. Css for ecwid is placed in separate file, so, if you want, you can add this file to ecwid control panel (but don’t forget to change urls to images). Also, theme has psd sources of ecwid elements (useful if you want change buttons, icons, etc).

I can’t remove the “Editor’s Choice” icon on the top of the slider – even when I choose not to display it in the options. Any ideas on how to get rid of this icon?

Where did you find this icon? There is no such icons in HTML version

You use wp version of theme (not html). Editor’s choice stamp can be deleted from admin panel of theme options. But, note, I don’t see that you are a buyer of theme, so I can’t help until you approve that you have legal copy of theme


janx63 Purchased

Noticed that the template pages show bold text on all areas of page, even the Typography page. Is that the way the template was designed or can it be changed to show normal weight text in some areas. I tried editing the stylesheet without success. Adding the font-weight:normal to different tags didn’t work.

Thanks in advance – Nice template btw

do you mean headings? maybe you have unclosed strong tag in content or widget.

Before I purchased the template, I previewed the template and was able to change header width and color. I was able to change sidebar color. After purchasing I can not see the feature enable me change it. How do I change header color, width, sidebar color?

I read the documentation and used <body class=”block_style”> as my opening body tag but the header is still wide. what am I suppose to do?

Sorry it worked now. thanks. I forgot to save the file before viewing the web page.


There are a few things that I want to update: 1- How to change the color of post title? 2- How to change the background color of By Views/By Comments sidebar 3- How to change the color of the footer and background color of the text in the footer? Now I couldn’t read the text in the footer as it’s white color cover by white background.

1- Developer hided it for me. Could you please help me to fix this issue? Also, I couldn’t find the global enable-disable for hiding feature image option. Do you have the screenshot?

I couldn’t find that option. Please see the screenshot


If I remember correctly, I see that issue before removing the feature image from the post. However, we could try to restore the old one and disable using the global-enable/disable option if that resolve the issue.

Could you please give me some instructions?

1. See bottom of page http://screencast.com/t/qsjekVdg5RZg also, for single post http://screencast.com/t/atOBBsunC (right side of page)

How do I resolve the overlapped picture in the TOP OFFER side bar?

2-This is a big space between the title and video or image in mobile phone(iphone).


3- How do I post manually and set the feature image? I post a new post manually and set feature image using the set feature image link. The featured image appear on the home page is way too big. Please see the screenshot below:


Could you please give me some instructions on how to add the feature image and make them displayed nicely?

Thanks you in advance!

By default, images are cropped. It’s ok when you use horizontal images with ration near 4:3. But, if not, you can disable cropping in theme option – global enable/disable (check first options and you will find this)

I received the email about the theme update. How do I update it without losing the customization?

If you save all customizations in theme option (css or js section) – they will be safe in any case. But if you need to customize theme files – you need to use child theme

After Installed a new updated theme and the menu is broken

Please check my website below:


1- Search box on the sidebar is broken in Chrome(sometime, it display 1 textbox and one button and sometime it display one textbox without bottom border. it’s working in Edge browser 2- The menu by Category stop working. It’s displayed only one of the movies inside that category

I will check other features and post it here.


sizam Author

you didn’t update cache. always do it after update of theme or plugin