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Hello I’m using the version of this template with a video background. The video doesn’t autoplay on phones so I’d like to add a poster image for those cases how do it do that? My code looks like this at the moment

Hello Brother, Please send me all the template files via e-mail zoomarts.com@gmail.com and i will make it for you.

Best Regards.

Hi, I want to buy this theme, but some of your Live Demos don’t seem to be working. Demo 1 for example looks great, but others, like http://demo.zoom-arts.com/html/relway/index4.html seem to have a broken layout. Could you please let me know the reason for this?

Hello Brother,

Thanks a lot for your interest. About your question, this issue comes from the Twitter Feed Plugin, I will fix it in the next release.
Thanks again and feel free to ask.

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Hello zoom-arts, twitter feed code doesn’t seem to work by default, has it been updated? Is there some other code to use? Thanks.

Hello Brother, please send me your FTP account via e-mail in my profile page to check this problem.

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I’m not able to provide ftp info, but you can view the site here: http://thenativecreation.com

Hi again, you should remove the ”.json” file from the twitter folder and it will work.
Please let me know if you still need more help.


Hi brother!

Awesome work on this template! You are truly and extremely talented designer/developer.

We are having trouble getting the background videos to autoplay (or even show up) in mobile browsers (iphone, ipad, mobile chrome, etc). We plan to use the background video section as a header section on some page so we need to ensure they can displayed & autoplayed on all platforms. Can you please help us with this?

Thank you very much!

Hi Brother,

Thank you so much for your purchase our template.

About your question, you can’t enable the video backgrounds in mobile browsers.

Currently, all devices running iOS are limited to playback of a single audio or video stream at any time. Playing more than one video—side by side, partly overlapping, or completely overlaid is not currently supported on iOS devices or mobile browsers.

Thanks again and feel free to ask.

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Hi Support for Relway

I love that theme but i don’t know how to setting about MANAGE PORTFOLIO Click for Popup Detail

Please tell me if you free time

Thank you

Hello Brother,

Thanks for your purchase and I apologize for the delay in reply.
About your question, just take a look at the index.html code and go to line 411, you will see the first project of the portfolio has id -> “projects/portfolio-1.html”. this is the project details that display in the popup area and you will find this file inside the “projects” folder. So if you want to create you own, just change the id from the main HTML file then create a new html with the same name in id value and create the projects details by html code.
I’m sorry again and feel free to ask.

Kind Regards!