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Please help me, the gallery project is the most important, and I can not see anything, I want to link it with the files you gave me but I can not, I need your help, I imagine that part of the gallery work and is not like I need please your help as much as possible. regards

Hello friend, and solve the problem, me liked your work, you have many successes and will be waiting for your next project, greetings.

Hi Jorge, Thanks for your kind words, but what about your problem, is it solved??

friend if everything is working fine, I just like to change something that is in the gallery slider, I find the attribute “element style”.

any chance in getting any of my answers actually answered??? Ive asked 3 times now and no response. seems like my questions are getting skipped right over. HELP PLEASE!!!!

Hi Bro,
I’m so sorry for being late, Please send me your question via email in my profile and i will check it now.

I’m waiting for your answers for a long time. I don’t understand why did you not answer to my emails, or here on this forum!

I did mail you many times. You did not answer me. This is not very professional.

Hey Cipri,
I’m so sorry for being late, About your problems, it’s working in my demo and my localhost without any problem, please send me your website url and i will check it now.

Thank you for answering. The details of the photo portfolio not working. I deleted the link. Also The movie in the first page, but I modify it on my way. Right now I need the details of the photos from portfolio. Please check out. Best regards. LINK: www.veb-habitat.fr

Hey zoom-arts,

my portfolio is not working as your demo. can you please let me know how to make it works.?

i emailed and i commented but still no feedback. please advise. this is not the service i wanted when i paid for it

Hey Brother,
Thanks for your purchase, I’m sorry fo being late, please can you send me your website URL and i will check it now.

Hi, I’m also having problems getting my portfolio to behave as your demo does. Could you please give me some pointers?

Also, when I view the site on a phone it does not seem to be mobile- friendly like in your picture. Is there a style sheet missing?


Hey bro,
Thanks for your purchase, about the mobile issues, i will upload a new update in a few days, about the portfolio problem, please can you send me you website url to check it please.

Thanks, but I seem to have solved the portfolio issue now. I also think I’ve bashed out the mobile issue but what does the update do?

Guys, I’ve some problems on iPad and iPhone. 1st, the head background ain’t resize. 2nd, only on iPad, the side toggle menu ain’t active. Could you help me guys? Thanks a lot.


The map appear without color, how can i change it? I want to have a map with color (the same when you go to maps.google.com). Please help me, i tryed lot of possibilits with no sucess.

Thanks a lot.

How do I embed vimeo movies as video background? With you youtube is easy but when I put a vimeo URL it breaks the design.



Let me start of by saying this is a great theme! I want to use it create a website similar to flashfunders.com. Can you help me do that? It would involve tweaking and creating some new pages. I will provide all the content and information.

I can pay for this extra work as well. Let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank You Aniket


tufaah Purchased

Hi, I cant seem to play the background on mobile devices native browsers but when I installed firefox on my android, the video background plays. Can you please provide me with the solutions.



tufaah Purchased

Hi Again, I have posted a question yesterday about not being able to play the background video section on mobile devices native browsers. can you please reply back and let me know what the solution is Thanks

Hello Guys,

I have a problem with the videao background in the header. It doesnt play. witk youtube, vimeo en wistia an not in chrome(ium), ff en explorer.

Am I doing something wrong?

portfolio does not work. If no solution. No sale

Can this version be used on wordpress? I do not like how your actual wordpress version displays the projects with an overlay… however this version is great!

Still v1.0? Portfolio and responsive mobile updated?!

I want to buy it, but fully working

How do I change the speed of the text slider at the top in the “home”? Looked everywhere in the code. Please help.


Hey zoom-arts,

I recently buy your excelent responsive relway theme. But I want to know if you have developped any pricing table for it. I really like to have one :/


Hello, does the regular license cover the use of the logo?

Hi Ludatha. Sure, you can use our logo in your site.

Hi, I’ve downloaded your good template and just launched our new web www.kothstudio.com but we are not able to have the video in the top home banner auto running. The underground video only run if you click on play icon. Could your please let me know what I should do to integrate an autorun video ? Thanks a lot for your help. Nicola.

Hi Koth,

Thanks a lot for your purchase, About your question, just open your html file and go to line 79 and change the autoPlay value to true.
Also you need to remove the play button from line 84
Please let me know if have more questions.


Hello, I’ve got a question to the portfolio. I don’t find the html file for this portfolio: http://themeforest.net/item/relway-responsive-parallax-one-page-template/full_screen_preview/7044565

Could you please help me? Thanks!

Kind regards, Alexandra Helmgens

Hello Alexandra,

Thanks for your purchase, I need more details about your problem for help!


Ah, sorry, the link just shows the overview. In the demo versions there is a part in the portfolio where the pictures of one work samples changes inside of the frame. For example the third work sample in the first row. I don’t find the html file for this kind of portfolio … Kind regards, Alexandra

You will find all single projects files inside “projects” folder.
Please let me know if you still need any help.
Best Regards!