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Awesome template! Happy sales!

Thank you :)

Fantastic Design! Well done :)

GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thanks, GLWS too :)

Wow clean theme! like it Good luck with sales mate :)

Thanks louie, good luck to you too :)

great design and fantastic layout :-)
good luck with sales

Thanks bro :) Good luck to you too

Nice work & unique Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, GLWS too :)

Really nice theme!
Good luck (and congrats for that new shiny paw :D )

ki mulai rada tenanan

Very good job man I will definitely remember this one ^^

Thanks rnandesh :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you, GLWS too :)

Has anyone been able to get the portfolio animation working on an iPad? Tried contacting support twice they say they only tested with samsung galaxy tablet since they didn’t have an iPad and everything was fine for them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Congrats for a great theme. I have uploaded the html to a test subdomain and the main slider doesnt work, doenst even show actually… I have even uploaded the theme exactly as downloaded and doesnt show…

Can you please take a look and late me know what could be the issue?


Thanks in advanced!

I’ve updated the template and now still in queue for approval, you can re-download the latest package

I can download the current one? or have to wait for the approval? Thanks for the quick answer!

just approved, you can download now

Hi, will this be available in bootstrap 3.0? It looks great, and i want it. but i would prefer 3.0 :-)

Beautiful Item well done!!!;

Hi, does anyone know how to fix the overlapping of the slide in text on the second image on the main slider??


Its spoiling the design :(