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Hi. Is it possible to make a “buy now” button an instant download button, to download a song from site itself, without any payment, to make a free download.

Hi, yes, this is a simple link and it has no built-in payment options, so if you set direct link to mp3 file then it will be possible to download it.

Good day, I’m looking for a template for the website of my local radio station, which is explicitly sports issues.

The purpose is to broadcast via streaming on line and share a live chat for all who enter the web.

Is what we are talking in the cabin, we want to hear it all people to connect and enter our website.

This may be in Joomla or WordPress I have no problem customizing the template, for what I can do.

I wonder if you have a template that fits what you just described.

I have understood that there is way to do this through Youtobe stream, but I do not like the idea of ??having to rely on yotube, so I look for something more personal, no matter if I pay extra for a plug of a third party that can be incorporated into the template that you suggest me.

Nor do we want to have a playlist of music or songs, because our station is not about that, if the playlist brings the default template no problem, I know you can remove or hide, what if I want and much it is able to transmit my radio.

If you have a template so, I would buy it.

In advance much I appreciate your response and your attention.

Hi, it’s possible to stream audio using ShoutCast, also you can replace the home page player with any third-party player, please note that it will have a different design in this case. There’s no built-in live chat, but you can add it using a third-party plugin. If you mean streaming video the only option is using a third-party video service.

Please check the theme description and the live preview to decide if this theme suits your project.

Thank you very much for your timely and generous response , I will review thoroughly the template , which més interests me is to transmit audio in vivi , via streaming , video is not necessary and chat, have to incorporate a plug of a third party, depronto you I can recommend one serving to chat with several people at once , thank you very much again and happy day.

Anything else, you provide service support and assistance to tweak the template and how long they respond.

Like if you guarantee me that this template I can make my live audio transmission , then I will choose this template , I guarantee it ?

Support includes fixing bugs and getting existing options to work, support is provided in 24 hours or less depending on the time zone.

If you stream audio via ShoutCast – home page player supports it, you can simply set the stream URL and it will work.

Hello! I’m building sites for audiobook narrators and I love LOVE the REPLAY theme. I have looked at all the zillion times you’ve told folks how to make the BUY NOW button into a direct download, but I am wondering if there is an elegant way to download tracks from the TRACKLIST.

I apologize if you’ve answered this a zillion times as well. I got a little whelmed looking thru all the pages of support with “download” in them. :)

I just adore this theme. Thanks tons for it and all your awesome work.

Hi, thanks, glad you like it! Currently there’s no such option for tracklists, but it’s possible to add a link or button for downloading all tracks to the release description.

Hi there, I have some questions:

1) On my events page, the event locations appear to be clickable but click to “about:blank”. When events are free, no “Buy Ticket” appears. Is there another option to click the event to see further details?

2) How can I add the homepage to the main menu? I want to add text to the homepage and make it navigable from the main menu.

3) Is it possible to make the white border that surrounds releases the same size? It sizes to the release image that is featured. Our release images are different sizes. If we can size the borders to be the same, we won’t have to resize all the release images!


Hi, thanks for responding! I figured out the Events thing.

The homepage is still not correct. I created a homepage but it acts like a different page – I don’t see an option to set it as the homepage. I want to be able to edit the automatically populated homepage (where the sliders appear). I don’t see that as a menu option in Appearance/Menus, so I can’t add it.

Another question: I don’t have a Slider menu option in Theme Options the way the documentation indicates there should be. I want to test both the Fade and Ribbon sliders. Where is the option?


Please set it as front page in Settings/Reading section, this page content will be shown on the front page and if there’s at least one slide in WordPress/Slides section slider will appear.

This section was renamed to “Header” in late versions, please check this section – it contains both slider and player options.

Perfect. Thanks!

Hey, is it possible to integrate soundcloud links prominently? Is visual composer coming to this theme?

Also I don’t see an instagram option in the screenshots?


1. SoundCloud is available in the social widget, it’s possible to replace the default home page player with SoundCloud player, also it’s possible to replace tracklists in the same way.

2. It’s not included to the theme package, but if this plugin has separate styles and shortcodes you can use it.

3. Please let me know what you mean about Instagram option, if you mean embedding Instagram photos it’s possible to embed them to the page content.

Hi again, two more questions!

Is there a way to set Events such that the only events that automatically populate to artists’ pages are THAT artists’ events? Right now all events are populating to all artists pages.

Is there a way to set the theme so that if an artists as more than 4 releases, they wrap to the next line instead of needing to be scrolled to the right?


This is strange, please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.


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Thanks. What email address should I grant access to?

Please send credentials with required details via the contact form on my profile page

How do I install all the content/demo?

Hi, please follow this screencast step by step to get the same layout as on the live preview

Hello, I was wondering how to make my background image stay stationary as I/people scroll down. Is there a way to do that?

Right now, the image I used for the background keeps repeating as I scroll down.

Hi, if you mean content section background please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

body {background-attachment:fixed;}

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Hi there, something is up. Artists’ releases are no longer being displayed on artists’ pages. I had them set to “related.” I tested with “date” and “random” and those settings both work. However, the “related” setting does not display the artists’ releases. What might be going on?

Hi, please make sure that artists are set correctly for each release. If this issue remains you can send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check it.


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Thanks very much. The releases are set to the artists, and “related” releases used to display just fine. I just submitted my login credentials for you to take a look.


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Hi, me again : ) Is there a way to display only one category of blog posts on an artists’ page? Using either shortcodes or a widget? I want to populate only certain blog posts to each individual artists’ page. Thanks!

Hi, please try using third-party plugins for showing posts from specific category, for example


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Perfect! Thank you.

Hi pre-sale question before i buy, does this theme support woo commerce or is compatible with it? My client would like digital purchases to be available on his site using your theme


themex Author

Hi, there’s no integration with this plugin, but it has it’s own styles and it should work without any issues. Please note that it’s layouts will have a different style. Also you can set links to third-party services for purchasing tracks.


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Hi, I’m back with two more questions:

1) The arrows on gallery images and releases are very hard to see. When toggled, they turn white. Can the toggle be turned off, so they are white all the time and thus easier to see?

2) Can gallery images have captions. I tried adding a caption to an image in the Media Library, but the caption was not displayed in the gallery (we want to give credit to the photographer)



themex Author


1. If you mean single gallery page please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.carousel-slider-arrow.arrow-left {
    background-position:-11px -18px;

2. It’s possible to add common caption to all gallery image, if you set gallery content it will appear under the slider