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Hi Themex

Just a pre-sales question for you… I was just wondering if you could tell me if your theme is compatible with Visual composer and Rev Slider? Really love the look of the theme but need to know if i installed VC and Rev slider if these plugins would work.

Thanks in advance! Carmela

Hi, thanks, glad you like it. It’s possible to embed Revolution Slider to any page, if you mean using it as home page slider it’s possible with a simple code snippet. Can’t say for sure about Visual Composer, but if it has it’s own styles it should work.


Pre-sale question… On the homepage is it possible to add sections to display? For instance, right now it shows LATEST NEWS. Can I limit that to say, 5 entries, and make a new box the has UPCOMING EVENTS w/5 entries or so, then another box with NEW MUSIC, etc… and so on?

like this…

Or will it only display one long listing?

Thank you!

Hi, there’s a blog page set as home page, you can set a static page and use any shortcodes in it’s content, for example shortcode to show a few events.

Hi Mr Themex : please how to disable search bar in fullwith and show it in mobile menu ? thank you

1 – i get that erros in console : GET (index):95 GET

2- example in replay demo :

under navbar we read : Releases same in my website but me i need to make it ” name of release” in our example : new-sound and not releases .

1. It happens because these files are removed or scripts folder is renamed. Please remove scripts from replay/framework/config.php file instead of removing script files.

2. I understand, but this section shows type of the current item, for example “Artist”, “Release”, release title is shown in the left column under the release image. If it’s required it’s possible with the code changes in renderPageTitle() function in replay/framework/classes/themex.interface.php file.

Grand Merci for Help , i fix it , i removed some js calling but i forgot some others lol.

for the second too . thank you

Question about the theme. In the artists section when you click the artist and it takes you to their page is there a way to make it so there is no side bars and the bio and image goes the full 906px wide? or even if the image stayed the same size but the text area was the full 960 px?

Hi, currently there’s no full-width layout option for single artist page, but it’s possible to remove this sidebar with a few code changes.

So even with removing the sidebar you can’t recode to make the single artist full width? Not the image but just the actual field

If sidebar is removed then biography section and featured image will be full-width.


perter Purchased

I use your theme to publish podcasts that are typically about 80 minutes long, but the home page music player always lists them as about 17-20 minutes. Any suggestions on how to get the correct time to display?

For code reference, my site is

Hi, please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.


perter Purchased

Just emailed you. Thanks for your help.

hi Mr Themex , i have some probleme with footer when page is not enough full of things it come to middle!!! its normal?

another question can i reduce padding ( left and right) of content without affecting the span of title??

Thank you

my plugin is in conflict with that script of the replay theme : //main theme script array( ‘name’ => ‘mainScript’, ‘uri’ => THEME_URI.’js/jquery.custom.js’),

what does script do in theme?

Please remove the first 3 lines from this function, conflict may occur because jQuery is registered the second time. If this issue remains please send details in PM.

Oh Thank you so glad with that help i tried all except that, because i followed the tuto to create this wordpress plugin via a jquery plugin , thank you so much for that :) it works !! :)

i am having trouble getting my posts to load, every time i hit the read more or the image relating to the post ….. nothing happens at all…...not sure where i messed up furthermore sometimes it gives me an option to open the post in another window which is not what i want to happen.

this is happening on all my platforms

Did I mess up on uploading my images or something which is making me not link to my full posts

Hi, i’ve just replied via email.

For the life of me, I can’t get the main audio player to appear. I’ve gone through the documentation but it only lists shortcode which doesn’t seem to make it work either. Lend me a hand? :)

I actually figured that out too. Though when I go to view the page in mobile, the links for the pages at the top use a short form link, which doesn’t work at all.

Just to preview it.

Please navigate to Appearance/Menus section, create custom menu and set it to the “Main Menu” location, currently it shows all pages and there’re short links.

Amazing, don’t know how I missed that. Thanks a bunch!

hi, what is the best way to upgrade the theme without losing personal changes ?

Hi, if theme files were not edited directly the easiest way is reinstalling it in Appearance/Themes section, theme options and content will not be lost. Please create a backup of your site before any changes

what do you mean with directly? custom code? and if yes how do we update in order to keep everything ?

I mean editing the theme files code, if you changed it directly in the main theme folder it’s impossible to keep them because updating is overwriting existing files. Please always use a child theme for customizations, also if you added some custom CSS code to the theme options it will not be lost because theme options and content are stored in WordPress database, not theme files.

When I add an artist, it’s not appearing on the artist page (which is using the artist template). It just remains blank, despite I can access the artist page directly.

Never mind, again! After looking through the code I realized it wanted to use the featured image, and not the profile one. Problem solved!

Since updating to latest wp ver 4.2 the submit button is missing on my comment form?

sorry 4.2.2 and theme purchased by my client.

Hi, thanks for reporting, will be fixed as soon as possible. If it’s urgent please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll fix this directly on your site.

is it possible to make the title link for events unclickable , i have an issue that (sometimes ) when you click it the link doesn’t work (goes to page not found )

Hi, please check if “Details” URL is set in the event options, i guess there’s a broken link, event title is unclickable if “Details” field is empty.

thank you

Hi. I want to login plug-in possible? How’s it going?You have to install a plug-in?

Artist thumbnail is resized depending on the width of column, for example if you set 4 columns on the artist page image will be smaller.

I’m sorry. As you’ve no given you. Artist different image sizes. I want to with the same size as the other. How’s it going?

Sorry, i thought you mean images width. If you mean the same height please crop images in WordPress/Media section.

i love the theme but can i allow that once user click on an image in the slider start playing track in the player ? i mean i will use it for a website with different radio stations is it possible that when user choose a radio from the slider it start streaming ?

Hi, it’s possible, but with a few code changes. Please make sure that built-in player supports your stream links, if possible send temporary WP access via the buyer account and i’ll make these changes.