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Question: Does this use the same (similar) page builder as your amazing Enfold theme? Thanks.

Hey! I am afraid it does not. Enfold is currently the only theme available with this page builder in use…

Hallo, ich habe mich auf Ihrer Supportseite registriert bekomme aber keinerlei Zugangsdaten. Bei der Variante Passwort vergessen kommt eine Nachricht, es werde mir ein neues Passwort zugeschickt aber es kommt nichts. Auf meine eMail Anfrage mit der Problembeschreibung warte ich jetzt auch schon seit 4 Tagen auf Antwort. Warum antworten Sie nicht? Ich w├╝rde ja das Forum nutzen, aber ohne Zugangsdaten kann ich mich da nicht anmelden und die schicken Sie ja nicht.

Ja und wie bekomme ich da die Schreibrechte? Ich bekomme keine Zugangsdaten…. Wo genau steht denn die Antwort?

Ja und wie bekomme ich da die Schreibrechte? Ich bekomme keine Zugangsdaten…. Wo genau steht denn die Antwort?

Hab die Antwort mit den Zugangsdaten auch nochmal per mail gesendet :)

Hi, i found in this comments that we could attach additional photos to one item (one product), i would like to know where this product photo would be placed ? Maybe you could show some print screen or something to imagine how it looks like ?


Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I am currently on a short trip and can’t really do support or answer questions. Please ask your pre sale questions in our forum:

Pre-sales questions: Is this theme coded using traditional visual and text mode plus short code or by using a plugin like visual media composer? For the shop images, is there an ability to roll over the image and zoom into the image as apposed to popping a window? I’d appreciate a reply.

Hey! The theme uses traditional visual and text mode plus short codes + an older layout editor that is not as advanced as the visual composer.

If you want to use a zoom feature, rather than a lightbox for your images I think you would need to get a plugin. There are a few out there that should work fine with the theme :)

Hello, demo site looks broken

Hey! What exactly looks broken for you? Everything seems to work fine for me :)

Now is working, your server was down

hello, i look at the demo and see only one pic at the productpage of each product. its possible to make more pics on the site? and whats with social login? which plugin support this theme?

Hello, how can I edit the header menu? Thanks! :)

Hey! Simply go to your admin area and at appearance->menus edit the menu :)

If you need any further help feel free to use our support forums ;) – On this page using your theme I’d love the products to display a variant to/from price underneath the product name, instead of being blank. How would I do this?

Is the Theme compatible with WP 4.3?

No answer????

There is an issue with the template/framework where links to individual portfolio items are not added to the titles of portfolios when viewing a portfolio category page. Instead, it just adds a link back to the portfolio category on every title. I need a fix for this ASAP, please!

Here is a link to your demo showing the issue:

Hi, all of a sudden my homepage is no longer mobile responsive, not a single aspect of it. I haven’t changed anything. – If I don’t hear a quick response I will be taking this to Envato as clearly you just ignore the customers on here.