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just purchased replete and when uploading theme to wordpress I get a error “missing the style.css stylesheet can you please let me know how to install


Hey! You need to make sure to install the correct folder. you probably just downloaded the packaged from theemforest and tried to install it but you need to unpack that folder and only upload the “replete” zip folder


Love the theme but I do have a few pre-purchase questions, where can I send them please?



1.) yes

2.) yes, the theme allows you to upload your own logo image and replace our default logo

3.) I am afraid by default the theme social media icons are set to be on the left like in the theme demo. everything else would require customization…



Can you get the social media icons to move up and down with the screen? Also are there more than shown on the demo eg. Instagram?

Could I place a video instead of the slider?


1.) If you want to fix them at one position that would be possible with a one line css rule ;)

2.) Yes, there are 16 social icons available, but I am afraid instagram is currently not included

3.) Yes

If #2 is important you might want to check our more recent theme Enfold: Its has everything replete has to offer and more: http://themeforest.net/item/enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme/4519990


I’m interested in purchasing your theme but have a question before I do.

I want to use the theme to create a website for purchasing bespoke jewellery.

Would it be possible to have multiple product variations that have different prices associated to them, which would then update the cost of the item if one of the variations is selected?

For example a standard silver ring could cost £100, but I want there to be options for it to be gold or platinum instead, which would increase the price by £50 for gold and £75 for platinum for example.

Is this kind of functionality available in the theme? If not, would it be possible/easy to build and add in this functionality?




Yes variations are possible and changing the price of variation as well.

Its actually not a theme feature but a feature provided by the shop plugin woocommerce that we use to power the shoping part of the theme. SInce this is a free plugin you can easily test it with the default wordpress theme and check if it covers all your needs, and once that is verified you can purchase and install the theme as a visual layer :)

You can get the plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/

Hi there

I’m simply looking for the location of the cart in header. I’d like to change this with a font awesome icon – I know how to do all this, just can’t seem to find the script where this is located.

Can you point me in the right direction?



the cart is generated in the avia_woocommerce_cart_dropdown function in file config-woocommerce/config.php


Thanks, that did the trick. Keep up the good work.


great to hear, glad I could help ;)

Quick note that we have made WP EasyCart compatible with nearly all the kriesi.at themes… and we are starting to add authors to our shopping cart collection and directing our customers to look for easycart themes on themeforest.

If you would like all your themes to appear when our customers search themeforest, be sure to select the attribute for your themes as WP EasyCart V3.x compatible so our customers find you!

I know we use enfold, replete, incarnation, and choices, but I think all of theme could easily be selected as compatible…



Thanks a lot for the notification. I will update each theme in the near future with the information ;)


was the theme programmed taking into account the valid Coding standards for WordPress and does it use the WooCommerce API? Or does the theme use own templates for the shop sites?

I need to know this, because I’m looking for a Theme which is compatible with WooCommerce German Market.


Hey! I am afraid I am not sure about this plugin. A quick forum check did not return any results so I think most of our customers are using the german market extension…


Can I test the theme or get a refund if I dont like it?


I am afraid thats not possible here on themeforest, sorry :/

YAS9 Purchased

Hi , can theme use RTL ( right to left ) and what files to change ? thanks


Hey! I am afraid the theme does not support RTL languages. you would need to add the required css changes to the custom.css stylesheet located in your replete/css folder

sboyle Purchased

Great theme – I am loving the update – speed and design are first class.

Can you advise me how to put an image into the megamenu like your demo – I cant see any details in the docs for this?


Hey! You simply need to change a mega menu item to a “textblock” and insert the html code for the image in there :)


First of all, sorry if my question is stupid but I want to know it before purchase it. And sorry if my english is not good at all…

When I purchase it, and when I install it ¿would I have the demo-content.xml file? ¿Or I will have to create the website from 0?

I want to know it because if I have the demo-content file it would be much easier for me to create the website because I will only have to change the demo-products to my products. It would be a great save time to me.

Thanks in advance ;) !


Hey! The theme allows you to import a site very similar to the one we have set up so you dont have to do it yourself. There is a button in the backend that allows you to import the demo.xml file ;)

Just make sure to activate the woocommerce plugin first so the demo products are imported as well :)

Hi kriesi !

I am working at your theme and I think it’s so great. But I have one question, when I put a slider in my home page, it’s displayed so big, how can I reduce it like your demo?


How can I put in the menu some items without link? just like your demo menu items (man, woman)? and how can i put an image just like you in the woman’s sub-menu?


How can I put buttons in the slideshows? Is there all of this information that Im asking to you in any documentation file? The documentation file that comes with the theme doesn’t solve my problems.


Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)


Please add a link to your site so we can take a look at what we are dealing with as well ;)

Hi Kriesi,

is latest version compatible with woocommerce 2.3.3 ? I have some problems with jquery files in admin panel.


Ok, nevermind, i’ve download 2.3.0 and then upgade it to 2.3.3 and it works. Bye!


Glad to heat that you were able to solve it ;)