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ak-muc Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

GEKAUFT als erster :) LG aus M√ľnchen


Thanks a lot! :) Lg aus Wien ;)

Awesome! An amazing template! Bookmarked.

Thanks guys! ;)

Fantastic like always!!!! This will sell very well!

HI :) Awesome as always :) Do you have html version of this?

Hi! Is it easy to change the theme from Propulsion to this one? Do you know any issues i might get?

Best regards Ola Hedin

I got the latest version of WooCommerce and all the upgrades. It is not a problem to upload new images if it is needed.



The theme work a little different so depending if you are using a lot of preview images per post you might need to reasign those but thats pretty much it. Uploading new images is of course no problem

Great looking theme. Can use it for a rebuild for one of my projects.

Is it possible to show the shopping basket and other shop related functions only on the shop part of the site, or only when visitors log in?



would need a slight modification to the code but nothing that my support team couldnt handle for you ;)

kreisi is it possible to have instead of amounts of dollars on the cart widget and have the total amount of items thats been added to the cart



that would need some javascript modifications. nothing spectacular, probably a 20 minutes investment of coding ;)

wow, looks super, I love this guy Themes, they are the best for managing content, super flexible and for the iPad and iPhone they work incredible.



Bad SEO – On individual product page, you put the site title before the product, eg. Replete | Shirt.

Pretty Photo – In Chrome, I have to click 2 times to go back to catalog after exit pretty photo. You never fix it. Can i disable it ?

I just wish there is 3 column design full width catalog, with wider image thumb. or 4 column full width (second choice)

The show details is less annoying now, i’m very happy about this.


Dont think thats its either good or bad seo. googles algorithms are much more sophisticated than valuing the position of a word in the title of your page.

In any way, feel free to use a SEO plugin and modify the output to your likings ;)

Pretty photos deep linking function can be turend of by changing the javascript call, if you need help with that let me know. the columns can be set from your backend to 2,3 or 4, just as you wish ;)

Hello, I think to buy your subject. I have a question to you. In On product page I see only increase in a photo on popup window. And is in settings of a template to make zoom increase, instead of an popup window. Thanks Anton


Sorry, zoom is currently not available…

ur f**king boss! :P

Looks good to me, whats with all those flagged comments haha?


thanks! seriously, i have no clue who did this. these were all friendly and positive comments :/


Hmm. Odd, maybe by accident? who know haha, anyways good luck with sales, great theme!


hopefully. would hate to think that someone would do something like that on purpose :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it ;)

Very nice indeed! – Another one hit out of the park :)

looks cool.. does it support digital products?

Does this theme support digital downloads?


Yes of course ;)

Very nice Like it.

Hello, Zoom will be in updating of this subject later? or zoom won’t be provided at all in this subject? Thanks, Anton


Maybe later. Depends on the numer of requests for such a feature


Thanks for answer. All right, we will wait then when there will be zoom. To me zoom in a product is important. Anton