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OllieRP Purchased

Just purchased this item and trying to get some support but I get the following error when signing up to your support website: The license key you have entered is either not valid, or could not be verified at this time. If you feel this in error, please try again later.

The code I am entering isn’t incorrect. Could you please let me know how I can submit a ticket via your support system?

Hi Ollie, please message me via our contact form here on our profile page so that I can email you your login info. Thanks,


varruda Purchased

As the same problem, I can not sign up on the site, I need the username and password to solve my problem

I’ve emailed this to you now. Thanks,

Is it possible to center the title/logo area with the navigation beneath it?

Yes, this would be a minor CSS change we could help you with via a support request. Thanks,

Having trouble creating a simple slideshow of images in with a Portfolio Project. I follow the instructions clear, check the slideshow box, and attach my gallery of images. Still, the images appear in the row at the bottom of the post, not in a slideshow as they should. If you have better instructions, please provide. I have created many Wordpress sites and this is very unusual.

Hi David, Please contact me via our contact form on our profile page and we’ll email you login information for our support site where you can post this. Thanks,

I have contact you twice as you recommended but no response in 8 days.

Hi David we sent you your support account login info on 1/15/2014. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder. Thanks,

Hi How do i add my face at the posts? It seems to just be a broken image now…

WordPress uses the service at for this. Simply register an avatar there for your account that uses the same email address as you WP user account and it will sync. Thanks,

The photos in my posts doesnt resize correctly. They are much wider than the text column. What is wrong? I want to be able to upload any size and the theme should shrink it, right?

I’m not sure what is wrong. You would need to post a url to your site so we could look. Thanks,

Have submitted a support request using the “contact author” pages on your website and Themeforest but haven’t received a reply. I can’t get your system to accept my purchase code so can’t submit a number of support requests. Can you help? Thanks!


ahken07 Purchased

Hello Mighty,

Just wanna check with you that is that possible for me to put the logo on middle (above main menu) instead of left side?

Please help me on this.


ahken07 Purchased

Is this item dead?

The official support forum isn’t recognizing my envato purchase code. Please send me login information.

The theme is not displaying correctly on IE10. The width assigned to the #content isn’t being applied, though it shows in the dev tools. Works fine in Chrome. See the error on

I still cant activate account for official support forum. Even no chance to read the already solved problems. It doesnt accept envato code.

Already contacted, but no answer received.

Hi there, I bought this theme and realized a little later that it was Deck that I should have bought. I haven’t used the theme, and will not be doing so.

Do you have a refund policy? Or would it be possible to swap this one for Deck?

Thank you.