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Like the site and am thinking of using it for a dog-walking service.

Is it possible to have the home page, with the slider and menu at the top, but strip out all the features below so I can put in my own text and columns?




Sure. If you don’t have any pet posts, nothing will show up in those areas where pet pictures are now. Or you could take those areas out via a child theme.


Super, but will I still have the boxes showing “Pets of the month” & “Our newest friends” or will that all be gone too? Thanks! Darren.


Those will be gone too. Here’s a screenshot of the theme with slides and widgets on the home page. No pets, no posts. http://dcrmbs.com/b9Kv

I see there’s a small gap under the slides when there are no pet posts, so I put that in my notes to fix in the next update. Right now it’s not the end of the world ;)

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I Just opened up my site using your theme and the slider seems to have disappeared, can you help please? http://rakastabengals.com/


Sure, but can you please head to my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com and open a thread there? I try to keep support in the support forum.


Actually, offhand I’m guessing you set your blog page as the home page. That would need to change. If that’s not the case, open a thread in my support forum ;)

Hi there.

This is a really nice theme, very visually appealing.

Unfortunately the rescue I work with is moving away from Petfinder (which I didn’t know until after I bought the theme). Have you ever thought about integrating with Rescuegroups.org? Someone made a plugin (here: https://github.com/bderstine/wp-rescuegroups), but it would be pretty sweet if there were a theme that integrated it like how you integrated Petfinder into yours.

Just a thought. Thanks for all the work.


I’ve never heard of Rescue Groups. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!


Thank YOU for all your work! It’s a very long story between RescueGroups and PetFinder, but basically there’s a petty turf war going on, and Petfinder won’t let you export your list of pets to their service (which is much more comprehensive and feature-rich than PF’s system). There is no other theme out there that I can find that has integration for RescueGorups like what you have for PF. It’d be a guaranteed buy for me.

Rescuegroups is in use by thousands of shelters/rescues, including the one I volunteer (and am in charge of the website) for. Your theme is really awesome, thanks for all your work. I’ll keep my eye out for RescueGroups integration in the future, hopefully! :)

(PS, sorry, I bungled the link: https://github.com/bderstine/wp-rescuegroups – API docs are here: https://www.rescuegroups.org/services/adoptable-pet-data-api/ )


I’ve a client who has a few questions she’d like answered before she gives me the OK to purchase the Rescue theme. I’ve looked for similar questions, but have not been able to find any that match so I’m coming to you directly.

Here goes: 1) Can an ecommerce plug-in be added to the site so that t-shirts, books, etc. can be purchased from the rescue group? 2) Can more than just a few images of pets be placed on the Home page? She’d like to have images of all 50 of the rescued Labrador retrievers who are up for adoption displayed. 3) There is mention of a color palette - can the color scheme of the site be changed to suit her preference – e.g., she would like to change from the black to dark green? 4) Can images be added to all and any interior pages of the site?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, Kim


1) The theme isn’t styled for any specific ecommerce plugin, but technically any ecommerce plugin should work just fine.

2) The home page displays the latest eight animals added. If you want to display more than that, you just need to change one number in the front-page.php file (which I recommend you do through a child theme).

3) The header of the site can change color. In the Theme Options there is a color wheel that lets you pick any color you want, even green ;)

4) Yup! That’s just standard WordPress functionality.

I hope that covers everything. Thanks for the interest!


Thank you so much for such a quick response! I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled with the answers you gave!


No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello! I just purchased your template and I am having some problems in adding animals. They are not showing under my ‘Pets Page’ or on the home page under ‘Our Newest Friends’. We do not have a petfinder account that is up to date etc.


Could you open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com please? And make sure to leave your URL. It’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing something. Also, are you using Petfinder to sync pets to the theme? I’m a bit confused by your comment.

Hi, good themes! If i want change the permalink of the pet category (mysite.com/animal/dog) how i do it?



You’ll have to do that in the code. It must be set up that way because of how things are pulled from Petfinder, but I assume you’re not using Petfinder, right?

What do you want to change the permalink to?


Yes!i don’t use Petfinder. I want to chance it in mysite.com/cani/bovaro (Is italian) Thanks so much


You’ll need to go into includes/wp_petfinder/includes/wp_petfinder.php and change the animal types and breeds manually. After that you’re going to need to dump your database and rebuild it. This is the reason none of these items are included in the language file, it’s quite complicated. Unfortunately, this is the trade off I had to make in order to allow for the Petfinder syncing.

In IE11, I am seeing the characters f002 where the search spot should be. Can you please look.


Gotcha. I’m willing to bet it’s just a caching issue in your browser.


I was wrong. It was another display issue that resolved itself. I am still having the f002 error along with the slide navigation buttons mis-displaying. I created a ticket


Thanks. I’m checking it out now.

I just want to recheck a few things I have read here to be sure I understand everything correctly before purchasing.

1) Any & all changes to Petfinder are added/removed from the WP site when the sync runs?

2) Once I set the sync schedule with Petfinder to whatever timetable I want, is it changeable after I make my initial selection?

3) Changes to an individual WP pet page remove that pet from the sync schedule?


IMHO: I currently use Jake’s Campaign theme for a political site and am familiar with his work. For anyone on the fence about his themes, yes they may be a bit more bare boned that what most are used to but with a wee bit of knowledge, child themes and a little work, they are indeed able to be customized, work well for the specific applications & needs they are designed to address, are updated regularly and the support in his forum has been timely. Just my two cents …


Thanks for coming back to my other themes! And I appreciate the kind words!

1) Correct, assuming two things. A) The cache at Petfinder has had time to load itself with the new content, and B ) You haven’t edited the post on your WP site. If you edit your post on your WP site it locks it out of the sync so as to not overwrite your changes.

2) Yes. You can change it at any time.

3) That’s correct. If you want it to be entered again, it’s as simple as deleting the pet post and running the sync.

I will also note that if there’s a problem with the sync it’s been a problem with the API 95% of the time, and the good folks over at Petfinder just require a bit of time to fix it. It occasionally goes down, runs slow, etc..

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Just purchased and should have the new site up for the rescue I volunteer with sometime tomorrow. The Petfinder integration is a real blessing for us!


Excellent to hear! Come on over to http://support.designcrumbs.com if you need any help!

Note Petfinder had some issues with their API last week, but it should be all cleared up now :D


I am looking for animal shelter theme, which is fully translatable and I would like to ask you if your custom post type for animal can also be translated via a translation plugin like Polylang or WPML?



No, that’s what I meant. The code is the same for both. Sorry

This has been brought up several times to me, so I do plan on eventually breaking these things apart so it IS translatable. If a user needs to translate it, they’re likely in another country where Petfinder isn’t even available.


That’s true, I am from a country, where Petfinder is not available and we don’t plan to use it. But we need the Animal post type. Such change will be greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a nice day.


Sorry I can’t be more of a help! I do plan on doing that in the future, but I know that doesn’t do anything for you right now.

Good night

Live preview is not working.

Thank you


Hmm. It’s loading fine for me!

Hi, any chance to have an static version of this theme?


Sorry, I don’t have one yet!

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Are you aware of 500 errors being returned from the Petfinder API service? I’ve been asking them about if for nearly 1 month and no response. Just wondering if you know if your users are having issues? I know you have a large community of users and maybe you would get a response from PF about the 500 errors IF your clients are getting the same issue.

pemdasa Purchased

Looks like Petfinder deprecated authentication on getPets without letting anyone know :-) I used your approach and now things are working again! BTW do you know of any issues with Gravity Forms integration and your theme? I’m having an issue with the datepicker with the calendar icon not working correctly. Thanks for your help!


I’m not aware of any issues, no. If anything comes up I’ll be sure to fix it ;)

I have an issue with menus. Created an account at your support site, but can’t figure out where to log a support case. In this case, I try to indent pages in menus to make submenus, but they revert back to top level when I save the menu.


I haven’t heard of that problem before in any of my themes, which leads me to believe this is an isolated issue. Could you try deactivating all of your plugins and see if that fixes it? It could be a plugin conflict.


After some more research it is a common problem without a good solution other than some people say switching to firefox will eliminate it. I don’t believe that is root cause. Others point to some flawed Wordpress installation. I’ll have to play around because I don’t have this problem on other sites within the same hosting but they are two different wordpress installs.


Hmmm. Strange. Keep me posted, please!

Hi there,

I am considering getting this theme for a dog rescue client – please can I ask a few questions to try and see if it’s a good tool for them?

They do not use Petfinder so it would just be a matter of manually adding dogs. Are the ‘dogs’ ‘cats’ etc categories actually Wordpress categories for some kind of custom post? So would it be easy to have categories such as ‘dogs in the UK’ ‘dogs in Spain’ etc instead?

The homepage slider – can slides also have text and link to particular pages/URLs?

Can you confirm that the things like ‘house trained’ etc are some kind of Wordpress tags and therefore easy to add/remove/control?

Where breed etc are shown under a dog’s name (for example with Archie in your demo – ‘Border Collie – Young – Male’) are these something from Petfinder or are they something set in Wordpress?

Hope you can answer these – your theme seems a really elegant solution if I can nail some answers on workflow points above to help manage the listings.

Many thanks :)

PS: is there any kind of system for status changes such as “reserved” or “successfully rehomed” ? Or might that be an idea for the future?



1) The short answer is ‘no’. They’re taxonomies but we needed to build them into the theme because of the way the Petfinder API works. I realize this is inconvenient for those of you not using Petfinder but short of essentially having a theme within a theme, I have yet to find a way to circumvent this. If you want to change the Pet categories like that you’d need to edit the PHP. Alternatively, you can add these categories in under the the same options that ‘declawed’, ‘house trained’, etc. are in.

2) I don’t have an option for text on the slides, but there is an option to link them to specific URLs.

3) Yes! Unlike #1, you can add and edit these as categories as you would any other type of post.

4) Yup, again these are categories.

5) No there are no ‘successful’ pet posts yet. This has come up many times and is on my list to look into, but I haven’t found an elegant solution yet.

I purchased the Rescue theme today, but upon installing it in Wordpress it says that it can’t install because it is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I tried downloading the zip again, but it keeps giving the same error-message.

Can you tell me what the problem is? (I’ve installed many themes in Wordpress, so the basic how-to-install is not the problem)


Thanks for the reply! It’s working now, but doesn’t look anything like the theme I thought I purchased. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to edit it completely?


You just have to set it up. Follow the included instructions, and uploaded the included stocky.xml under Tools > Import if you want the dummy content.


Oops! I meant rescue.xml!