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I have a pre sale question. I love this template especially how you can filter by clicking on the animal breed to show only matches to that breed.

Is is possible to also filter by tag so you could for example only show Large dogs – Or select multiple tags to filter by Large and House Trained etc.

Thank you and great work


Unfortunately you can’t do that. It’s something I’ve explored but implementing that in WordPress is no easy task. Honestly, it’s a can of worms I don’t want to open yet ;)

hi, a presales question i didn’t find the answer to yet: what are the options of categorizing/sorting the pet collection? if you have eg a hundred adoptable animals, could i categorize and or sort them e.g. according age, or gender, or status, or a combination? thank you!

right, but i guess i could change it in the language settings? anyway, i bought your template. works fine for now, except that when i click the featured pets, the url doesn’t seem to exist. do you know what’s going on? (

i’ll ask my question in the support forum, i see you want i there

Featured pets look fine to me!

But yes, let’s move over to the support forum.

I have a quick presales question: Is it possible to add a donation button to the posting of a specific dog if we load it manually (instead of petfinder integrtion)? We will have some dogs in our program that will need ‘sponsored’ for long term care. Thank you!


There’s nothing for donations actually built into the theme. So adding a link or a button into the post would be just that. You’d insert the link (or button) right into the editor.

I do have button styles in the theme, so you could put this right in the editor:

<a class="button" href="#">Donate</a>

Obviously, the href would need to link to wherever you take donations.

This looks great! Is it possible to try before buying? I’d like to use Rescue for an Animal Refuge in Auckland, New Zealand, and would like to set up a demo for them to see if it meets their needs.

Understood, thanks. Pity. Can you point me at any live sites that are using your Rescue theme? I’d like to see what other people have done with it.

Thanks, that’s great.

Hello. Are the demo files included in theme files?

Yes they are!


I have a couple of pre-sales questions.:

1. One of which I believe I found the answer to. I did a search in the comments and saw that if the Petfiner sync is active and if I then edit the animal’s post, that it locks the post and prevents that particular animal from syncing with petfinder, correct?

2. If I have Petfiner sync on, can I also add animals in manually as well?


Hi there,

1) Yes, that is correct. If you manually add an animal to your site it will not sync with Petfinder. Likewise, if you edit an animal’s post, it will not sync with Petfinder. This is a failsafe to make sure pets created in Rescue that do not exist in Petfinder will not delete when the cron (sync) is run.

2) Yes, you can manually add animals even if your syncing with Petfinder. Those posts just will not sync with Petfinder.

Hope this helps!


Great! Will be purchasing soon!

Is there a tutorial to build out this theme? I purchased it but am not a developer and while I can do a great deal (and have), this theme seems to NOT be very intuitive. The shelter I’m doing this for doesn’t have the funds for a developer, so I’m doing pro bono.

If you follow the help file step by step it’ll walk you through set up. If you need additional help we’re happy to do so. Open a ticket at and we’ll help you over there.